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  1. It was an alright event. I enjoyed the reference to it and also heard of the house party event as well, which were pretty good touches to add to it. However, since I work during the day, I didn't really get to see the whole event unfold; I just arrived in Falador where everybody was fighting each other. That was the major bummer, but I still appreciate the gesture of it all. Made me laugh when I walked into Falador and got the message to bank my items, even though I was on World 2. As for those who argue that it glorifies a rule breaker and celebrates cheating: no, not really. It's more about a bit of fun than rulebreaking, and it was done in a controlled (enough) environment. To be fair, the whole "Bank your items" statement is memetic at this point, and newer players have only really heard of Durial321 through whispers and rumors. Besides, it demonstrates that Jagex has the capability of turning a city into a PvP zone for future events, which seems valuable. It'd be tough for Jagex to move forward as a company if they couldn't acknowledge some of their biggest moments in history - good or bad - in whichever form they felt appropriate.
  2. I suppose I'm nonplussed about this. That is, I'm not entirely convinced that this is something that people immediately need to get up in arms in. Maybe if this sort of thing were done five or six years ago, back when Jagex really was looking tall and proud, then perhaps this would sound some alarm bells. This would align with the near timeline that SoF was introduced into the game and the sudden rush of microtransactions that the game has become flushed with. But primarily, I'm not entirely sure what could come of it. It could be a wonderful and merciful thing in that Jagex can finally have a successful game that isn't RuneScape. Studios that are relatively one-dimensional don't survive all that long, and for Jagex to have done so for so long is nothing short of impressive. Every other platform they've attempted has crumbled in spectacular fashion, and if a new owner can get the game studio to that next step, then that'd be amazing. It could be a terrible and devastating thing that sends the game into active disrepair. I would say something along the lines of, "introduces X bad thing", but c'mon, we've already got microtransactions, higher fees for Membership, active playership is already at an all-time low, there are multiple versions of the game active...What else is there to take besides maintenance? But we've got to identify that a company being bought out is how the industry works, and has been how the industry has worked for a very, very long time. It could be good, or it could be bad, but the one thing that I believe to be certain is, it's too early to react to anything being thrown around outside of concrete details. ...This means that the MassivelyOp article is horribly skewed. It hasn't been sold off yet, but they're in early talks.
  3. How did this differ from the original premise of the Wilderness? How did this differ from the first few weeks of players using the Abyss to craft nature runes? How does this differ from the standing recommendation that Lava Strykewyrms be placed on one's ignored task list? There is always some prick out there willing to mess with you just for their sick, twisted satisfaction. Even if you're minding your own business. At least with DarkScape, you're going into it eyes open, and you realize that it's a threat. The difference here is that you can at least do something about it; fight back. Yes, this means that the road to maxing out all skills in DarkScape is going to be long, hard and arduous, if nothing else, but for the sake of some jerk wanting to slow you down. But, at least you know about it. And, by the time you elect to go for 200M in all skills, one would hope that you would have enough equipment to fend off a pesky one-itemer or two. You're absolutely right. This sort of serial escalation wouldn't be very fun, but the only way to solve it is with more serial escalation, or with self defense. A single player probably can't take on three or four trying to strongarm them out of an area, but if only one guy were there? Why not stand your ground?
  4. Actually, I'd imagine that anyone admitting to any sort of power levelling has just put a giant target on their backs... Can confirm this is true. When I told someone I was racing to be the first 99 in the same skill as he, I got camped for hooouuurs. That is just sad :| Though now I kind of understand why jagex didn't put up highscores... What's sad about it? You don't get players sitting on their laurels anymore, thinking that a 99 is just a matter of time. This adds some more excitement and a bit more danger to skilling, so I'm all on board with it. If Jagex did add high scores it'd cause more problems than anything else. Hopefully this keeps 200M in all skills very difficult to attain for a very, very long time.
  5. Actually, I'd imagine that anyone admitting to any sort of power levelling has just put a giant target on their backs...
  6. You can play in browser using this link: http://world202.runescape.com/ World 200 worked out for me in-browser. Thanks for that! I was worried there. Well, I shouldn't have to. It's still Java in a browser, and Firefox still supports it on Linux. Why should I use an unofficial method if a more official method exists?
  7. From what I recall, Chrome removed NPAPI support (which removed the Java plugin), and Firefox hasn't done so yet. I'm still able to play through Firefox, but if that's not supported...that's not a good thing. There's some bitter irony to that. I used to maintain that Linux help thread (in general), and I intentionally never wanted to make a client since, at the time, there were still a lot of players and there was still a lot of concern around third party clients and their use. The convention has been, of late, to recommend the use of the clients, which is something I'm opposed to. If that's the only option, though...I guess I ain't playing DarkScape. :(
  8. So, I had intended to give this a try this Thursday, since I have some down time before heading out to Boston, but I've discovered that you absolutely require the RS client to play it. I don't see a way around this. This wouldn't be that big of a deal, and considering I've been on Linux full-time for the last eight years, I'm accustomed to not getting much of anything for games. But...I've at least been capable of playing RuneScape in that period of time. Wonder what changed.
  9. Dammit. The one thing that I never much cared for suddenly looks very interesting to me. It may be worth giving this a try. On paper, I feel like this was the motivation that PvP worlds were going for. Probably the best thing to do here was to give it a clean slate and force everyone to start fresh.
  10. That's a legitimate concern, but I presume that the use case here is that an account would already have an authenticator code on their account so that they don't have to encounter this scenario. I mean, the means to secure one's account are there and aren't too hard to implement; why take your chances with it?
  11. Maybe he'll give us spawns every 13 hours for a month? This why you write unit tests to catch this "else" condition so that situations like this don't suddenly manifest themselves in production. (Not to say that tests or devs are infallible, but still...) Frequent spawning may make getting this title slightly more reasonable.
  12. Even without getting into other games, isn't $10/month the cost of a Netflix subscription? Sounds about right. I don't have Netflix myself, but I do have Crunchyroll (about the same amount), Amazon Prime and Play Music. Not to mention, there's tens of thousands of hours of free entertainment on YouTube. There's also a lower barrier of entry to my platform; I can enjoy content from those providers on Linux without any hassle; Java's web plugin is so maligned that the entire NPAPI backend is to be ripped out of Chrome, and Linux got hit first. Only way I could play the game was through a stupid workaround...which still weirds me out. Not to go too much further, but I can enjoy all of the above on my mobile devices. I'm too terrified to melt my laptop while playing 'Scape (and I nearly have before), so I'd only ever play it on my tower. Limited device options don't make for an appealing case to pay up that much when there is just so much out there that my $10 could go towards.
  13. What during that three years has come out to supplant the target audience of an MMO like 'Scape? A lot, actually. To boot, it's on devices that are far more convenient to play games - namely, mobile phones, tablets, and all manner of Nintendo handheld. Raising prices is fine, but raising value should come along with that. Much respect to Jagex for keeping the game somewhat entertaining, but the value grab isn't like it was when they first decided to raise the membership price.
  14. I wonder why some people still think that a price increase like this is meant to entice new players... Interesting choice, though. I'm really grateful that I got my closure with the Elf City, but even with my current job, $10/mo for what I play now is too rich for my blood.
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