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  1. That was one of my biggest problems at first...."where the hell is my 2h?...oohhhhh"
  2. This. Usually if an update doesn't effect me I don't really care because its not lessening from my current experience...but now I'll never take a look at my, or others', A-Log. And unlike you I find the hi-scores harder to read than before. Not that I ever looked at them regularly, was just nice to have to check things like overall exp/h. As for the in-game portions...I've been having a slightly harder time seeing the stuff in my inventory. :(
  3. The only thing zybez has over tip.it is their clan support/activity. I prefer tip.it for everything else.
  4. lFor Do No Evil: I lured two of them to a pillar far away from their start. The one that summons demons was only attacking from a distance and didn't follow. I then proceeded to get one of them on the outside of the pillar and one on the inside of the pillar (summoning ape was still at his start position). Killed the one on the outside, lured the inside one to the outside, killed him, dealt with the summoning one. Oh and this was with only around 10 handicaps so not too hard in that department. And no spec weapon, never used one yet there as I don't feel like going and buying one just for this. I found the quest monkey fights harder. :/
  5. Not all at once for the handicaps, just once ever. Not sure if you have to win a fight for it to count. Here's the list, IN ORDER, if you nudge, it goes down the list. Thanks for this...was trying to get the sword unlocked and thought I had to get it all in one go. Made it to only pray left both times, but ran into Decaying Avatar before I realized he could be safespotted) and the next time the four from DT. Might have had the DT ones if I remembered to remove poison before entering. Though now I'll just go in and get no pray. :D
  6. Taken from http://services.runescape.com/m=news/bot-busting-and-bonuses-for-all
  7. Ok, thanks. Its 680 most of the time. I've an ok feel for when to click things to compensate for it though (through ss & turm flashing).
  8. lag can be a factor. If it's there, you might need to hit it slightly early. I prefer to spamclick when in doubt, but you need pretty high apm for that. Click-lag is definitely a factor (roughly .5 seconds, spiking to 1 second at times), but I've been dealing w/ it for so long now I've forgot the timing. I definitely click beforehand, that's a must...but as for the timing, is it when the kill hit lands? Pretty sure it is but was wanting a double-check. Since my lag varies I most definitely won't get it every time, rather I'm trying to figure out when RS needs to receive the click for quickswitching (not when I send that click) and that way I can have a time to shoot for.
  9. What is the timing for quick switching ring classes while in combat? (after a npc dies) No matter how much I try I just can't get it right anymore. :/
  10. This sums up my thoughts. At most they'll downsize and reduce update frequency when the time comes that less people are playing.
  11. I really like that extra 200 (even 100 would be alright) for the next week idea. It would also make T7 Citadel possible for smaller, dedicated clans to achieve.
  12. Based on my experiences it'll eventually just stop happening. About two weeks ago it happened to me once and I got pissed off at it because there's no way I should ever drop to 1-2 fps with the computer I have atm. Not wanting to have to deal with something that shouldn't be happening I played a couple different games (Starcraft2, Civilization5) for about 10 days, came back to RS to dungeoneer a little four days ago, got gravecreeper again and had no problems. Although I'm still not sure why it happened or what caused it to happen then stop happening. My solution is more of a non-solution. :|
  13. Before getting members I had decided Ardougne looked like a great place to go to because it was central and I could teleport directly there, and by extension teleport into the members world. Then I got members and tried teleporting, was upset I couldn't use the spell, ran all the way there (White Wolf Mt. should be flattened) and did Plague City so I could get the teleport.
  14. I keep it on maxed, Direct X, roofs and lighting detail off. The size depends on the activity. If its one where I'm paying more attention to the game and seeing more actually helps me out I use fullscreen. Anything else I use resizable and make the game window narrow, often to watch a show, sometimes to make less distance between my inventory and other things that need to be clicked.
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