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  1. Wow, Its been awhile since I've been on here :) I am currently playing Runescape again and making a 40 def Turmoil pker (85% completed :) ). If anyone wants to talk, add me ingame "iturmoill"
  2. I have 87 Fishing on my pure and it would not let me make a lvl 4 or lvl 5 harpoon....any ideas?
  3. If you broke that up and actually made sentences out of it, it would actually make sense. But anyways, Thanks for the advice Mr. Obvious. Next time I need something that is common knowledge, I'll be sure to ask you lol. With a kid already? Goodluck on that, that is a lot of work.
  4. kk thanks... thats what i was thinking. Its funny how the older, more mature people are 100% more helpful than all the lil kids on here :thumbsup:
  5. well i get about 2 mil a day... money really isn't a problem, just wondering if its possible to save some off this sword :P
  6. good one kid, u fail like Your eagles :lol:
  7. Do you think one will sell for min? Just got 63mil on pure and trying to get one :)
  8. I tried a few days back, they said they cannot tell that information lol... Im sure I'm over 50,000 hours... :?
  9. Well i went 40-76 fishing in 4 days only on lobsters.... Made me roughly 4.5 mil. Just a thought.
  10. They deserve nothing. Stop being cheap. /thread
  11. And with time to show... Do they ever keep it like that or do they fix it? Cmon give it a few days and get the good money/exp while it lasts.
  12. Jesus, no thanks lol. Thats the epicenter of the cry babies
  13. Howdydee2003


    Having 2 felonies. Wish I wasnt [developmentally delayed]ed 3 years ago lol.
  14. I am blessed... My girl is busy on the 14th and we are gonna celebrate it on the 15th... why am i blessed you ask? Well all that V-day stuff is 50% off in stores on the 15th :thumbsup:
  15. dang...came out a few hours ago, and people are already crying....geeze give jagex a few days
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