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  1. What pures are most effective at pking and what would there stats be as well as combat level? If anyone could provide me with any info would be muchly appreciated.
  2. This would just end up in people trying to get comp capes farming kills rather then pvp..
  3. If i made a blog, would you allow me to use that list in it if i gave you credit beneath? :)
  4. So i plan on being a pure tha swtiches from range to gmaul to dds or to whatever i feel like aha. - current stats - 20 attack - 30 str - 31 range - 11 prayer - 1 magic I don't have any quests completed, umh like 200k bank aha? :3 any tips as to how to level faster, certain quests i should complete and their rewards, ways to make money for pk supplies, easy ways of getting pk supplies cheap to medium prices. cheers. :3
  5. Or you can go to a fc called 'home' where it has a bot within the friends chat which automatically pcs anything you want. For example - !pc (item you want) - !pc adamant platebody It'll reply like 2 - 3 seconds after with the price and the +/- of it, quite handy. although it takes about a 1 - 2 hours break every 12 hours so just be mindful of that if its not working.
  6. I had a old blog in blogscape thread for eoc trinitydunge gonig for 92 prayer but yeah my account went haywire on me.. :L
  7. Heeey everyone, i doubt half of you's remember me cause i was on here for a little bit then my account went under some major issues and i gave up! but now im back! been playing 07 scape, going to do some pking and start up a new blog where i'll have my kill count, kill drops, names of players killed and what was dropped, clue scroll drops and monster drops! and i'll have a monthly price check on my bank! so hopefully it should be great fun and attract some attention. :)
  8. Finally i'm back! except things are different this time! A NEW BLOG! for 07! Its going to have kill logs and pk logs! clue scroll log! Drop logs! Challenges set by myself or the community! Just a whole new style of blog coming soon! hope you guys enjoy it!
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