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  1. I was to Mine let's say Iron ore, all on my own and made either Iron Bars, or Steel using Superheat, How much money would I lose?
  2. Does ring of wealth help the chances of Thieving a clue scroll? and does it help what you get in the loot?
  3. I Need a small guide on how to start Herblore from level 10. I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. I would like to make money. Far as I know. Granite is power Mining. And at the moment all I have is a laptop with no mouse.
  5. I am in Love with Mining, and I just hit 60. I mined Iron till here, I was wondering if it is a good idea to mine Gold Ore now, or Coal? I would really Like advice. Appreciate it. Thank you.
  6. I just made a new account linked it to my facebook and I can login with my E-mail or Facebook. If I were to make my new account a member, Would I be able to play '07 Servers? Would I be able to use my new name? Or use my email?
  7. Happy birthday :D

  8. Farm-Negative Dung-Negative Frost-Maybe Any more?
  9. When i say im Poor, im referring to have 1.4 Mil
  10. I forgot to mention. I'm Level 86, I have Some Quest done. My Skill total is 1071, and my Slayer lvl is 28. Soo, yeah.
  11. Well, I am 96 Range, and 250k away from 97, i would just like to know, if there's any ways that are fast and you make some money at the same time, Ive been doing fire giants for a long time but they are just getting really boring. I'm not rich so i cant chin.
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