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  1. I'm being chased by an old, gay man. Metaphorically, so far. Please don't emulate his behaviour. It really doesn't help your chances.
  2. >proven through studies No, for real, you don't know what you're talking about. Science doesn't prove theories to be true, it's an evolutionary process through which the least bad theories are selected.
  3. If he had that kind of attitude he'd probably be angry and single now. IDK, seems to me that going into a talk thinking that any explanation will do and that a breakup is to be avoided at all costs is a bad attitude to have.
  4. Yeah, I got that, but it's better than no responses haha. I've got one Saturday and maybe one Sunday (she said OK but didn't get a text from her?)
  5. OKC report: got better pictures a couple of days ago, and I'm copy-pasting from muggi like I just don't care. I'm happy with my response rates so far. There are some girls, whom I can only really describe as weirdo chaotic neutrals, that are way more responsive to my talking to them normally, but that probably says more about me than it does about muggi's strategy.
  6. Tim, there's no solution to your trust problem. There's always going to be a chance that someone you date will get bored or move on. I don't mean to be rude since I don't know your circumstances, but I know that over here, you can get a job at Macdonalds while you look for work and it's pretty easy to quit. Is that an option for you?
  7. Try to get her something from a local shop or something rather than a big brand box from Wal-Mart? [Edit] Lang, I expected much greater things from your display name history
  8. I like the fact that I can keep it totally separate from the rest of my life. Trying Muggi's opener, and shelled out for A-list last night. We'll see what happens.
  9. How does a girl who mentions her love of amateur gore porn three times manage to reach "reply selectively"? All I'm thinking about is where I should leave notes so my mom can find where my corpse was dumped.
  10. Muggi, do you use any particular opener for girls who have very little info on their profile/nothing in their pics? I'm asking them to play love it/hate it as a way to get to know more about them, but it's not suuuuper successful.
  11. Decided that I'd push to 23 year olds. Choice sample: "My self-summary my life is about goals, here are my 4 current goals: 1. to hold a massive python, boa or anaconda 2. to be eaten by a python, boa or anaconda 3. to have insects on me naked 4. to be beaten up" What the [bleep] is going on in this profile? I can relate to your appreciation of deafheaven but I don't think I can help you with your snake fetish. Sent at 9:58pm IT'S NOT A FETISH IT'S A LIFESYLE! Sent at 10:07pm sorry *lifestyle I could barely type though the white rage Sent at 10:07pm [Edit] I think I just have a soft spot for indie chicks. I need to get out of this town.
  12. Two new girls popped up in my matches since earlier, talking to the first and waiting for the second to write something.
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