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  1. Why did it take 2 minutes to clear the gd from 5:00 to 7:00 in the last video? Why did you safe the whole time? I'm pretty sure those worldbearers out-dpsed you...
  2. I'm very close to solving the last step of the puzzle, but, after following rs wikia's quest guide, I end up with something looking like this: How do I go about solving it from here? (Or shall I just reset and try anew? If so, what guide should I use to get me through this last bit? =s)
  3. Gnome course laps are like 40 seconds long; barb laps are 37 or 38, so pies will last you 1.5 laps assuming you don't screw up. I pied from 80-92 Agility and didn't find it hard.
  4. Fill out your log and, for the love of all things sane, stop taking randoms... I think your average has to be sub-27 to apply iirc. My current large (2% bonus!) record is 9:35, btw =p.
  5. Sorry, corrected an error in my previous post. What Matt posted was what I intended to say =p.
  6. Per Grimy, you should crush ALL ghosts of ALL levels (last time I heard.... ~two weeks ago) if you're meleeing them. I *think* (not Grimy's words) that you should mage anything over 136. EDIT: changed the current "crush" from the erroneous "mage," sorry
  7. I have been trying this, but I cannot figure out of I'm doing anything DGS has taught me right. What are your floors times like? You don't need observation, you need practice. Honestly, if you were in one of my floors, if I were observing you much, you'd be doing something very wrong. You should be clearing rooms, running paths, etc., not waiting around for someone to tell you your prayer-flashing is one tick off.
  8. Use RS Wikia for monster weaknesses (although some might be wrong, so take it with a grain of salt.) Pray on anything that you can afford to spend pray praying against. I've never really practiced the rehooding trick, so it's certainly not necessary for survival, but I'm sure it could save you from a lot of damage in some situations. Overall, though, you should be more concerned with getting the basics down than flashing your hood on and off.
  9. No, bind gorg 2h + ccs. Maul is horrible against zombies etc. Do you have a list of which enemies are weak to slash yet can't be maged effectively? Off the top of my head I can only think of Forgotten Rangers and Mages. That's not the point. Maul is a useless bind for 99% of people in DGS. What's so bad about using a gorg 2h? It IS the better option.
  10. At 94-95 Hunter, I was able to get 290k exp in an hour with a bear/robes/scentless potions (no Hunter ones, though) with almost no errors using the six-trap method. I'm curious to see what results you get tonight. I know Mach One was able to get over 305k exp in an hour at 98-99 Hunter, so I'm wondering what the max rate is. OP: Yeah, you can probably get 150k exp/hr, but I'd say 200k is a bit of stretch without a familiar. I'd definitely get the Larupia, seeing as a +5 Hunter boost is better than a +0 boost (albeit not as good as the Bear's +7).
  11. that's a very intriguing observation, perhaps it's a function of how many monsters you in particular killed. or maybe it's a function of the monsters you were around. we could have a leech follow the GD's and not kill anything and double check. then we could have a leech run to a far corner of the map far away from GD's and check again. I'd really like to know what comes of this test; level mod doesn't affect base experience, though, does it?
  12. Have you read the guidelines recently? If so, you'll know that taking banned members is severely, severely frowned upon in DGS teams. It's not that we're unwilling to help (we have a new application form that will enable us to help new recruits even more); it's that many of us are unable to help because you've gone and gotten yourself banned. There's nothing you can do to change that unless you get your ban removed, and nagging (sorry, but it comes across that way) is a poor way of getting on anyone with the power to remove your ban's good side.
  13. Slightly off topic, but can anyone confirm/disprove that the door that opens up to the boss room will ALWAYS be either a key door or a guardian door. (No skill doors, for example; not sure about door doors.) I realize this is a pretty random bit of information, but I'm curious =p.
  14. Timmy, take it up with admins if you have an issue. I keyed that floor, and it's my decision to cut the floor off early if I want to. A level 326 (maxed) Merc is not worth the last +1% bonus in my opinion. And, as for dying, it was only you who died five million times afaik. Please touch up on how to do all of the puzzle rooms before trying to dungeoneer with us again. If I tell you to do a enig hoard room, and you're the only 98 Summoner on the team, I expect it done. I don't expect you to go to the room, come out, go in again, come out again, tell me you don't know the answer to the puzzle, move the gt there, and then leave for me to do the puzzle while IT'S YOUR PATH. Both Rare and I told you the answer, and you still didn't do the room. That's a much bigger issue than my choosing not to do a Merc for +1% bonus.
  15. Tell me how to tell if my computer can handle it or not? =p
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