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  1. BK Cape. The castle is a bit lighter now but still clearly a Black Knight's castle.
  2. Clan Chat will be good. So will probably be the memberlist for tracking members. The camp itself probably won't be anything that useful.
  3. Depends. Average about 3 sets per fight I think.
  4. Jagex has confirmed that if it will be developed and brought to use it won't have bad/horrible sound/overall quality.
  5. Congrats to whoever won it (with friends or not). Hope at least you both had fun.
  6. That's what always has dazzled me about Collision - they pull 75 opts for a week and then suddenly pull over 100-120. Either way, grats to both clans.
  7. The whole points system makes it kind of idiotic. The more active you'll be the higher rank you are. I liked RAW when it came down to beating the clan who was marked higher then you to take their place. Now it's just win or lose as much as you can, get a fight for each day and you'll be #1. But hey, I don't really care enough about TWR or RAW (which is gone anyway) to start revamping it. Good luck though and hopefully when it's gotten some facelift more clans will participate in it (especially all the new smaller clans that will be made when the wilderness comes back).
  8. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to the people who pulled the vote through. Sad to see the lack of interest about the results and the votes overall.
  9. It may help Tip.It but it won't help BK from dying. 9 years of history destroyed by one mass leave, shame. Hopefully they remove CWA entirely, gets some more member flow into real clans. Are you really thinking that a few people leaving will change anything? If that then you're blind and ignorant and actually have no idea of BK or it's history throughout the nearly 10 years. Good luck with the trolling though, you'll need it.
  10. People are forgetting that this may also help out Tip.it and Sal's from dying since all the new small and mid-sized clans coming back.
  11. How cute Amateurnoob and Jack, did you hold hands while you came up with doing something like this? Either way, this topic is dead, I'd suggest being more original and actually taking the time to post your own lists but I suppose that might be too much for you.
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