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  1. fastortoise


    That's interesting, I check these forums maybe once per year (because I deep hatred for myself) and people are in the middle of biochemistry talks. If I recall, the only other person on these forums interested in academia and smart enough to pursue a career in it was warri0r. If you're not in the top 10% of your class don't bother. I wonder what he's up to nowadays... An update about me: moved across the country to pursue a PhD in genetics. Currently back home for a funeral/vacation, bar hopping with friends and banging my way through old exes that suddenly think I'm a million times smarter and more mature now that I'm doing a (funded) PhD... people can be dense. An insight into grad life: graduate students are the worst. Graduate life is actually great, the reason why grad students complain about it all the time is because they suck as people. Even if you get into a PhD, you can still be an [wagon] and not succeed, so you have to be the best grad student too. You're constantly surrounded by hot undergrads.. obviously life is gonna be good. Hope everyone else is doing well (except saq - sexy 12 year old cousin? really??). Where is the hegemony thread??
  2. fastortoise


    Do you know how hard it is to hit on girls when there's a sexual predator on the loose in the area?
  3. Ooooo you're right, he has skill. I really like the tattoo of the thick black line fading away down the customers back.. don't know why, it just feels cool.
  4. fastortoise


    I really wish warri0r were still around so we could chat about Biology in here... there's too much teen angst for my liking. Normally I would think of a smart and cute way to steer this conversation away from hen-clucking to something that requires some more brain power. But I'm using all mine to write a scientific paper which I won't even be first author on. And to be honest I've been doing my fair share of hen clucking, but that's only because I've been following the trend mindlessly. Some dude/dudess once said: Lesser minds discuss people Good minds discuss events Great minds discuss ideas. And if I come back and see that the only reply I get is that this is the Today thread and that we should be posting boring personal things, then picture me holding up my middle fingers in the air and walking out the door backwards, ensuring everyone is flipped off properly.
  5. fastortoise


    Bar girl: "holy crap, you're like some sort of..." Me: "adonis?" bar girl: "[wagon]" Me: "rats" QUOTE O THE NIGHT her friend wasn't as pessimistic as her though ;) A+ me
  6. fastortoise


    Today is my last day doing wet lab work. Compooter time! Also, I kinda feel like smuggling out a strain I'm working with in the lab that can chew up a house worth of dry-wall within weeks. But then again, if I unleash it on someone that annoys me, I'm assuming they can trace it back to me with ease so I'll leave it in the lab after all.
  7. As far as running shoes go, its quite a nice pair Jeff! I was also looking at the flyknits but since running isn't part of my workout I didn't feel like I had the right to spend so much on a pair of running shoes. They're really, really cool though. Speaking of shoes, today is leg day for me. I'm really happy with the core exercises I've been doing lately as I can actually feel myself hold myself upright properly with ease. I've also realized the term "felt every muscle in my body" is relative because nowadays I notice more and more muscles that were hidden away in my core.
  8. fastortoise


    Huh, I had no idea Ambroise was from Montreal.. yeah it's pretty good. Today I was super efficient, and if all my PCR reactions turn out to be positive I may start my summer vacation a week early so fingers crossed!
  9. fastortoise


    1. 10 AM, set up to write scientific paper 2. 11 AM friend calls, needs to get drunk with someone 3. 1 PM drunk off my ass 4. 5 PM eat a hamburger that has grilled cheese sandwiches as buns 5. 10 PM plastered out of my mind at another friends house, doing tequila shots (I dont do tequila shots) 6. 11 PM sing The Circle of Life at karaoke 7. 12 AM head home because i'm literally falling asleep standing up 8. 12:30 AM, right now, writing this as I re listen to Circle of Life and its about to finish so, goodnight.
  10. I know I used to wear some sort of power belt that had a big chain at the crotch area that I was able to hook bench weights onto. I'm not sure regular belts can withstand that much weight but if you have a spare one you could try dangling some weights from it.
  11. fastortoise


    Today I'm gonna grow a pair and finally talk to the girl in the lab across from mine. We're already on friendly terms, but my tongue just gives up whenever I see her and it feels like i'm 13 again. But not today!
  12. My winning combo: Shower daily, once again before going out at night (the hooker wash). Dove shampoo and soap bar to get me nice and squeaky clean. Standard shaving cream and straight edge to get rid of the scruff, no aftershave. Dove deodorant (anti-perspirants are bad!) as my pit-perfume. You literally smell like soap (not overpowering mind you) most of the day. Ears are cleaned with toilet paper and a finger. In the winter time I lotion most of my body with odourless hand cream. Exercise at the gym at least 3 times a week, for at least one hour. Work (10+ hours a day weekdays) is generally done on my feet, and running around the university. Normally one coffee in the morning keeps me awake to do everything with lots of energy, but some days an extra lunch coffee is required. Fridays and weekends involve getting hammered, so I keep a 4L bottle of water on my desk to rehydrate before and after going to bed. Condoms at the foot of the bed to make sure I don't get STDs.
  13. I smile whenever I catch the eye of a good looking, fit girl at the gym. Only because I read somewhere that if a guy smiles at a girl it means they like her, though.
  14. fastortoise


    Lemme know if the Deftones play any music from their upcoming CD, emphasis on Rosemary.
  15. Har! Beat me to it. This is why I never bother getting revenge, instead I just cut people out of my life for simplicity's sake. I've already done it to two people I really cared about at one point and countless others I never gave two shits about, so I got the hang of it. The only actual acts of revenge I ever carried out were against my brother for petty reasons, such as he ate the last of the Oreos so I hid his popsicle sticks, ect.
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