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  1. gonna be taking some time off from school this fall to work at a big tech company which should be cool
  2. update for you guys: im working at the big array telescope in Chile rn. It's pretty cool.
  3. have you seen the front page recently 11 Masterbuck1 5,381,251,139 12 M A R T 5,381,155,477 13 Carcass 5,376,013,129 14 5 200 000000 5,369,061,396 15 UNICEF 5,360,432,603 16 Makaveli 5,352,092,120 17 Zac 5,329,019,448 18 Shaun 5,321,289,084 19 Ahsigh 5,317,176,849 20 Lvls 5,309,579,935 21 Per 5,300,003,731 22 AlmostLost 5,292,503,405 23 Drumgun 5,289,530,251 24 Kirito 5,281,161,806 25 E v a 5,274,542,735 As of right now Rank 11-25 Very clsoe right now for Rank #11 with less than 100k Exp apart! I thought that Drumgun would have been 1st to get to 200M Exp but he didn't get on for a while. I also posted wondering how much they all spent/items used to get to 200M Exp so quickly?! I still haven't seen the Level 120 Emote. I think that the RuneMetrics will be nice to see all of the Data for Skills/Drops. I remember seeing somewhere that the first person to 120 had spent around 10 billion to get to that point. Scuzzy also subbed close to 80 alt accounts to get around GE trade limits. Who says you can't have an advantage with real life $$ when new skills are released. he could have used bonds
  4. sent off a job application for IVP today. Hopefully I can fix rs for you guys
  5. I have not. Is it ts right now? For anyone interested in my life I'm taking a heavy courseload this semester alongside research and applying for jobs. So not really any time to scape.
  6. convinced one of my friends to go to the arena. he tripled his bank and then dipped. no split for me :(
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