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  1. Which is faster nat running by abyss or by spirit ghraak sorry cant spell :oops:
  2. o thanks i didnt c it the first time i went through tat page :thumbsup:
  3. ok some more help needed Panic in the heart of the haunted woods beware of double agents have no items equiped when u do ok i get the haunted woods part and i get the item part i dont get the "double agent" part and i also dont get "panic" and also i dont no if i need a spade
  4. "Small Shoe". Often found with rod on mushroom plz help i hate puzzles :wall:
  5. Do u have to complete Defender of Varrock or start it or to have finish part of the quest to have access to the armoured zombs. if i only need to finish part of the quests what requirements do i need for that part
  6. problem is i absouletly hate quests. I dont know why but i just find the combination of walking around runescape and doing random things extremly boring and frustrating. and if i want to get all the quest requirements i need to do underground pass, which my friends tell me is the most frustrating quest of all soo im not rlly looking foward to it
  7. can u rlly do that??? it sounds possible but wouldnt jagex have fixed this problem?
  8. i no where to dig its rite by the south east corner i just dont know if i should keep it or drop it and try to get another clue that i can actually do...like one in the wilderness or something
  9. kk got a a lvl 3 clue in the kharazi jungle. I need to start legends at least but as you can see my stats/qp/lvls are nowhere near the requirement. I hate quests generally and i rlly want to throw this clue away so i can get a new one. However peeps tell me clues in the kharazi jungle are usually good. so should i drop the clue or should i keep it?
  10. how much xp is it an hour pickpocketin master farmers
  11. need the best thieving xp at my lvl. my goal is 42 and idc if its boring
  12. a little short on cash thought i would try avansies i need someone who can point me to a good guide
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