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  1. The last two lines of chat are mine. I got three whips this trip. One on kill 597, another on kill 660, and another on kill 674. My luck is insane... :P
  2. Finally!! :wub: Last week I unlocked red chins as a cash method...now I can do abyssal demons :D
  3. Grats Arty! :o Nearly got third age >_< (Noted super pots are the same rarity)
  4. The first 99 in my game time :wub: We got another friend and went to Warrior's Guild for my cape... :D Had a fun little time.
  5. No idea how to do NMZ. As evidenced from my Slayer level :P
  6. :D Very happy to get this level. I can boost to 86 and after a while, I'll get 85.
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