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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Sounds interesting! One small tweak to consider is making the damage/prayer drain a set value instead of being percentage based. Having a percent-based damage system would encourage people to wear no armor, so their LP is reduced and therefore they need to worry less about healing with food. A set damage system would encourage people to bring armor (even if they aren't going to be fighting the hostile remnants) and make the entire Bandos-divining method more rewarding to combat savvy players with more LP. Same with the prayer drain, having it set would make higher prayer levels more useful, rather than having everyone deplete their prayer at the same speed. A few ideas for rewards: Sign of Pillaging Made using a gold bar or something Level ~45 Automatically gathers coin drops from defeated foes Sign of Pilfering Made using an air staff Level ~60 Requires magic level for telekinetic grab, and must be charged with law runes Automatically casts telegrab when trying to pick up distant items (works with any spellbook active) Sign of Rage Made using tarromin and kwuarm Level ~75 Adds these effects to the Berserk ultimate: causes double damage to be taken (instead of 50% more), become stun immune for the duration, gain adrenaline based on damage taken (take 1% of your max LP, gain 1% adrenaline for example), but cooldown is increased to 120 seconds Sign of Glory Made using amulet of glory Level ~85 Gain 10% adrenaline upon defeating a foe Portent version of pilfering/pillaging at high levels. Every now and then you'd get a strange message from the chronicle fragments... "Man, I can't stand that goody-goody two-shoes Armadyl! I just wanna punch him in the face - when is this stupid thing going to charge up?! I haven't checked on our progress in a while - wait what is that blue thing in the sky? Is that - no don't tell me... Oh for the love of - AAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!"
  3. No, but by allowing them to develop this will probably cost development resources on other updates that are already overdue. ...Damn it, I wanted to post that. :-( If it really was "don't like it don't use it", I'd vote for this thing: choice is good. If there's even a chance that it'll cause some updates we've been waiting a couple of years for to be delayed, or if they end up being half-assed... Then what's the point, really? Is it really worth sacrificing features from the current game to pander to players who quit years ago or who are already playing it in OSRS? If they were going to do something like this, they should have done it during the EoC beta. This is all assuming they would actually work on those updates. We know Jagex has a track record for neglecting updates people actually want. What im saying is this negativity is insane since the only people who are going to use it are. 1. People who want to afk more 2. PvPers 3. New players 1. People who want to afk more They should just use momentum. AFKers are not an audience that needs pandering. They're an audience that needs a stern talking to. Momentum is more than generous enough for them. 2. PvPers Correction: BAD PvPers. The only reason PvP used to be popular is because it used to be incredibly easy. It was like Call of Duty, point and click, get kills without any effort. Then once every few minutes you get a killstreak/special attack that gives you even more effortless kills. When these baddies say they want PvP "fixed" what they really mean is they want PvP dumbed down so they can be "good" at it again. The way to save PvP is make new interesting PvP minigames and scenarios, not to dumb it down for stubborn PK kiddies. 3. New players No new player is going to click on "legacy mode". Even if they do, they'll quickly realize it's an outdated mess and they'll switch back to EoC. A brand new player to Runescape won't find themselves gravitating towards click-and-wait combat instead of faster paced combat involving a big list of dozens of interesting looking abilities. If someone really thinks a newbie is going to prefer two special attacks per 300 seconds vs. continuous combat feedback, they need to take their head out of their rose-tinted butt.
  4. They should've waited for the special attack update to be released before starting this legacy mode poll. I think momentum + special attacks will pretty much be equivalent to legacy mode, except for the "old interfaces" and other nostalgia pandering. Also, EoC and legacy mode should not be "balanced". EoC should be superior to legacy mode in xp rates, similarly to how non-momentum is superior to momentum. If you want good xp rates, you should have to put effort in. Turning on Lay-Zee-Boi mode should significantly deduct from your xp rates, otherwise everyone who hasn't tried EoC will never learn how to use it, because there would be no real motivation to try it out. Momentum babbies are already bad enough. One more thing: they should've given us examples as to what developments this legacy mode would be detracting from. Elf City vs. Inventor got very close, because people knew what it meant if one won over the other. If you give us a simple "YES" or "NO", most players would feel guilt-tripped to say "YES" because they feel like they're just "ruining it for everyone" if they go with "NO".
  5. I'm not really trying to "buff everything", as much as I want specific styles to be buffed in a specific way, so they are each given a defined role. I would like to touch a bit on overall difficulty and triviality of most combat at certain levels, but for now it might look like I just want everything buffed. Though honestly it wouldn't hurt the game that much. If the combat was more diverse and fun, I wouldn't mind making the game overall "easier". I really gotta finish explaining myself in the OP before this is going to make total sense.
  6. I've been thinking a lot about how to make EoC more interesting. One of my major gripes with the system is the fact that most weapon styles seem to try to accomplish the same role. The roles should be more distinct. Before I get into that, let's just jump right into the ability changes I've been formulating, and I'll explain how it defines each style's role later on. Ability Changes 2h Melee -Cleave now not only hits the three square in front of the user, but also one square to their left and right, essentially making a "C" shape. -Alternatively, Cleave's area of effect could be dependent on the weapon type. Crushing 2h (mauls etc.) would hit in the "C" shape mentioned above; slashing 2h (swords etc.) would hit in a 2x3 rectangle in front of the user; stabbing 2h (spear etc.) would hit in a straight line 3 spaces ahead of the user. -Whirlwind hits 219% damage, up from 188%. -Alternatively, Whirlwind functions as a combo attack, dealing AoE damage to the surrounding 3x3 space around you, while allowing freedom of movement. -Quake hits in a much wider radius (similar to Detonate), but no longer reduces defence. -Meteor strike now hits 3x3 around the user. No longer requires target to have 50%+ health, but no longer gives critical adrenaline buff. -Smash ignores all damage reduction including shield abilities, protection prayers and the like. Works on certain NPCs to some extent. DW Melee -Decimate and Havoc no longer share a cooldown timer. -Decimate is now a double-hitting attack. Generally does more damage in its two hits, but has a 15 second cooldown and no longer does extra damage to shield users. -Havoc causes you to jump towards the opponent, similar to Barge, and deals two hits. Less damage than Decimate. -Flurry no longer hits AoE around the user. Instead, it deals 8 hits, up from 4 but takes twice as long to complete. Each hit deals extra damage over the last, until one of them misses and the damage is reset for the next attack. Essentially becomes a weaker version of frenzy. Single Melee -Kick now deals a small amount of damage as well as pushes back. -Backhand also deals damage, slightly more than kick does. -Fury makes the user resistant to stuns for its duration. 2h Magic -Sonic Wave deals a small amount of damage to the 3x3 area around the target. No longer increases following attack's accuracy, however. -Detonate is now a 2h only ability. It now causes a marker to appear at the target's location. After 5 seconds, a powerful blast will initiate at the targeted square, dealing damage to all enemies in a wide radius. Any target that is killed by the blast will initiate another blast where they died. This can happen multiple times, but each concurrent blast is halved in power. DW Magic -Concentrated Blast's cooldown increased to 10 seconds. -Wild magic is now a DW only ability. Actually shows the two different spells being cast for mainhand and offhand (not just generic fire bolts) and gains any properties they may have (primarily useful for ancient magicks) Single Magic -Dragon Breath no longer has reduced accuracy. In addition, it can be activated at a distance against NPCs, and reaches them properly if within proper range. Damage reduced from 188% to 157% or something. -New threshold: Overcharge Cast. 15 second cooldown. Causes you to cast a powered up version of your autocast spell, and consumes the spell's rune cost times ten as an additional cost for the ability. Deals more damage than a regular autocast (dual wielding only activates the mainhand spell, and deals full damage compared to 2h staves - single wielding deals less damage of course), and gains added effects. Ancient magicks will have their normal effects boosted, and normal elemental spells will gain entirely new effects. Fire spells would gain a DoT, similar to the blazer ring in dungeoneering for example. -Combust's DoT effects lasts much longer. Does less damage per "tick" than Fragmentation Shot or Dismember, but if given long enough, will deal the most damage out of all of them. -Metamorphosis and Sunshine share "half" a cooldown. Essentially this means using one will put the other on 30 second cooldown. 2h Range -Dazing shot deals a small amount of damage to the 3x3 area around the target. No longer reduces following target's attack accuracy, however. -Incendiary Shot takes 5 seconds to activate, but deals damage to the 3x3 area around the target. No longer gives critical adrenaline buff. -Bombardment is now a 2h only ability. DoT effect added, and it can "spread" to adjacent enemies. DW Range -New DW only threshold: Suppressing Fire. 20 seconds cooldown. Combo attack. Deals 188% weapon damage over 6 seconds. Target is stunned for the duration. Essentially a ranged version of Asphyxiate and Destroy. -Needle Strike binds the target for 20 seconds (9.6 in PvP). Cooldown increased to 15 seconds. Single Range -Ricochet can now hit up to 3 targets. Radius is still shorter than magic's Chain, however. -Snipe has additional effects depending on the ammunition used. Arrows bind opponent for 20 seconds (9.6 in PvP), bolts apply a bleed effect (high damage in a short time span, cancellable with freedom), thrown weapons apply poison (medium damage in a long time span, requires antipoison to deal with). Cooldown increased to 15 seconds. 3 second "charge" animation changed depending on ammunition: arrows show user applying a net device to the tip, bolts show user applying a gnarly spike to the tip, thrown weapons show user applying poison. Shields -Preparation and Revenge activate even when an attack misses the user. They also emit a distinct aura to make it easier to spot in PvP. -Resonate blocks all attacks in a single combo ability, but each hit only heals 25% to the Resonate user. -Shield bash increases the target's damage taken by 20% for 5 seconds. -New basic: Thunder and Lightning. 10 second cooldown. Deals damage based on user's shield armor value and their mainhand weapon. Works with melee, ranged and magic, but all require a close proximity to the target. First shows a quick shield bashing animation, then is followed by the animation of the 3 second basic depending on the mainhand's weapon type (Slice for melee, Wrack for magic, Piercing Shot for ranged). The initial shield bash also does the same damage type as your mainhand, not always melee. -Reflect also reflects stuns for 50% duration. Reflect gives the user a distinct aura to make it easier to spot in PvP. Cooldown increased to 30 seconds. General -Barge, Surge and Escape should not share cooldowns. Additionally, their delays after activation should be reduced, allowing for more fluid movement. ALSO, they will break you out of binding effects. Careful use of these abilities can give melee warriors a fighting chance against magic (who already deals large damage to them) and a solid defence of my proposed additions of more ranged-based binding options. -Devotion should only make defensive overhead prayers 75% effective in PvP, down from a full 100%. -Pressing Control+[Ability] should allow you to force target selection. Currently, if you click to activate an ability out of combat, you will be able to select a target for it. It appears like this for example: "Activate Punish -> Target" However, you can't do this during combat with an enemy, because clicking (or pressing the hotkey) will simply activate the ability on your current target. Being able to press CTRL+HOTKEY would allow you to swtich targets more smoothly, no longer requiring you to first autoattack your new target to switch over your focus to them. Roles of Each Weapon style As you may or may not have noticed by now, each "style" of weapon (mage, range, melee, on top of DW, 2H and shield) is supposed to fill some sort of role. Currently these roles are hardly defined, and many styles end up being superior to others. This is definitely problematic, as it makes the game stale and samey. Here's a quick example: 2h magic vs. DW magic DW is better. Simple as that. Why is it just better? Simple: the only difference between DW magic and 2h magic is one single ability. 2h has Sonic Wave (120% 5s CD, pretty lame ability) while DW has Concentrated Blast (3 hits for 100% each, with increasing crit chances, also only 5s CD). That's that. End of discussion. No need for graphs or charts or whatever. Melee and ranged 2h vs. DW isn't as cut and dry, but it both cases, DW generally wins out one way or another (and that isn't taking into account the fact that the only level 90 weapons are DW friendly). Melee DW and melee 2h should play very differently, and have different strengths and weaknesses. Currently there is a reasonable spread of abilities that are unique to melee DW and 2h separately. Melee 2h has: Cleave (10s CD, decent damage, can hit multiple targets in a finicky pattern), Smash (10s CD, decent damage, "turns off" prayers), Whirlwind (20s CD, 3x3 AoE, decent damage), Quake (20s CD, 3x3 AoE, AWFUL damage, useless defence reduction), Meteor Strike (useless Ult., inferior to Overpower), Pulverize (even more useless Ult., inferior to Overpower) 2 AoE TH abilities and one AoE basic. Sounds like it's supposed to be good against multiple enemies. Whirlwind does 188% damage for one hit, which is fine as it can hit multiple targets. Quake only does 100% damage, but it can still hit multiple enemies, which is good... right? Melee 2h's role is AoE clearly. Melee DW has: Decimate (10s CD, decent damage), Havoc (shares CD with decimate - useless), Destroy (very powerful combo TH, 20s CD), Flurry (combo TH, deals decent AoE damage, 20s CD), Massacre (decent Ult., comparable to Overpower), Frenzy (very damaging combo Ult., situational use) Two combo thresholds and a combo ultimate. Clearly designed for use against a single target with a large amount of health. But wait- Flurry does AoE? Yeah, now DW melee is treading into 2h's AoE territory. In fact, it does arguably a better job of it. Flurry's multiple hits will probably deal more damage than both Whirlwind and Quake combined. So really, the choice is obvious. Dual wield all the time! Right? NO! Not if I could have my way! The choice should never be obvious. There should always be something to consider, something to plan. Each situation should have its own solutions. That's what I'm proposing with these ability changes listed above. In a nutshell... 2H=AoE DW=1v1 Shield=tanking/support This is where I'd like to introduce the concept of a "sub triangle" for PvP weapon styles. 2H>Shield>DW>2H It won't be directly enforced (you won't be any more or less accurate depending on how you and your opponent hold weapons) but will be naturally enforced via the mechanics of their abilities. You could already piece it together if you read into my proposed balance changes, and I'll let you think about it for yourself a bit before I explain in fuller detail. 2h's AoE focus is clear only for melee, but hardly even executed well. Whirlwind, what is supposed to be the strongest, most dependable AoE is actually quite underwhelming. One big problem melee AoE has if the unfortunate place on the combat triangle where melee is supposed to beat ranged. Ranged opponents often move out of your way, and getting NPCs grouped close to you is difficult when they don't move towards you. If Whirlwind were a combo attack that allowed freedom of movement, functioning like the Barrows Brother's special attack in Rise of the Six, this could perhaps allow players to move around and "gather" a cluster of enemies. Quake's buff could also help melee's intrinsic difficulty with grouping enemies by allowing the 2h user to aggro a wider group of NPCs using an enhanced attack radius. Then the 3x3 radius of Meteor Strike could be used once you have a number of enemies on you. Detonate allows mages to remotely blast a large radius of enemies, and if they are particularly weak, they can destroy masses of them with the "chain reaction" effect. I think it'd be awesome to go into a swarm of dagannoths, ready Detonate and blast through 10 of them in one fell swoop. Of course in PvP it would also be interesting to set a powerful attack down and see opponents scatter, desperately trying to avoid it. Cleave's widened range would allow you to hit enemies to your sides, which is often where they will end up if you're fighting a group. The only way to get cleave to work against NPCs is to finagle them into standing on top of one another. And good luck getting Cleave to work in PvP. Dazing Shot and Sonic Wave give 2h rangers and mages some straightforward chip damage against enemy groups, to make sure their role is clear even when their more powerful TH AoE's are on cooldown, as Cleave does with melee 2h. Smash currently only deactivates overhead protective prayers, which is only good for PvP, and hardly so. A simple click on the prayer can get it activated instantly again, so with quick enough reflexes, your opponent could get their prayer back up before you could even follow up with a single attack! Smash ignoring damage reductions would give it a more general use, and will also play into the "sub triangle" of PvP. DW is more suited for 1v1 encounters against stronger enemies with more health. Already this is the case, but because it also functions well in AoE, and is all around better than 2h, it's really no difference to the playstyle. Combo abilities are naturally more effective against stronger opponents, because using them against weaker ones will usually result in a massive amount of overkill loss, because most simple slayer monsters die by the time you get one or two combo hits off. It's only natural that wielding two weapons will allow you to hit more often, so Decimate and Havoc are given double-hitting properties (this plays into the PvP sub triangle). Havoc can allow you to break out from binds and stay on top of your opponent. This is to counteract the addition of Needle Strike's bind and Snipe's arrow-based binding effect. Flurry's change also heavily encourages fighting high HP targets, because you can deal great amounts of damage against a foe that survives the entire combo. "Suppressing Fire" gives ranged DW a new combo ability to bring them in line with Asphyx. and Destroy. I can't really go on to explain shields' finer points without further going into detail with the "sub triangle". 2h beats shields, shields beat DW and DW beats 2h. Shield roles are suited to tanking damage for your friends, or just surviving in a high stakes engagement. Supposedly there is already a buff to shields in the works pertaining to their armor boost and perhaps damage reductions, so I will only be touching on the mechanics of shield abilities. Preparation and Revenge currently only reward you for getting hit, which seems completely counter-intuitive for a defensive playstyle. This, along with Resonance's buff to block full combos, will give them an edge versus DW's heavy reliance on combos and multiple hits. Hitting a shield user with a long Flurry will probably get their Revenge boost to quite high levels, Destroy/Suppressing Fire can get instantly interrupted by Reflect's stun returning capability, and as well as Resonance's full ability to block combos, a DW user should be careful when any of these abilities are off cooldown. While shields are now best capable at dealing with multiple hits, they remain vulnerable to single hitting attacks which 2h has a number of. On top of that, melee's Smash being able to hit them even while they're behind Resonance or Barricade means they can't be too sure the next attack won't be a knockout blow when face to face with a 2h wielder. Finally is DW's dominance over 2h, which is pretty self explanatory. DW, being designed to deal as much damage as possible to a single target is left mostly unimpeded by 2h's fighting style. 2h lacks any extra means of stunning their opponent to interrupt combos, and will generally deal less damage to the DWer. Shield's change to Shield Bash is also pretty role defining in the case of boss fighting PvM. Currently, a shielder is no more than a safety net against most bosses. In case something goes wrong (which optimally it shouldn't) the shieldman will be there making sure as little damage is being taken as possible. Most bosses don't even require this level of care, and bringing a shield user along is like hiring an expensive bodyguard to attend a child's birthday party. Shield Bashing can essentially increase the entire team's DPS by 20% for 5 seconds every 15 seconds. That means a single shield user can effectively function as a 6.667% increase to total DPS, as well as taking damage for the other players. The advantage of taking even one shieldman greatly increases as the team size does because of this. [making weapons more unique] [new hit sounds/visual effects to make combat FEEL good] [vaguely combat related shit I'd like improved] I'll work on finishing this ASAP. I was considering posting on Reddit, as Jagex mods might actually READ it that way, but I'm unfamiliar with Reddit. I might just ask one of you guys to post it there on my behalf, but I'm not sure yet. BRB with the rest of this
  7. That would be nice. I kinda like how the damage scaling works in the world event, because people seem to be generally hitting less. Instead of doing like 2k per hit (slice basics), I'm doing ~1k hits. I don't know if this should be something exclusive to tank armor, or if PvP should have damage reduction all around. That's not to say that the damage scaling in the WE2 isn't all kinds of broken in many situations. Facing a level 180 with the same equipment as you means you're going to get hit for 2k's and barely be able to hit 1k on them. If I wasn't "still getting hit often", PvP would be lame. That's one thing EoC definitely does better than prEoC: you can actually hit each other, even though you're wearing armor. The real reason pures were so popular was because it made the fighting faster, not because it gave them an actual long-term-fight advantage over non-pures. For PvM, tank armor definitely needs some kind of bonus over non-tank, and I think some kind of damage reduction would be reasonable. But in PvP, the minor damage boost that power armor gives really won't win you fights, while the "reduce damage to zero, and prevents stuns, DoTs, special effects etc. randomly" that tank armor allows you will have more of a game-changing benefit. My proposals: 1. Give tank armor minor damage reduction against non-players. Maybe it would be a percentage, or a flat damage reduction (like 200 less damage PER HIT at full level 85 armor), or some kind of soaking effect (so it will only reduce high hits, making it more suited for boss fights) 2. Damage in PvP should be reduced, perhaps halved entirely. This is regardless of armor types, as tank armor's higher block chance is already quite generous. 3. Perhaps power armor could actually have a percent-based damage boost, because right now it's really not suited for PvP at all. 4. Hybrid armor should allow some sort of "quick-switch" that ignores the 5 second cooldown that usually occurs upon changing equipment. Totally unrelated, but I'd like to throw it out there.
  8. Level 80 Nex sets were massively better than level 70 Barrows sets. I can only imagine, if EoC was never released, that level 90 armor would be even more ridiculously powerful. Ports armor is noticeably better than, say, Barrows armor. You still get hit often by level 90 weapons, but there's definitely a difference. Also having higher max health is a massive boon. Freedom does work instantly, but, just like any other ability, there's a 1.8 second cooldown before you can use another ability.
  9. Dangerous PvP isn't fun anymore. Why? Because the difference between "affordable" armor and "top tier" armor is too massive. Before EoC, for a while, Barrows was the best armor. It gave a sizable advantage, but it wasn't going to make you unkillable, and it was reasonably affordable. Once spirit shields and Nex armor got introduced, it gave a big advantage to players with lots of dosh. However, even if you only had rune armor, you could still have a chance against them - all you needed was a lucky spec from a dds, claws or Korasi's. And of course you would be handsomely rewarded while only risking a few hundred K in armor, food, pots etc. But nowadays rune armor is shit and you really can't compete with level 90 armor/weapons using level 50 armor and even level 80 weapons. This would be the case even without EoC. Nex/Divines was the beginning of it, and if we still had the old style combat, dangerous PvP would still be dead because of the power creep. Until we get some decently affordable equipment that can stand up to level 90 stuff, nobody will want to do dangerous PvP. I have hopes for this upcoming smithing rework, as well as the Inventor skill - perhaps they may remedy the situation. Oh, and here are a few PROTIPS while we're on the subject of PvP: 1. Don't use freedom to escape from basic stuns. By the time you use Freedom and you're able to attack again, you would've been free from the stun if you just waited. 2. Anticipation should be used preemptively to reduce the amount of stuns you take. If you get stunned, don't worry. It's only 3 seconds, and won't be too much of a problem in 1v1. 3. Freedom should be used to get rid of nasty DoT effects, such as Slaughter and Fragmentation Shot. I see a lot of people complaining about how "OP" these are, but they don't realize they can easily break out with Freedom. 4. Only use Freedom to get out of stun-combos (Asphyxiate and Destroy) if you have your own stun ready, and you're confident you can hit them with it. Simply getting out of the stun won't stop their combo, and it's hard to just run out of their range if they're mobile. Binding magic (Ice Barrage, Entangle etc.) can essentially stop Destroy if you freeze them and move out of range. 5. Save your stuns to interrupt combos, as mentioned in #4. Also, as mentioned in #2, stuns are only 3 seconds. They only really give you one extra attack, a bit of an adrenaline lead, and a little extra damage if you use Punish, Wrack, or Piercing Shot. It's generally better to wait for your opponent to start using Assault or what have you, then waste it with your stun. Stuns, especially Binding Shot and Impact, can also keep an opponent from escaping. 6. Use protect/deflect prayers. Soul split should be saved for PvM. In PvP, protect prayers are invaluable for reducing the opponent's ability to kill you during a stun, and reducing the stun duration itself. Soul split's tiny bit of healing simply doesn't compare. 7. if you're outnumbered, don't worry. You're expected to die. This is nothing new to Runescape, because even before EoC, being outnumbered was a statistical death sentence. Getting stunned twice is really nowhere bad as getting DRAGON CLAW'D FOUR TIMES WAS. I think some people forget about that. 8. Wear tank armor. If you're getting killed before you can even reach 50% adrenaline, you're not wearing good armor for PvP. 9. Natural Instinct. Use it. If you've completed The World Wakes, you can use this ability to take your opponent's entire adrenaline bar. It might seem silly, as it uses up 100% of your own, but think of it this way: if you get to 100% before them, you can take their ~90% or whatever and leave them with 0%. That's a massive advantage. Even if they only have 50% adrenaline when you steal it, you're still giving yourself a big lead. 10. Keep your ability book open. Your ability bar can't hold nearly enough abilities to be effective in combat. Having everything you need at your fingertips can mean the difference between life and death, really. If you have enough space on your screen, consider giving each ability book its own little window. Having quick access to every defence ability for Anticipation, Freedom, etc. saves me a ton of space on my ability bar.
  10. Welcome (back) to competitive online games! I almost miss the old days in Castle Wars. People shouting "prayer noob", "food noob", "mage noob" and the likes. Whenever they lose, it's because you're cheating. Whenever they win (nice lucky dds spec) it's because they're better than you.
  11. When I heard people talking about "MLP pets" I thought they were KIDDING. How long until Jagex starts selling full fursuits?
  12. So, getting the extra exp quicker is bad? You'd use up the pendant quicker however you're still getting the same bonus exp. Its the lack of base xp that your losing. In my example before the update you would get 66k base xp and 33k bonus xp, in the new way you would get 50k base xp and 50k bonus xp. Which means you need more pendants for the same xp, a very subtle change that most people wont notice but it will entice some to buy more spins to reach the same goals. To further expand, pre update it took 57 pendants from level 93 - 99, it now requires 86 pendants. Let's say you have a pendant that gives 10k xp. You can get xp at a rate of 20kph normally. With the pendant multiplying by 1.5x, it will take 1h to use it up, and you would get 30k xp. If the pendant multiplied by 2x instead, it would take 30min to use it up, but after 1h you'd still have gained 30k xp. If you had a lot of pendants, the 2x multiplier would give you 40kxph and the 1.5x would give 30kxph. All that the 1.5x multiplier is doing is dragging out the time it lasts, not increasing the xp you gain from it. You could still get level 93 - 99 with 57 pendants, in fact it would be the same exact speed as with the 1.5x multiplier, but now with the 2x multiplier, you could technically get it even FASTER by using 86 pendants. But good catch with the "it's a plot to make you buy more spins".
  13. Turn off the music and put the sound effects on max. Even then it can be a pain in the ass to hear, but if you listen closely you can hear a faint "EEE-EEE-EEE" ringing. By the way, are hexes "fixed" yet? I got one and bound it over my sagittarian shortbow that I can't use - I have 98 range conveniently enough, but I have sag armor bound too so I won't be ranging until 99 anyway. I mean, for being so rare you'd expect them to be at least a bit better, despite being one level lower.
  14. Yes. Yes it does. He's not doing that. It doesn't, but he's not doing that. It isn't and it isn't. We should have reason to. Yes, but that's not all. No, no, and no. Yes, I'm afraid we are. Really why should we expect less from Jagex than the level of WGS, or Legend's Quest, or Underground Pass? Making huge, revisitable dungeons/jungles full of senseless* elaboration is way preferable to copy-pasting an existing area and having it as a one-time instance. Quests are made by the Easter eggs, the elaborate surroundings and the potential to take a wrong turn and still do something worthwhile. You need to be able to immerse yourself, which doesn't work if there are inconsistencies, loose ends and too-narrow paths. For example, in Birthright of the Dwarves, I went to visit the Red Axe dwarves on Jatizso, or rather the king there, to verify some details. As it happens, the relevant dwarves were actually on the island, I was simply unable to speak with them (clicking 'talk-to' walks you over and then does nothing). The king, his advisor, the locals and even the royal cat had no dialogue whatsoever related to this quest. It's a Grandmaster quest, with no apparent ties to the world at all. Reasonably, I should've been able to talk to the king, find the captain of the ship and interrogate the crew. Hell, maybe I should have been able to re-route the ore shipments to my personal storage in Keldagrim, for a fair price of course (to be paid by the Red Axe). Now, for the chaos druid, I should have been able to choose: infiltrate the coven (initiation rites?), defeat the coven through combat (but stun the leading druid?), collapse the cave on top of them (save the druid? intercept them at their respawn point?) or maybe just bribe them (cash, items?). I should have been able to visit a few high-up Zamorakians (say, the mage who teleports you to the Abyss, Surok Magis, the witch who bound Iban to her service - for a full list see here) to get some further info or some authentic clothing. I should have been able to visit some Zarosians for background on Zamorak's curse, maybe find a way to mitigate it, I'm sure Azzanandra has ideas? Now Hreidmar says during the quest that he has 'given up'. This just drops from the sky and explains the shoddy copy-paste, but fails to explain the rather powerful (targeting!) cannons they have. If my cannon hit 3000+, I wouldn't be hiding in a near-empty hall with deranged followers and Grimsson, I would be camping Nex for epic loot and xp. Hreidmar had the resources to build a copy of the Consortium building, and the manpower, and he had a mind-wiping ogre and I don't know how many spies and supporters (Zamorak, for one, who has just returned even!), yet he's given up and everyone is OK with that. Surely, when a leader 'gives up', the ambitious second in command steps in and leads the assault, taking the throne for themselves? And so on and so forth. We, adventurers, know so many crazy/powerful/important people, there should be a hundred cross-references in every GM quest. *In terms of the quest storyline. I'm trying to say not every grandmaster quest should be compared to WGS just because they share the same label. You wouldn't compare highschool freshmen to seniors just because they're both "highschoolers". I'm glad people at least aren't taking it a step further and comparing every single quest to WGS. That being said, I think WGS itself is a bit over-rated and mostly hyped up. I agree that the quest was rushed, and it could've been better, but for what it is (a low budget quest with a development period of an umpteenth of the norm) it worked well enough. Of course it could've been expanded on, of course it could've had deeper interaction with other quest lines, but those things (especially the latter) would require far more dev work and turn out quite costly. Maybe they could've waited for a chance to really make the Dwarf quest go out with a bang, but who knows how much longer we'd have to wait - I have no idea how Jagex's budget and schedule work, but as we have heard with many quest lines, elves in particular, things can take a very long time to process and have a good release window planned. The problem with Runescape is the constant pressure on its developers to churn out content on a weekly basis. Of course the quality of the lower-priority updates is going to drop as a result. I sincerely hope Jagex considers abolishing their unwritten "several updates per month or die" restriction that's quite clearly choking some of the more promising quest lines. Runescape's quests and stories have so much potential that remains untapped because of the average player's NEED for STUFF right NOW. Also I'm going to repost these related points I had earlier on in the thread to which nobody replied (or upbloated lel). The interrogation was enjoyable. You had to figure shit out yourself, look for clues, seek people out. It may not have been integral to the plot, but it was an interesting look into dwarf society. The discovery of the memory wand was a bit "convenient", but looking into the characters' memories was interesting and important to get to know the characters better. The game mechanic itself was a bit frustrating, especially when that ogre was zapping the fragments. The chaos druids in Taverley were an important discovery because it explains how chaos dwarves are created, and proves that it isn't just the Red Axe capable of making them. The "player created content" was the model of the druid herself, not the plot relevance. The boss fights were great. Sure, they could easily kill you if you don't know what you're doing, but that was the fun of it: figuring out their patterns. If someone honestly thinks they should be able to AFK grandmaster-level boss fights with momentum, I kindly suggest they go play OSRS. I have to admit, the quest definitely seemed rushed, especially with the Red Axe's base being a straight up copy-paste of the Keldagrim castle. The chaos dwarf traders were funny (Selling chaos!) but they seemed out of place. Tricking grumpy little comedy reliefs into allowing you through a door guarded by a single chaos dwarf doesn't really fit the "final obstacle our heroes must overcome before they face the villain" that I would expect from a climactic scene. Furhtermore, I was confused when Hreidmar and Grimmson said they've "given up" and "have no plan". The bad guy should go out fighting (which I suppose they did technically), perhaps their forfeit was to show how thoroughly beaten they were by the player and Veldaban, but Hreidmar said he's too old to have enjoyed his time at king anyway, which leads me to believe, unless he aged 50 years in between quests, he wasn't entirely motivated from the beginning! By the way, I chuckled when I was able to urge Veldaban to step down as king after, just minutes ago, I was begging him not to give up to save his life. It's like he turns around, looking for my continued support in his monarchy and I'm like "let's be realistic now..." this new quote system is garbage
  15. So you're saying the only "real" grandmaster quest was the first one? It doesn't work like that. You can't just hold everything to the standard of the highest contender when in terms of classifying things. It doesn't work like that. It's like saying "the only real soda is Coca-cola because it's the best (or at least I like it the most)" or "the only actually 'rich' person in the world is Bill Gates". Don't get your hopes up so high after WGS. Part of its hype was the huge buildup and entirely new concept of dealing with powers of the gods first-hand, and if it was released now, people would probably criticize it for having too much filler, requiring too much running around, and obtuse puzzles. You're only setting yourself up for disappointment.
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