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  1. This might seem like an odd question, but hear me out. A lot of my friends have bought this and are playing it, and I'm quite interested. However, the sound on my pc is broken and I probably won't ever get round to fixing it, just wondering how much of the game I would be missing out on if I bought it. Are there subtitles for cutscenes? Would not having sound be a massive disadvantage? Odd question I know.
  2. Just got back from the cinema, great film but agree it wasn't as good as TDK. I thought it tied the whole series up brilliantly though.
  3. I would only buy games that are on the flash/daily deals at the moment, might as well wait until the end of the sale and see if the game you want comes onto daily or flash anyway.
  4. What is the fastest way to level these two? I have them both at level 55 but I need to max them out so I can do the Morytania task list. Best inventory setup and method?
  5. Is the Diamondseeker server still active? Would like to play MC again with like minded people.
  6. Hopefully going to get started on Morytania task list now, still need to finish off Temple Trekking but I have good progress on the hard characters so shouldn't be too bad.
  7. I never played AC1, picked up from AC2 and it probably turned into my favourite video game series. Finally got around to picking up Revelations really cheap about a week ago, can't wait for AC3 it looks great.
  8. Either through the headphone jacks at the front of the tower or through the speakers in the monitor which is a bit more complicated. I have an adaptor that goes from the HDMI port in my computer to the VGA port in my monitor. I did try downloading those drivers you linked to earlier, but I always got an error message saying they couldn't find the audio. My computer isn't picking up my headset at the minute, part of the problem I guess.
  9. I had this problem with my PC before, the sound would rarely work. The graphics card then died so I sent it off to get repaired and they fixed the sound, but it's not working again now. Essentially, sound isn't even registering on my computer, for instance if I try to play a song on WMP it comes up with an error message. I have a feeling it could be drivers but I can't work out how to fix them as the device manager says all my drivers are up to date. My motherboard is an ASUS M2N68-VM but I don't think it's an integrated sound card, my receipt for the pc says it's 7.1 high definition onboard sound card, which I have a feeling is Realtek? Any help is much appreciated.
  10. Had a pretty busy week so wasn't able to play as much, got this today though. Closing in on 95, will go for 92 Fishing afterwards and probably do the Morytania diary.
  11. Any good guides for an absolute beginner looking for afk exp? What sort of rates can I expect at level 80?
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