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  1. Just use Monkfish for now, bank all charms and get 68 summon asap. I have 70 defence and 75 slayer, most assignments even with pretty basic defence gear dont warrant the use of food with a bunyip.
  2. Heh, to think last time i spoke to you, you were thinking of quitting. Now you're nearly maxed :o Add me on Pi-e-t-y. Alots changed in 1/2 a year, most importantly my wifes pregnant so im gonna be a daddy :D I can't seem to find your name changed on my matey's list.
  3. Barrage rock lobs on defence mode? :blink:
  4. Cannon black demons or kill dust devils. Or if you want to [bleep] cash away you can cannon abberat spectres. They drop decent blue/crim/green. Alot of blue actually =P~
  5. Not as boring as travelling to the GE every time you need a teleport, spade, chisel, quest item, pvp item... The list goes on.
  6. Had no idea what it was so Item searched it on helpsite. Got it from a dust devil, i noticed it was on the item drop page. Peace x
  7. And the moral of the story is, skill dont kill. :thumbsup:
  8. I think the best tip/trick anyone can give in Runescape is stick to one account. I didn't learn this trick until quite recently. 6 years of scaping and about 11 accounts later, i think i've achieved one 99 ... But relating to actual game play, I find always having +100 of every tab in my bank a great help. Once one hits 100 ill go and buy another 100 and so forth. Nothing more annoying than being stuck on ancients and no way to teleport somewhere.
  9. Honestly, the first thing i EVER did was pickpocket a man in Lumb. I came out of tutorial island, (going back to like 2005), got annoyed i couldn't pickpocket a man, so got member about 5 minutes after logging in for the first time ever. Then the rest just went from there i guess. If i recall, i dont think i even left Lumby till about level 30. I thought RS was one city lol
  10. Looks like mine got deleted too... An 'honest discussion', okay... I've 'never cheated and/or scammed someone, or used a bot, or done anything but abide by the rules at all times... .... I've always never cheated on my wife'... Honesty is the best policy.
  11. Aw sweet, that'd be awesome, mate. Let me just buy Veracs and get an invent together :D My user name is Pi-e-t-y
  12. Damn, im pretty low melee. 83/92/70. I might have to take a friend to help me, more so he can bless my stone if i die :|
  13. Should have mentioned i've none of what you said in the first set up... Seems like my best option is to just Verac the entire fight with mage protect and just hope for the best?
  14. New question, thanks alot of previous responses.
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