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  1. The 'keeping up' element is with regard to team/clan members, if you can't level fast enough you cant Pk together - So what's the point? OSRS is/will decline because it will lose/is losing the veteran playerbase who, like myself were lured back from IRL to enjoy a couple of months of madness to relive their teens. Older people with balanced lives can glean little satisfaction from stolen hours here and there once the experience slows down and the levels stop coming, and will return to more satisfaction efficient IRL interests... OSRS will end up a contrasting mix of top table skillers racing for reputation, and botting pkers+stakers who return to their PC in the evening for a few hours of privateserveresque edgeville/easts/mage bank/DA But it is what it is, and I'm really glad to have given it one last shot. (y)
  2. However if it's smithing XP you're after you'll profit from iron knives or cannonballs, despite the superheat. I did that to 55 mage but realized it was a painful mix of clickyness [mining, superheat] and boredom [cannonballs], and a bit slow too... If you want mage xp but don't want to alch - then making tabs can be 'decent' profit and xp, providing you sell in bulk really cheap and dont waste hours trying to get top dollar on w1. Alternatively MTA is more 'fun' and maybe better profit? Need to time the time it takes per mage book and work out gp/hour I guess... Hell, just doing the ench room is fast xp and cheaper than alching. Clicky again though...
  3. Fair enough tbh, it's been a lot of fun already and i'm sure the summer will be fun too - But if it does drop off after the summer then i'd say thanks jagex for the chance to re-live my teens for a few months eh. I've no interest in EoC so when 07 dies that'l be bye bye RS once more... Thing is to enjoy it while you can and not get obsessed with the grinding and goals, then even if it dies off - your time investment was still worth it.
  4. Why? Is it a def pot + cb level threshold or something? Aside from the fact it saves you grinding 5m xp :P
  5. This is a ridiculously subjective question... Short answer: There is no 'most effective'. Depends where and how you enjoy pking... Question: If that's the best for an optimal edge 1v1 melee build [which is the sort of fights you've said you enjoy most] why isn't it the account you've personally built? Question2: Are you sure that build is more effective at pking than a 1 attack 60 str 40 range 1 pray combat 32 obby mauler within it's own level range? ;) On topic - Frog's build looks damn solid for edge 1v1s, but a maxed 1 def 60 attack pure [99rangemagestr] will be about 10 combats lower than the rune pure and still be 'effective' at edge, easts and portals... Not to mention 99 range rips through def, and barrage can provide more survivability than a set of rune if you use it right. Smite and overheads are pretty much a req for team pking 99 def range and mage can pk anywhere and do anything :3
  6. Multiple fire capes wouldnt make fight caves easier, that's a ridiculous idea. The impact would be on other activities, not fight caves. It would just be convenient for other stuff, like bossing or PKing. It doesn't impact the games difficulty in any way - Just lets you plan and use your time, without an inconvenient trip back to fight caves getting in the way of your evening of blitz maul rushing. Sure you'll still have to go back for another spare, and it'l still be as hard as it ever was. - but not right now when you had planned to do something else. Edit: Muggi beat me to it, lol.
  7. First to max won't have stuff to do IRL. That's kind of the point :P Feeding and washing! And the weekly trip to the job center ;)
  8. True, but only if you PK at edge... Zzz. Also, the higher level you pk at the less viable void becomes to PK with. I remember PKing with void on a maxed barrows 'pure' during PvP world era and even with an ags it really wasn't too OP - The amount you had to eat vs a player in torags with whip and dds/claws reminded me of the playstyle for a 1 def pure... a few unlucky 0's and you're seriously on the backfoot, because the enemy is hitting reliably on your low def. Void is REALLY for darkbow rushing and easymode bridding. Make untradables drop coins? Probably more likely to happen than making them tradable...
  9. This, search bank too and deposit all. Also - JAG.
  10. This is a thread about the first to get all 99s. A skilling thread. Of course you're going to have to assume the competitors don't play for the same reasons you do lol. Fair enough actually, I'm sorry I forgot what thread I was in. So does that mean your exasperation with training methods used by runescapers starts and ends with rank competitors - or does it extend to everyone, regardless of their rs goals?
  11. Nice 1 def cape, well done :) Good luck with rest of your goals - You going to alch mage or got other plans?
  12. I got the first piece using a low boat cc that won 99% of games Been using release void cc for med and winning 70%ish so still a lot of room for improvement Best way I found is to play with a handful of mates but in an existing cc... Just 4-5 people you know for sure are gonna kill spinners/lure brawlers/not loiter around protected portals etc makes a big difference...
  13. By doing it very slowly and for fun, otherwise it's just ridiculous... I've got two pieces so far, without grinding at all - Just joining a cc and playing a few games here and there then leaving as soon as the urge to strangle kittens rises up again...
  14. Thanks I didn't know you could do that :thumbup:
  15. Thanks, I googled straight after I made the post and found it. Duh :P http://forum.tip.it/topic/199687-runescape-formulas-revealed/ is interesting too.
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