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  1. bk cadet award, other than that none
  2. good luck takes alot of balls
  3. The BlacKnights clan was established in January 2001. It was founded by OsiriS BK and BladE BK. We were just a couple of newbies playing around with the idea of a clan. Our first recruit was Loial BK. His name says it all. We later recruited ndog BK, God BK, and explictor BK. This is the original clan. We then decided to join a new alliance, called ANKA (A New Kind of Army), which was founded by the Red Cloak Clan (RCC). ANKA didn't do much until OsiriS convinced them to go against the Sabres. We were rapidly growing and needed a new site. That's when PisOnPikachu came along. Shortly after PisOnPikachu joined the clan, Jbwhitnall joined as well. Not long after, BladE BK resigned and quit RuneScape. We then wanted the biggest clan in RuneScape. That's when the BK-Rebellion merger came along. It didn't last. After the war with the Sabres, ANKA was starting to fall. That's when I created The Syndicate Alliance. While I was spying on the Sabres, I found out that they weren't bad at all. It was fake Sabres that gave them their bad reputation. The Sabres then joined The Syndicate Alliance. The Syndicate included the BK, RCC, Gladz, Sabres, and THE clan. At that time, I was running the best clan and largest alliance in RuneScape. I didn't have much time to even play the game! A few months later..." ......10 years later and we are in the present, the third oldest clan and oldest clan that was formed from runescape and what a blast it was while being 9. In the previous year we laughed, we won, we lost, made loot, lost bank, made bank back, lost again again, won against the odds and fulfilled peoples expectations. At the age of 9 BK had a good one, but very tough and heartbreaking at points, we lost our forums 3 times, had to overcome 2 periods of where our teamspeak got DDOSed every fight and while some people couldnt stick it out our core members did and each time we were DDOSed we got stronger, grew united and determined to succeed. For me and my proudest moments whilst I was leader in BK was the 3 week unbeaten streak we had defeating many respectable clans on the way, like CR, TT and MMA or pulling 48 in a one day prep against gladz or 55 different people in one war against poison. Those are the 3 things that stick out in my mind while I was leader but every BKs fondest memories while being 9 are different. Shoutouts. Anyone who spent one day to the full year in bk between this point now and last year i thank you because BK wouldnt have been as fun or exciting or funny without your input, you guys are the real heros. To every clan we have fought whether we won or lost, i thank you because BK wouldnt have been the same without your competition. To everyone who didnt believe in us, trolled us, baited us, crashed us or flamed us I thank you because you helped us be more passionate and determined to succeed. With that all said there was one member who had touched almost everyones heart at BK and will always be remembered however she is no longer with us. Thats Darkwitchy, BK will always love you and remember you thanks for everything you did over the years, we love you Maria!!! <3 I'll edit in the pictures when i get more time However I will extend an invite out to the clan world, when we celebrate on Tuesday we will be doing a conga in the legendary Black armour making our way around w87, then hopping over the w141 for some ffa fun, so tuesday 9.30gmt be there!!!! FOR BK! BlacKnights, The K is shared C**trag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. problem with bigger clans that come on here, like cr for example, they go and declare on someone but because their size they get forced into rules that arent what they want. Also the clans on here are much smaller and less active so their clan communities are smaller and thus less active on here. If you look at who posts here theres like 30-40 actives, exclude clan leaders and tip.it staff its about 20-30 people. That is why these boards get less interest, get a clans community posting then ull get that clan warring more on here.
  5. gratz! hopefully see more activity next year!
  6. fools crashing war clan(eos,vr,rot ect...) or non crash war clan(gladz, solace, coll ect...)
  7. good job poison! now hit 30 pulls and war clans that will be a challenge
  8. seemed like fun good job all clans
  9. thought being outnumbered 5-15 people the whole fight we preformed very well. as said on rsc w141 thing, fight wdfs a pure irl and anything else was made as a joke. then again rs is serious business gratz on your win, hopefully get a rm soon
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