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  1. I think you're still just bitter cuz everyone thought you were annoying as hell. I could care less, this site is some liberal shithole these days that filters a users opinion when it doesn't agree with the general consensus. It was entertaining to me when I was 13 and have no concept of mature discussion. It seems like this site has devolved into a place with a bunch of children who can't spell (read: you), and a facist board of staff who try to censor and ban everything they don't like. (I wouldn't be surprised if one of them deleted this post and "warned" me because it hurt their feelings). Don't worry, some day you'll get older and outgrow this website just like I did. The LE EPIC MEMES FACEBOOK HUMOR will soon get old and tiresome. See you on the other side, brother.
  2. 9 years later: tip.it is still lame and filled with reddit-tier humor. Bleh
  3. le reddit le upvote xD BAZINGA! I wish you would've used a real site to find this, OP. Reddit has no place on the TIF
  4. Lmfao, I knew Jagex would sell out...couldn't keep up with the private servers taking all the business from their dead game eh?
  5. First off, you're not part of the staff - stop minimodding. I beg to differ, and like I said... The Mods have NOTHING to do with this, and I doubt that the ADMINS decided to start handing out our E-mail addresses to scammers and hackers like free candy. You obviously knew what I meant.
  6. Still, I should not have to even be in that situation where I don't know if an email is legitimate or not. Prior to this incident I would NEVER get spam.
  7. First off, you're not part of the staff - stop minimodding. Secondly, as you stated earlier - this stretches beyond Runescape, i'm pretty sure at least one person out of those 235,000 used their tip.it email for the PayPal account which puts their credit cards at risk. I love how you seem to see this as OK.
  8. Why would it be locked or moved? This is a serious issue, locking this thread would only show that staff is trying to cover up the fact that they screwed up bigtime.
  9. I am not a part of any other Runescape related sites, so no. I only use this email for "big" websites like eBay & Twitter
  10. ...Because of you guys I now get 10+ runescape phishing emails a day Thanks for keeping our sensitive information so safe! Seriously though, how can one of the top fansites in the world let this happen? I would've expected better from a great & usually hardworking staff that I know well.
  11. Because it's not like that's what their employer pays them to do or anything :roll: Not to mention delievery costs extra money regardless of you leaving a tip or not.
  12. "Oh you ever so graciously chose a seat for me and took 40 minutes to make my meal. He's a $25 tip"
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