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  1. Do you have abs?

  2. Hi Kim, sorry, didnt see a hi for all the @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ :P Anyhow it was a good fight, with ups and downs for both clans, thanks for the fight Dragonwood .
  3. Ty for the fight HA, nothing we could do with a big number difference.
  4. Round 1: TR:119 DW:50 Round 2: TR: 141 DW:55
  5. Points for round 1 Gladz:110 Envy: 50 ENVY NEED TO POST THE WINNING TOPIC FOR ROUND 2 FOR POINTS TO BE DONE thx abs
  6. Posts off topic are removed. Welcome, if you wiah to join TWR then please post complete this and post it in TWR rankings forum :
  7. Welcome :) If you wish to join the TWR rankings you need to complete this and put it in the twr ranks forum.
  8. Good fight BK, I died too many times to count tbh and in pvp there is and will always be controversy and crashers and people not in the clan and so on and so on ... The important thing is that it was a good match, Downfall with a higher number of people versus BK, a way more experienced pkri clan. I had a fun time,even though I died a lot, (and I don't like uncapped fights they seem a bit pointless) :)...omg my new rs name should be diesalot...so fitting, but I dont care :P Steeny -we cannot control everything every member says and I am with you that typing 'idiot' or other such stuff in a fight is not good. You can cry on my shoulder any time <3.
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