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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy your 21st!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Gonna start reading casual vacancy by J.K. Rollling (cbf trying to properly spell her name), and then the third book in the Jack Reacher series.
  3. Awww yeah, after all this time I finally bought Bioshock 2. It's a game I've wanted for quite a while, and I'm happy to pay for it than to torrent it.
  4. Ouchy


    Bought myself a pair of Oakley Radar's today. There goes all my Christmas money :thumbup:
  5. Thanks Star ;) I've been lazy at the moment and haven't updated this yet... I'll do it soon.
  6. Halo 4 is on the verge of being unplayable for me. Every time it keeps connecting me with shitty hosts so I am literally unable to play. Just now I somehow got teleported from one side of the map to the other because of lag.
  7. The first Assassin's creed was absolute crap compared to this one. I agree with you fully there. They really picked up their game.
  8. I'll trade you 2 keys for them Tim. Please get the reference.
  9. I rented Assassins Creed 2 the other day. I can't seem to get hooked to it. I mean its not a bad game but nothing compels me to play it. Frustrates me in places though.
  10. Metro 2033 was available on the THQ HB two weeks ago for 1 cent (if you were a tight ass)
  11. So uh, howdy. I think this is my first thread, maybe even my first post in the Gallery for a couple of years now. Anyway, I decided to get back into photography by doing a 30 Day Photography Challenge, this one: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-FEMwqNGNQ1U/TwId2wA0rAI/AAAAAAAACoE/laHPtIwK4B4/s1600/1st+photo+challenge.jpeg.png Any way here is what I have so far, I'll be posting every day now I guess: Day 1: http://fav.me/d5orkio Day 2: http://fav.me/d5ormde Day 3: http://fav.me/d5ovd3c Day 4: http://fav.me/d5p189g
  12. Bought Quantum Corundum before, wanted it for a little bit so decided to splash out. Also a tip for everyone that I heard from TotalBiscuit: Buy games as gifts. They go into your steam inventory, and if you never do actually play it you can trade/sell it, and you still maintain the option of playing it yourself if you do want it.
  13. Ouchy


    Oh Sam you hipster.
  14. Yeah, I swear last time it was just the same deals rotated through every couple of days.
  15. Don't see anything worth buying yet. Not sure if there is anything I want to buy too - I have so many games back cataloged to play I don't need any more.
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