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  1. Well, thanks guys for the info. I launched it up and played around with it for a bit and honestly, I hate it. I liked that runescape was different from other games in that it didnt have moves or hotkeys or combos and stuff. Now that jagex just completely scrapped everything I knew about the combat system, I dont want to have to re-learn everything and get the perfect combos for pvp/pvm. Also, its kind of disappointing how 1 for 1 for 1 the combat triangle is now, yeah it sucked that melee dominated everything else basically but it was fun to hybrid and be unexpected. Now its just a bit dull. I might try 07 if I can sell out my EOC bank and buy a pin somewhere with the gp. It was fun when I played. :) EDIT: Just gave away all my f2p bank to some randoms on hyt chat. only 12m worth lol
  2. what the heck. yeah just logged in I guess lots of stuff changed
  3. Under "P2P?", wolf whistle is listed as "No" Im pretty sure this is wrong unless it is some wierd RS glitch.
  4. I have been poking around runescape lately after noticing people trading "RS07 Gold" or "RS EOC gold" for tf2 items (I have been in the trading scene of Team Fortress 2) I stopped playing rs abruptly over a year ago because of how complicated it had gotten. It wasnt fun anymore, you had to do 30-60 min. of farm runs/mtk/stuff before ever actually playing, and then after that you had to do hours of quests/tasks to access the best tele/gear/ecto/pineapple runs. It was just getting really boring really fast. Well recently I see rs EOC and rs07 and I naturally am curious what is going on. From what I gather without actually launching rs again is that EOC is a rework of the combat system that makes RS more like modern mmorpgs with hotkeys and moves instead of the old back and forth fighting. This doesnt really appeal to me actaully. What is more interesting is rs07, which appears to be runescape from 2007 which is actually more interesting. What I want to know from experienced players who have played since 06,07,08 is: Should I come back and take a look at things? Is EOC really just like any other mmorpg now? Is rs07 have a good player base? Is it p2p only or can f2p play '07? Is eoc and 07 linked in anyway? (Sorry if these are dumb questions, I just really dont want to actually launch RS yet) Another question I want to ask is has there been any update to help the transition from P2P > F2P. When I quit, I was in the middle of a P2P quest and have my inventory full of members stuff, so if I start up eoc as a f2p will all that stuff ahve to be dropped or will it be in the bank and I can just work with a full bank.
  5. I know its unofficially forbidden to use a wiki link here but here goes any way http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Summoning_pouches The values in parentheses is the GE price and the value at the end is the shard swap value
  6. That is a very good idea Here are some more ive come up with. Fill your invo and a BOB with cheese wheels and cut them (cooking xp) Fill a gem bag with saphires/emeralds, cut them, and then alch/drop the results (Expensive crafting xp) OR cut diamonds/rubys and make bolt tips Team up with someone to Get cbt xp on there familiars (both come with an invo of pouches and just kill each others follower)
  7. For summoning you could do fruit bats and make a little $$
  8. Settle down folks. You would be MUCH better off cutting teaks (or vines if you want something to AFK) and burning some other log separately like maples/yews. Both yews and euc are horribly slow xp
  9. Use addy arrows at moss giants on crandor (if you have done part of D'slayer) or edgeville hills, then ice giants and/or karma volcano lessers. Spending an hour getting the money needed for addys is not that hard as long as you pick up the big piles.
  10. That rhq thing is utter crap it hasnt been updated in over a year. Just buy the stuff yourself? Or is it too expensive. Otherwise just wait until you come across someone with it and willing to help.
  11. You might as well use adamant arrows since they are not that expensive. Just make sure to pick up the big piles
  12. Like others have said, The grind of rs is what makes it RS and not like any other mmo on the market. I hope that they keep it the way it is and not mess it up too much.
  13. I predict that there will be a drop in the chinese unemployment rate in the near future Lol!!!!! I've got to try that. (for those who dont understand he is dressed in bot items dragon med/granite plate and whip at green drags) ^Troll or ex-botter?
  14. I will quit rs if they mess with the current system. Please no more gamebreaking bonus xp (like from effigys), AND PLEASE no buying xp/gp with money.
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