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  1. Seriously, both of you have 90+ combat skills -and- high prayer -and- high ranged ... have either of you two ever even tried it? Unless you're attempting it without use of any guides on purpose; your reactions are waaaayyyy out of proportion :-s
  2. don't spread false rumors. Actually... I just went there, having the anti-dragon shield with me and he notices it. He then notes something about the dragonbreath being stored but wasted, he then continues mentioning an aritfact that could release these stored dragonbreaths. After he tells you this, you can reply saying: Me: I will look for this draconic visage! Oziach: Good luck wi' that. They're mighty rare, so yer quest will take some time. If any monsters have them, it'll be the dragons. So he can talk about the draconic visage and shield, but you have to carry it with you.
  3. For the helm, you just need to complete The Fremennik Isles, which is great for you since you evidently already done The Fremennik Trials. The helm is basically the same as the berserker, yet adds +3 prayer bonus. To be able to use proselyte armour you need to complete the Slug Menace quest. Depending on how many required quests you already have completed, you might want to consider getting these items, because it seems you'll be there for a longer time ;) and this alltogether gives you an extra +5 prayer bonus. You can also use a trimmed achievement cape for +2 more prayer bonus over the fire cape, but I still use the fire cape myself as well. The barrow gloves have awesome stats compared to the Gauntlets, but will probably take some more time to get with all requirements and quests involved (Recipe for Disaster).
  4. I'm at the metal dragons too in Brimhaven dungeon, trying for a draconic visage. Those steel dragons are just a bit too tough (read: slow) for my liking, but the Iron ones are just right. But why aren't you using Proselyte armour instead of monk robes? They give quite a bit more prayer bonus. Also a helm of Neitiznot is very useful. Must dislike quests? :P I would stop 'hunting' when the sum of my dragon drops roughly equals the price of a dragonfire shield ;) One Dragon platelegs and plateskirt so far.
  5. I am at the metal dragons as well, trying for a draconic visage drop. I noticed many of the other players were mages and I was actually wondering what would be cheaper. But if you use about 50 chaos runes @ 130ea, which sums up close to one prayer potion's cost .. per dragon, then I think I'll stick with melee'ing them. Also, in my experience, I receive a Dragon Legs/Skirt drop once every two trips, maybe three. One trip would equal killing about a 100 Iron Dragons for me. This would mean you'd end up with quite a few more dragon items than you predicted. But then I read you maged there before for a long time; did you get about 12 back then too? Does perhaps the style of attack affect the drop rate or am I simply very lucky with this? Good luck with this Howdydee, only you would be crazy enough to complete this :P I'll be following your progress for sure!
  6. You need to have the Crumbling Tome with you from the Barrow's place to be able to get a Draconic Visage drop. Oh wait, that was just with the Barrow's chest? Right? ... Right?!
  7. Do you need prayer to enter the Brimhaven dungeon then? You can just equip the shield and head over to the metal dragons. One will attack you and when it does, keep distance. Drink a dose of anti-fire beforehand and you won't even take any damage. Just 3-item: Hatchet, shield and anti-fire. Also bring 875 gp to enter.
  8. Assuming IceBlackIce also meant the completed Shield.. how do you explain this, anish00b? :P Hey Armadillo!
  9. I read in the ranting board that it strings relatively slow compared to before. They didn't like it, because they'd rather do it themselves and be quicker :-k Can anyone confirm that the Draconic visage and/or Dragonfire Shield is tradeable?
  10. How much does the special take? I assume a full bar?
  11. Even the very last (follow-up) quest, Grim Tales, again ends with a hint towards a follow-up with the dwarf being granted to have its base of operations in the lady's castle (to investigate what the witch is up to and the captured gnome). I don't mind the semi open ends at all.. as others said, gives something to look forward to.
  12. When you are meleeing and using any of the defense/attack/strength prayers, but then decide to change to ranging and turn on the improving ranging prayer, the melee related prayers get turned off for you, wasting less prayer and saving you some clicks. And vica versa. Also, when you are attacking someone and decide to turn on prayer, you don't stop attacking them anymore. The first one is probably new as I've only just recently started messing up with the prayers while playing Castle Wars (hybrid melee/ranged). But the second may be a lot older, since it's a habit for me to immediately click the opponent again after touching any prayers (so I wouldn't have noticed it before). But I remember well that attacking would stop as soon as you would turn on any prayers.
  13. The Hunter Crossbow is as fast as the MSB. It's a lot of fun to use at the Duel arena and make the fellow rangers go: o_O Optionally, start the duel off with the Dorgeshuun crossbow's special and lower their defence with a good 10-15 levels :P many haven't encountered that either yet.
  14. Just done the quest and the first thing that I notice is, where was the 'Master quest' part? I can imagine the rats, experiment monsters and the giant being quite troublesome for a few. But you hardly have to be brave for it :P you can prayer protect against all of them. They must've listed it under the wrong category. The quest itself had a good story to it, and they didn't overdo it with lengthy talks. The animations fitted right in and the beanstalk was pretty cool. The finale with the giant was very well done; a reasonably tough boss with some unexpected ways of combat involved. But oi!, just when you think you are done, he wants you to chop it down as well! Good quest, loved the beard-holder armor! And props to Jagex for somewhat daring to step beyond the newby requirements.
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