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  1. That makes 16,5 hours a day on average. Are you sure about this..?
  2. Also thieving, may or may not be the same speed but it is a very fast skill Isn't it like 400K/hour? 300k, maybe 310k if you duo? I'm sure Gemeos will post the exact rates soon enough, but it's not much different from hunter which is just under 300k. I'm also not sure how much xp Suomi will have to do without sceptre of the gods. He said earlier on in this thread that he was planning to do Monkey Knife Fighters I think... Draconic Jadinkos is 275k/h, according to Gemeos duo PP is 315k/h, and if I recall correctly the absolute max at Monkey Knifes is 320k/h.
  3. Why is he even mentioned in this thread lmfao. People were talking about him a couple of weeks ago, wether he could get all his skills to 200m or if it is his goal. Now he pretty much confirmed that he is going to get 200m in all skills. No. Saying that you will get 200m all and actually get it it's a completely different situation. Besides that, how can even anyone think that Blocks is able to get it if he didn't do anything else beside training fast skills? That's ridicolous. Blocks knows himself better than you do. What makes you think he can't do it? He has a good reason as for his buyables (front page). He seems like a reasonable guy who knows what his limits are, and if he thinks he can pull it off, who are we to disagree? He did spend months at skeletons and eventhough it's fast xp he still grinded ~80h a week. I don't see how he can't pull 80h's Agility or whatever. Obviously he does love fast xp, but who doesn't? That doesn't mean that he can't stand slow xp though.
  4. "Bonfires (Free and Members' Update) Invite other players to add logs to your fire and everyone contributing will gain bonuses to their Firemaking XP gain, and hopefully make a few new friends in the process; the entire activity is far less click-heavy than old-school Firemaking, leaving you plenty of time to chat." Make-X Firemaking finally comes true?
  5. Yeah it was indeed a late April Fools joke, very bad one I admit lol. Of course people will be now saying I am just changed my mind because of so much hate but people will be hating no matter what I do so that isn't true. I will make a video about it later. Didn't get any IRL donations except some 0,01 dollar donations and 5 dollars from Stokenut haha, that really made my day. I even offered to pay it back to him. I won't be ever buying any SoF spins, of course I can't prove that but will be easy to see from xp gains. I just wanted people to realise how shitty this update really is. Obviously I would be doing spins already if was really going to do it. I find it funny how people write so offensive comments on yt, even way before this video. I hope that kind of people just unsubscribe to be honest. :/ And they shouldn't blame me, they should blame Jagex. But thanks everyone for the nice comments. :) Good thing you changed your mind :). Not sure if you know about this but 'they' might've found out your FB-acc. They linked to someone with the same first name, concerning stuff.
  6. What would you use Magic on? Only thing I can think of are Glacors (Fire Surge, debatable if worse than SoA). From person experience (About 200 SoA and 300 surge kills), surge is a LOT better, kills are much smoother, you can ss flick more easily, surge box gives a good damage boost, as well as surge being about 1k chaper a cast ( about 1.4k if you account for SoA's attack speed?) As for the removal of blood runes, there are hundreds or even thousands of people casting barrage spells at one time, so it's blood AND death runes being removed! As I said, it's debatable ;). Overall SoA is faster (fact) and you don't have to switch for minions. It's obviously more expensive so it's really up to you if you care about profit or charms/effigies. I personally killed 10k with Surge but would've done SoA if it wasn't for the money. But yeah, I suppose it's a good thing if bloods would cheapen for the PvM'ers amongst us.
  7. What would you use Magic on? Only thing I can think of are Glacors (Fire Surge, debatable if worse than SoA).
  8. ZMI is 65k/h, so 2769 hours and 830m. That makes 3.4m/h, which is still not possible at TDs or Glacors. However charms and the few effigies (well few, quite a lot in 2769 hours :P) totally make it up. You must either have a year worth of homework at 10 hours a day or go crazy at ZMI for GOP to be worth it. Also a good amount of combat Xp if you chose ZMI + PvM. Plus it's more enjoyable. But that's my opinion.
  9. It won't change much as far as I can see. Only a fraction of all RS players could 'play' effigyscape due to their stats and/or wealth. Now with the loyalty thing every noob can get as much points as the top players, but that's the only similarity I can think of. I don't think a lot of players would determine their play style by the aura's they chose to buy, let alone it takes months just to buy a single t4. Maybe in a year (or two) the top 15 could be highly influenced by aura's yes, but to call RS 'aurascape' is too much. I'm sure rocktail's gonna be the big thing for the average player though.
  10. Stick to Xp and Time, the only measurable values. We all agree that we cannot measure fun, nor can we measure effort: APM doesn't work (your alching example), nor does Xp/A. I quote you: "Xp/A shows how much you receive divided by the amount of effort put it." So you're trying to measure effort by a formula with the 'A' as effort. Good luck solving that ;). I don't think effort should be described in 'actions', but more in 'level of focus' or 'complication'. Effort means using your brain, not necessarily clicking a lot. As RS is a grind, focus/complication/'using your brain' should be seen as timing ticks (Arctic Pines splitting) or thinking out the best scenario (Dungeoneering, Flash Powder). But even if we would define 'effort' as 'complication', it's (close to) impossible to measure. So I figure it would be best to define effort simply as input/effort as in time/xp. Cutting Ivys I would say is indeed practibility, not so much efficiency. Yes it is efficiency in Dragoneance's life, but not in his RS career. We should stick to the RS career, not because I don't care about Dragonseance's life, but because 'efficiency', as complicated as it is, should be generalized. You're contradicting yourself. For some people RS is a real life-thing; voluntarily.
  11. Time saved training Summ this way doesn't weigh up to missing out on 1.1x bonus. So unless it's not getting patched it wouldn't be an option. I actually doubt it'll be patched though. Good find :).
  12. RS 'broke' because of effigies, lol. I'm glad they nerfed them to be honest, eventhough it's a little late. Wonder what the new droprate will be, maybe Suomi can give some data in the coming days/weeks? What must the droprate be reduced to to make it not worth doing Crawlers for instance? Also, welcome back Zarfot ;).
  13. Here we go. [qfc]15-16-294-63568795[/qfc] I wonder if the mods themselves actually know whether the effigy droprate has been altered after all. Anyway, back to Gano's, Crawlers and Glacors :).
  14. Of course you would get more total xp per hour if you combine it all together. That doesn't mean it's more efficient. If you decide to fletch for a minute, then mine two minutes, you sure will get more overall xp per hour than just mining the full hour. However, if you would've fletched while Livid Farm for example, you wouldn't be getting that much overall xp per hour training mining but overall it's more efficient. If you think it's a fun way to train, go ahead, nobody's stopping you. I'm just saying that it's not efficient at all.
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