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  1. the rules of honour are there to make pking enjoyable for players, it is not fun to waiste money on pking and getting no loit because your opponent keeps teleing,safing or you keep getting pj'ed. however some people do not find honour fun and therefore dont abide by it which is totally fine seeing as it is breaking no rules, people do what they find fun, isnt that what playing a game is about?
  2. still at metal drags, gone through every att style now, figured range is the best, just eats those irons up and dont cost too much
  3. i dint understand why you sold them all to the store, why not have them noted and sell then buy back then spin then bank, then you wouldnt loose any
  4. think you could host it on file front or something? cant stand the bad quality on youtube :cry:
  5. Im dl'ing now looks like it should be intersting. i like your attention to detail, always a good sign :D
  6. they need to add report options for harrasment and attempted scamming
  7. Heya RAHK dunno if you remember me, i quit around the same time as you, but i think my brain is too small to firgure out it would be a good investment to do the kingdom while i was gone. i cam back a few weeks ago so ive done all my catching up, just about :ohnoes: your a lucky guy and came back slap bang in the middle of the best month of updates ever. talk to me in game if you wish
  8. everyone i know that they are rare im not asking that and im not complaining that i havent got one what im asking is, do you have to speak to the guy before you can get the drop
  9. yes i killed alot of red too, but noone has answered the question yet only more questions have arisen 0.o
  10. i've been killing steels since the update came out, nothing yet, makes your kinda paranoid, just need to settle my mind
  11. You got evidance of this, im a very paranoid person XD
  12. well i dont know if anyone else has heard it but theres a rumour going round that you can only get the visage drop if you have to talk to Oziach before you can get the drop. i am hoping this is not true otherwise my hours of dragon slaying will be in vain i would really like people to share their knowlage on this subject, if you have had the drop could you please say wether you have spoken to him or not. im hoping this is just an attempt to stop the prices rising ~Aff~
  13. i LOVE the sky, tree and moon good job
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