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  1. if you really are desperate to find them, make a group and get as many people as you can join it so that if they are friends with the people, they can be found.
  2. aN elliPsiS shud consizt of thRee dots not 2 ellipsis is missing out a word or words in a sentence. Don't see any missing words ;)
  3. That couldn't be logically true for everyone though, otherwise the government would be very poor... They owe hundreds of billions.
  4. Even a fast paced walk is very good cardio, and weights unless at a low weight for very high repetitions will not provide enough time to burn fat. Aim for a 1lb a week weight loss, too much drastic body weight change is unhealthy for the body. :smile:
  5. From an economic standpoint, Manipulators DO NOT MODIFY SUPPLY. In fact, when Manipulators pick an object, and it starts to rise in price, the quantity supplied increases. That's right, more of that item enter into the game! The fact that the GE doesn't update prices fast enough is a rant in itself, and should be separated from manipulators. enough of my mini econ-naziness. If you objectively look at what manipulators do collectively, you should thank them. The idea of "OMFG I CANT BUY ITEM X BECAUSE OF MANIPULATORS" is one for whiny brats. Imagine a young person screaming at the top of their lungs "BUT I WANT IT NOW!!!!". That's what people sound like when they rant about manipulators. "I saved up my moneys for months, until I was ready to buy that GS, only to find that clan x was manipulating them, now I can't afford it because they bought all of them out." Right... months to buy a GS, and when you're ready to buy you can't afford it. Can't you wait like, 4 days? Then, not only will it have crashed, it'll also be a good deal, saving you millions anyway! If you notice a manipulating clan has picked a certain item, messing with it over and over, you can PROFIT OFF THEM! You have to buy and sell the item out of phase... when they dump (and the item falls below equilibrium), you sweep. When they grab, you give. I've done this with silver ore... I bought 10M in silver ore when a clan was dumping, and I sold it back to a different clan when they were buying out. I made 4M by just messing with the manipulators.... With this, you fail to note the actual reason for the suplly "increase". It is not that suddenly more have magically entered the game, it is because more people who have it want to sell it, and is actually when the leaders of such manipulation clans dump, creating a supply increase. No more than before would enter the game through the D.I.Y methods. Also 4 days is NOT how long supply is outstripped for. The times between updates simply is too long to make significant profit.
  6. didn't see that one, at least i made myself lose the game though.
  7. Science has shown that the human brain causes a person to have beliefs, and that their experiences shape their beliefs. So if you were brought up religious and you allowed yourself to belief it and did fully believe in it, your belief would be in the existence of an omnipotent force such as God, Allah etc. However who has suggested that God is infinite and all powerful? A person did. Their belief did. A force as powerful as God, must be infinite, as God would have created the universe, the galaxies, the planets, animals etc. Their is no proof however, and all we have are BELIEFS that a God knows the future, however that would assume there was fate, which brings a problem with some people who do not believe in fate, unless they were willing to sacrifice their belief in the non existence of fate in favour of God knowing the future and therefore fate of everything. But then they have lost a belief, shaped from their experience, so how binding is such experience to a person? In this paradoxical and theoretical example, either argument contains flaws, and that is due to the founding of belief. God has no proof, so everything about God, is therefore an assumption of belief, such as that God created the universe, that God is the almighty force etc etc. Such a being is essentially impossible, as it would clearly be visible, unless it was both infinite and nothing at the same time. Humans have been shown to have the want to believe in a higher power than themselves, which is where beliefs about the power of God come from. If something is both infinite and nothing, it cancels itself out and therefore it is nothing. Unless you consider God to be an almighty FORCE which would be different, and under similar ideas to "mother nature" "calypso" etc. As it is infinite space and time are therefore irrelevant, as it can be anywhere at any given point, which would suggest that God exists as a dimension above that of time and space, and that can freely move between all dimensions. Being infinite would therefore grant it the ability to affect blackholes, or not be affected by them, as it can be inside or out of one due to the infiniteness of power. I personally do not believe in the existence of a high power, and clearly i like to scrutinise, but i have nothing against those who do believe in a God or Gods.
  8. The game. There, you just lost it. ;)
  9. my group of mates were discusssing getting a small tattoo for all of us, each the same, giving a location, a time and a date, where even if we haven't seen each other in like 20/30 years, we would still be able to see each other. Highly unlikely anyone would miss it, unless they had unfortunate circumstances, as they'd have had the tattoo for x amount of years. Wouldn't mind something like that on my ankle, as it wouldn't be anything too incredibly bold, and would easily be hidden by normal clothes, we were all thinking on the ankle area, which is even easier, as that would be only socks required. I am against tattoos, but that one does sound alright.
  10. lol no worries, um: Basically he's saying that updating every hour would speed up how fast the manipulators do an item. But the supply remains the same no matter what, so the manipulators still need to wait for as long in order to make the money they want
  11. In response, I'd like to point out that I was not suggesting that the manipulators have any long term effect upon the economy, merely that it is a frustration that is not needed sometimes, when there is false demand. Whilst it is true that no long term effects happen, as the price merely rises, then falls as they dump the item until it gets below the original price, then after a few days usually goes back to the starting price before the manipulation, it should also be noted that it is usually the same items that are manipulated time and time again, as once an item is considered to be profitable, usually a rotation will occur between items, in order to wait for the items to fall, and then manipulate them after a period of time has passed. This could be considered a long term effect, as the profitability of an item is one of the factors manipulators would take into account. Manipulators do not merely reduce supply, they choke it. Meaning that the item only becomes available when someone places it on the grand exchange at max price (supply can only be choked this way, as if it can still be bought for highest then it is still available), instead of the ordinary stockpile that are waiting on the G.E. If read at face value, updating the market every hour would cause the cycle to go up to 24 times as fast as normal, meaning a significant less amount of time to make the same money. I am sure many people would refuse to allow such an easy way to make money, as it would mean any other method of gaining wealth would be near pointless, unless to make the money to be able to join in. Whilst you may believe that it would speed up the process, you are in fact incorrect, as whilst the prices would start to increase rapidly, after the first couple of hours where the item is fully bought out, the only supply is from those who actually produce or gain the item from the DIY method of production. And guess what? Updating the price every hour will not mean more items will be placed into the ge supply wise. So the price actually slowly goes up to the point when manipulators are satisfied with the price. If you look deeper and critically into an idea, you learn more about it.
  12. don't consume 3000 calories a day. As you are just underweight, depending on your height, you will need around 2000 calories. Alcohol = 7 calories Fat = 4 calories Protein = 1 calorie (per gram) 3000 calories is only for 200lb+ bodybuilders. Or those doing a large amount of cardio. You wont get good gains, you'll just get fat from the excess of calories.
  13. Saw this topic and I feel I may as well share my knowledge: Nutrition: Firstly, nutrition is THE most important part of bodybuilding. If you aren't taking in enough of the nutrients your body needs to repair, you will very quickly over train and be unable to work out, potentially seriously damaging yourself. If possible you should try to have 1gram of protein per lb of bodyweight, so for me this is around 160grams of protein per day. This should be spread out between 6 evenly balanced meals. Quite hard to do if you do not have the time or experience with preparing food and nutritional values already. You also need to have carbohydrates and fat in your diet, however you should try to limit the amount of fat taken in through food. Cardio: Cardio is very important for your bodybuilding goals. If you want a more toned body, and the holy grail of the 8 pack, then you NEED to do cardio in order to lose the fat. Usually the level of fat required in order to see a 6 pack is around 6%. I have a 4 pack at 8.3% bf and 160lbs. 60 minutes per day is recommended if you are trying to lose fat. Also cardio does not necessarily mean HIIT (high intensity interval training), cycling, swimming, running etc. Walking at a faster than normal pace (enough to raise your heartbeat a fair amount) is good enough, especially if it is all you can manage. However, a healthy fat loss is 1lb per week, otherwise your skin will end up sagging, i'm sure most of you have heard about the people who lose weight and have lots of excess skin. Training: Resistance training is obviously another key part of your bodybuilding goals. First of all, I would recommend not using machines to train. Why? Because they DO NOT train stabiliser muscles. These may not sound important, but you will realise the problem when you look big, and someone challenges you to do use the dumbells for the same exercise, and you end up doing a quarter or less of the weight. The machines force you into a range of motion that is not natural, and cannot be achieved without the weight being stabilised. Dumbells require most stabilisation, as in order to do the exercise you need to be synchronized with both arms, or because the weight is supported at a single point only. A barbell requires less stabilisation and gives better results to the target muscle, but as a result gives less development to the stabiliser muscles. Despite what many people may say, body weight exercises are vital in a weight training program. There is no exercise for the lats that can compare to pull ups. These are one of the hardest bodyweight exercises to do. A large amount of people cannot even manage one. I can manage 7/8 with perfect form, how many can you manage? If you can do 15 pull ups with perfect form you deserve a medal. Form is vital. If your form is off, not only will you not gain the best results possible, you may injure yourself. Perfect form depends on the exercise, but a general breakdown of perfect form is: Moving only the body part intended i.e. only move biceps on bicep curls. no shoulder movement or body swinging to get the weight up. 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down = 1 rep If you cannot manage perfect form, lower the weight. You may not believe it, but the results will be better if you do. Also a pull up is not the same as a chin up. A pull up is palms facing away from the body, whereas a chin up is palms facing towards. Chin ups use less of the backmuscle than pull ups, however if you have been told that chin ups do not require back muscles, ask the person who told you, to curl their own bodyweight. Very unlikely. Protein Shakes: These are obviously one of the most common parts of a bodybuilders diet, as they provide large amounts of protein and can replace one of the six meals, if a few other pieces of food are added in, such as some fruit/veg. Obviously this depends on the nutrition provided by the protein shake. Try to stay away from protein shakes that have less than 75 grams of protein per 100 grams of powder. This is because those tend to have more fats in them, which obviously lead to fat gain, which is probably not the main goal of your bodybuilding. Creatine: Another popular supplement. Creatine is widely used and gives quick weight gains. This is supposedly due to water retention, however it is proven that creatine does give extra energy, and therefore strength gains, which boosts progress. Creatine monohydrate is the most common and cheapest form. It is also the most tested, and therefore most proven to be safe. If you buy it, make sure to buy creapure, which is produced in a german factory, as the other sources of creatine are in china, and are lower quality. Creapure is guaranteed 99.9% pure creatine monohydrate. Some exercises for bodyparts (you will need to research the ones you do not know): Calves: Calf lifts Reverse calf lifts Quadriceps: Leg press Squat Lunges Hamstring: Hamstring deadlifts (straight leg deadlifts) Good mornings Hamstring Raise Glutes: Long stride lunges (further forward you go the more the gluteals are used compared to quadriceps) Abs: Sit Ups Crunches Oblique abs: Side Crunches Side Planks Bicycle Crunches Spinal Erector Muscle: Lying Supermans Latissimus dorsi: Dumbell Rows Barbell Rows Pull ups Wide grip Pull Ups Alternating grip pull ups Chin ups Serratus Anterior: Incline shoulder raise Serratus push ups Pectorals: Push ups Roller push ups Wide Push ups Hip push ups (these work triceps a large amount) Dumbell Flys Dumbell Press Bench Press Anterior Deltoids: Shoulder Press Front Raises Medial Deltoids: Side Raises (upright rows are an option, but they are damaging to the body so i DO NOT recommend them) Posterior Deltoids: Bent over lateral raises Shoulder Rows Trapezius: Dumbell Shrugs Barbell Shrugs Bicep: Barbell Curl Dumbell Curl Triceps: French Press Dumbell Kickbacks Tricep Dips Note: When working the back muscles, you also work the biceps. Same applies to chest and triceps. As the back and chest are the large muscles, work those out first, and then work out the arms afterwards, otherwise you will be unable to get the intensity required for the larger lifts needed for the back and chest.
  14. In all seriousness though, animals have better instincts, they also have claws or other parts of their body for attacking other animals. Humans having created weapons and not being wild, have lost some of the instincts and abilities of our ancestors, such as our lower athletic abilities than much earlier groups of modern humans (homo sapiens). For instance, aboriginees a few thousand years ago could throw a spear (a far less refined and balanced version of a modern javelin) a lot further than the recorded world record for javelin. Back then many humans may have been able to kill animals barehanded, nowdays killing something smaller than you is quite a task. At 160lbs, I really don't know what weighs as much as me that I could fight without a weapon. An adolescent gorilla? but that's still 4 times stronger than the average human, at least in it's arms. Maybe half of an adult gorilla? so - the nervous system and half of the muscle. :thumbsup:
  15. to bleep the rs market would cause a double negative to ensue, causing a return to a stable market.
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