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  1. I decided to return the game after a long hiatus. Logging in i found my password didnt work and my emails weren't recognized. Somebody hijacked my account and changed the email address. Whoever did it was smart enough to delete the change password and change email notifications that get sent to my email. As far as i can tell the account was stolen from me around Christmas last year. This is a pure guess based on when i stopped getting emails from Jagex about promotions. What i'm worried about there little forum thread i got directed to says "Please be aware that we can only investigate intrusions which happened within the last 30 days." I have a boat load of information on my account. I know old passwords, my service providers, i have emails of order receipts for memebership dating back to 2008, i can probably get bank statements of the older ones. I have a boat load of screenshots, including a screenshot of 1 of the 2 blackmarks i ever recieved. Has anybody here had this experience? How likely am i to get my account back? I'm really rather worried, i don't care about my items, i just want the account i put so much effort into back.
  2. If they do a Beta i would think it will be good to do it as a relatively small number of people. Like 1k to 4k players. Enough for a world or two. It should be a closed Beta that you get invited to. As for people making profit in anticipation of an event. Make the Beta close to when whatever will come out. (Do the Beta testing on Sat or Sun if its going to be released on monday). Plus make the fact that this knowledge is to be confidential and abusing it will lead to removal from the beta, bans of main accounts, etc. Jagex can monitor player transactions. If a player even used a 2nd account or friends to make profit that way it wouldn't be very hard to figure it out. I think a small, closed Beta would do wonders for the game.
  3. That's the point, though. Not everyone can drop $2,000 and about a week (Guesstimate) for something like this, and it's most likely even more expensive for someone in, say, Australia (where Tim is from, if I'm not wrong). I guess i didnt mention in my post i am on your side. I defenitely can't afford to drop that kind of money. My income is not disposable, i'm paying the majority of the bills for my mom. I'm living check to check.
  4. You could fly economy you know Just used expedia. A round trip flight plus 3 nights of hotel time is $1200. That does not include food, a passport if you dont have one ($200), plus transportation costs when you are there. Thats $1600 easily. Include the price of the runefest tickets plus the halloween after party is another $240. So $1840 I would have to save 6 complete paychecks to pay that. And i have a one of the better jobs for someone my age around here. EDIT: The flight cost was calculated from the midwest united states to London.
  5. I don't get it... me neither, the audio's kinda shitty, so i'm just doing my best here. In most games if you can sneak up on your opponet and get a stealth attack on them you will either kill them outright or do a large amount of damange with a single blow (higher than even a crit). well yeah, but i dont get what was being said about combining skills Combining them in as in they compliment each other. When both reach a certain level you unlock something. So when you have lvl70 attack and lvl80 agility you unlock the ability to do stealth blows. Basically one skill is used in combination with another skill to do something.
  6. I don't get it... me neither, the audio's kinda shitty, so i'm just doing my best here. In most games if you can sneak up on your opponet and get a stealth attack on them you will either kill them outright or do a large amount of damange with a single blow (higher than even a crit).
  7. I think some wires are getting crossed here. From what i see people are agreeing on two things: 1. We would not mind an alternative grind thats more interactive (such as the smithing update). 2. We do not want to eliminate the grind. We still want it to take hours and hours to reach desirable levels (aka we dont want it to be WoW where you can reach max level in a few weeks).
  8. It's definitely a different thing to put something like a casino into a multiplayer (of varying ages) game like RS, but I think it might not be that bad of an idea. It would make an excellent money sink and they could keep the potential payouts small to prevent too much excess gp being pumped back into the economy. Perhaps they could make it like a solo mini-game; they could give out tokens instead of gp, and players could have the choice of trading in tokens for cash or prizes (think Skeeball but with better rewards). But then you're stuck with another minigame that has lower potential payouts for those actually interested, and it would become underutilized. The money sink idea only works well if everyone participates too. I can't see how a gambling house would actually benefit RS or help curb/legitimize the emergent gameplay that's already going on. Then again, I've made it clear that I can't really see a point in legitimizing the gambling aspect of emergent gameplay. 1. It would force the emergent gamblers to offer a better house edge than what Jagex implements. If Jagex implemented a house edge of 5%, it really would just eradicate the player-hosts. A money sink doesn't require all players participate. I think some sort of gambling would be a fun idea. Jagex could even add limits to how much you could lose per day. It would be best if these were dynamic, say based on the cash in your bank and inventory at the time of your first wager for that day. Make it something like 10%, meaning that players could never lose more then 10% of their bank in 1 day. I really think it's a pretty good idea. Many of us enjoy gambling. I sometimes will play around on pogo or some other site that allows some form of gambling. The problem, however, is that there is nothing to do with the currency on these sites. In runescape, there would be a purpose to winning. Like I said, I also think it would be cool if they offered staking in other type of minigames, such as what is found in the games room. (similiar to conquest) You have got it. Jagex should do this. 1. Make casino rooms in houses (make it easier to play with your buddies) and add casino games to burthrope. 2.You can only bet so much per day (or even per week). Based on quest points and/or skill levels would make it not RWT abusable and prevent addictive gambling. 3.All cash lost to the house is removed from game. All casino games favor the house, so every game would be a money sink (especially games like roulette). And if they add games where there is a pot like texas hold 'um the house takes a cut. Like 10% or so. So money is always sunk. I would love to see games like this in runescape. It would not only add fun to the game it would add something to counter inflation. EDIT: While posting this on the RSOF i had another idea. Add a "safe" version of each game where you bet with points or tokens that are a contsant and you dont keep. For example every player gets 200 tokens when they start playing Texas Hold Um and at the end when everybody is out of tokens all you get is the right to call yourself a winner. Or they could impliment it so you can win some small prize or something like that by being able to collect the tokens. Nothing worth being an addict for, but to add some fun to it.
  9. I went through the gates at taverly. I logged out right in front of them so i could after i bought membership. Then i went and fletched my first arrows.
  10. We choose it before the graphic update. :P It was bad a. Not it is meh. I ran a poll for color and style and that was the overall consensus. Damn that was a long time ago... (before I was staff!) Would it be kinda cool to re run the poll and choose a new teamcape? :blink: I would say we should keep it just for history's sake. New Tip.iters can look back at old things like MSS4 and relate because we are still wearing the same thing as badge of honor. Edit: I went and bought 10 team-39 capes. Now gonna wear them with pride in place of my obby cape.
  11. when you use/store a fairy ring location - it gets automatically stored. i feel it's faster since it can move more then one circle at a time when you can only do one i keep around ~100 of each teleport tablet in my bank if I ever need to do something. You never know exactly which book you'll be on or why you might switch so I found this super handy. I dont like using the auto stored locations just because i have them all and if i have to find someplace i havent been in a while it takes forever because i dont know how they listed it. For example the fairy ring just above the entrance to Keldagrim i have listed in my notes as "Keldagrim-DKS" but when looking for it in the list its "Kandarin:Snowy Hunter Area". It is a lot faster for me to use my short name system that i am familair with than to look for the proper names that sometimes confuse.
  12. The majority of us here have been here for years. Some for almost a decade. We have all picked up those little tips and tricks that make life just a little bit easier in Runescape. Some of my personal favorites are always keeping a rune warhammer in the bank for that one clue, keeping fairy ring locations in blocked players/notes (way faster than the little pop up guide they give you), and keeping around a 100 of the most common quest items (planks, rope, chisels, knives, pickaxes, etc) in the bank. What are some you have picked up along the way?
  13. I dont get on as near as often as i used to. I see HYTs once in a while. IT probably helps i always play world 99. It really is mind blowing seeing all the familiar people in this thread though.
  14. General Stores, the way they used to be. I actually had quit runescape for the longest time (not really quit, had no time to play) until recently and when i passed by a general store and stopped in and opened it up to see what was there forgetting what they did to them. I loved going through them and finding a little treasure for the day at a not so bad price. That and the old trade hubs like Seer's bank, i pass by there and its empty and hollow when it used to be so full of life.
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