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  1. Why did it take 2 minutes to clear the gd from 5:00 to 7:00 in the last video? Why did you safe the whole time? I'm pretty sure those worldbearers out-dpsed you...
  2. I'm very close to solving the last step of the puzzle, but, after following rs wikia's quest guide, I end up with something looking like this: How do I go about solving it from here? (Or shall I just reset and try anew? If so, what guide should I use to get me through this last bit? =s)
  3. Gnome course laps are like 40 seconds long; barb laps are 37 or 38, so pies will last you 1.5 laps assuming you don't screw up. I pied from 80-92 Agility and didn't find it hard.
  4. Fill out your log and, for the love of all things sane, stop taking randoms... I think your average has to be sub-27 to apply iirc. My current large (2% bonus!) record is 9:35, btw =p.
  5. Sorry, corrected an error in my previous post. What Matt posted was what I intended to say =p.
  6. Per Grimy, you should crush ALL ghosts of ALL levels (last time I heard.... ~two weeks ago) if you're meleeing them. I *think* (not Grimy's words) that you should mage anything over 136. EDIT: changed the current "crush" from the erroneous "mage," sorry
  7. I have been trying this, but I cannot figure out of I'm doing anything DGS has taught me right. What are your floors times like? You don't need observation, you need practice. Honestly, if you were in one of my floors, if I were observing you much, you'd be doing something very wrong. You should be clearing rooms, running paths, etc., not waiting around for someone to tell you your prayer-flashing is one tick off.
  8. Use RS Wikia for monster weaknesses (although some might be wrong, so take it with a grain of salt.) Pray on anything that you can afford to spend pray praying against. I've never really practiced the rehooding trick, so it's certainly not necessary for survival, but I'm sure it could save you from a lot of damage in some situations. Overall, though, you should be more concerned with getting the basics down than flashing your hood on and off.
  9. No, bind gorg 2h + ccs. Maul is horrible against zombies etc. Do you have a list of which enemies are weak to slash yet can't be maged effectively? Off the top of my head I can only think of Forgotten Rangers and Mages. That's not the point. Maul is a useless bind for 99% of people in DGS. What's so bad about using a gorg 2h? It IS the better option.
  10. At 94-95 Hunter, I was able to get 290k exp in an hour with a bear/robes/scentless potions (no Hunter ones, though) with almost no errors using the six-trap method. I'm curious to see what results you get tonight. I know Mach One was able to get over 305k exp in an hour at 98-99 Hunter, so I'm wondering what the max rate is. OP: Yeah, you can probably get 150k exp/hr, but I'd say 200k is a bit of stretch without a familiar. I'd definitely get the Larupia, seeing as a +5 Hunter boost is better than a +0 boost (albeit not as good as the Bear's +7).
  11. that's a very intriguing observation, perhaps it's a function of how many monsters you in particular killed. or maybe it's a function of the monsters you were around. we could have a leech follow the GD's and not kill anything and double check. then we could have a leech run to a far corner of the map far away from GD's and check again. I'd really like to know what comes of this test; level mod doesn't affect base experience, though, does it?
  12. Have you read the guidelines recently? If so, you'll know that taking banned members is severely, severely frowned upon in DGS teams. It's not that we're unwilling to help (we have a new application form that will enable us to help new recruits even more); it's that many of us are unable to help because you've gone and gotten yourself banned. There's nothing you can do to change that unless you get your ban removed, and nagging (sorry, but it comes across that way) is a poor way of getting on anyone with the power to remove your ban's good side.
  13. Slightly off topic, but can anyone confirm/disprove that the door that opens up to the boss room will ALWAYS be either a key door or a guardian door. (No skill doors, for example; not sure about door doors.) I realize this is a pretty random bit of information, but I'm curious =p.
  14. Timmy, take it up with admins if you have an issue. I keyed that floor, and it's my decision to cut the floor off early if I want to. A level 326 (maxed) Merc is not worth the last +1% bonus in my opinion. And, as for dying, it was only you who died five million times afaik. Please touch up on how to do all of the puzzle rooms before trying to dungeoneer with us again. If I tell you to do a enig hoard room, and you're the only 98 Summoner on the team, I expect it done. I don't expect you to go to the room, come out, go in again, come out again, tell me you don't know the answer to the puzzle, move the gt there, and then leave for me to do the puzzle while IT'S YOUR PATH. Both Rare and I told you the answer, and you still didn't do the room. That's a much bigger issue than my choosing not to do a Merc for +1% bonus.
  15. Tell me how to tell if my computer can handle it or not? =p
  16. I seem to be following up your posts a lot today, lol. Don't make slingers solely for the purpose of doing Thundy. He's a fast boss as it is, and I'm fairly sure your time is better spent attacking him for 20 attack turns than making a slinger. (I don't have math to prove this, but from personal experience, this is my observation.)
  17. Lots of extra, irrelevant information, here... I would bring 3 Antifires (Supers are best) and 15ish Prayers. Use turmoil and ovls to speed up tasks (as always). Cannoning them at Ghorrock is the fastest method; to get there fastest (and safest,) use an Arctic Bear's teleport and run west to the canoe that takes you directly to the western Fortress wall. Slip past the big rock to enter, and go to the northwestern spawns. With proper luring, a cannon, and a rapier, you can get 130 kills per hour, here.
  18. More resources = More exp? Unless the extra resource you would've gotten gives 0 exp. But that makes no sense (not saying Jagex doesn't do things that make no sense butttttttttttt......) No, you're wrong. The gatherer ring just fills your inventory up faster; you get no additional experience for fish gained from using it. Use berserker to helps you clear floors faster.
  19. I think it was debunked, but when it comes to this thread, you can't say anything in certainty without plenty of people flaming you. C6 smalls are faster than C6 larges (hopefully!!) Thus, even though they may bring you faster experience, you have to do your C1/2s much more frequently. I don't have conclusive data to back this up, but I do know that C1s are the bane of Dungeoneering for me; I'd much rather be slightly inefficient and drastically more sane.
  20. -You should be aiming for 10-13 minutes, but really, you should be aiming towards large floors. DGS doesn't do anything but c1 smalls and F30-60 larges, so practicing on meds can only help you so much. As for cutting time, you should memorize all of the puzzle rooms and how to do them. There's a list of these rooms in Tip.It's Dungeoneering Guide (under "Puzzles") that will be of much use to you. Also, are you using gatestones, appropriate combat styles (e.g., maging warriors, crushing skeletons, etc.)? -No, this is wrong. Potion doors not only affect the bonus room percentage but also the base floor experience. (If you want to know by how much, I can post you the list, but, in short, do as many skill doors as you reasonably can.) -70 Runecrafting is very, very important, especially if you're doing solo floors where the ability to use magic attacks can speed up floor times dramatically. -Yes, you should get 70 rc and bind a csb over your current ammo bind. I'm not going to list every single weakness - as there are many, many of them - but they can all be found on RS Wikia if you search the monsters' names. -You would get 35,394 experience for F30 with 30 prestige and no deaths assuming a +135% multiplier. Your teammates will get the same amount of base experience as you, but their prestige will dramatically alter how much experience they get from a given floor. I know that I get somewhere around 85k experience for F30 (at 55 prestige). -DO NOT DO LEECH FLOORS. You're only hurting yourself by doing so not to mention that you'll never do a floor in DGS with that mindset. If you want more experience, learn to key floors for yourself, and host them. Open your resource dungeons (this helps drastically at lower levels). -Stomp is annoying. Pray range, and melee him until he throws things at you. Pick up two crystals, and stick them on the colorful blocks once Stomp is invisible. If he blocks off access to one of the colorful blocks, don't stick a crystal on the other; just wait until the blocking rocks clear. Repeat 3x if it's a large floor.
  21. This is already the wrong attitude. Go to w148, w28, some other Dungeoneering clan, etc. if you're just trying to get away from w117. Simply put: Unnecessary arrogance and stubbornness will guarantee that you never do a floor with a ranked keyer in DGS. Once you prove that you're a capable dungeoneer, yeah, you can be a little bit arrogant. However, to come into a clan chat requesting floors (precisely as the guidelines discourage) from w117 is another story. We do provide the services of teaching other, newer dungeoneers; if you want to learn, you will need to listento ranked keyers, and you won't get that opportunity without showing some respect. I look forward to (preemptively) meeting you, too.
  22. Our of curiosity, has anyone come across a translation of the fleeting Latin in the background? If someone can copy the text, I'd translate, but I can't be asked to stop the video at every other frame to do so =p.
  23. When you're not dging with experienced dgers, then you have to tell them. Most new dgers have no idea how to read a map, even if there is one active path and one other door left in the dungeon... Adding "hgtb" also validates my asking everyone what it means as a measure of whether they have read/skimmed/ctrl+f'ed the guidelines. You can't expect people to be able to memorize every obscure acronym from reading the guidelines. How hard is it to say hold gt for boss? Not only new players use the guidelines. It IS a common enough abbreviation that it should have a place on the list. I don't see what's hard about memorizing it... If you know "mgtb" and "hgt," it should be easy enough to pick up. Personally, I wish the guidelines were less "know this, know that," but they have to be that way, to some extent, to convey the information we want players to learn.
  24. When you're not dging with experienced dgers, then you have to tell them. Most new dgers have no idea how to read a map, even if there is one active path and one other door left in the dungeon... Adding "hgtb" also validates my asking everyone what it means as a measure of whether they have read/skimmed/ctrl+f'ed the guidelines.
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