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    It bothers me a lot whenever I hear the phrase "it's just pixels". It is true that while the pixels have no inherent value in-of themselves, they do represent real time invested. Being angry over losing many millions is perfectly reasonable, especially if you happen to be a lower level who has spent many, many, many hours accumulating wealth. Think for a second or two before saying "Your time, because it is represented as Runescape gold, is worth nothing" to another. -Recksash
  2. It's mostly just habit, but it can be helpful in longer posts where you can't see the avatar. -Recksash (lol)
  3. Jagex has promised in this year of updates to revitalize older areas. I feel that they have made an excellent start. The area of Dorgesh-Kaan was one of the largest and most detailed areas in Runescape, but no one was ever there! With the addition of a training area and an agility arena as well as adding a faerie teleport, Jagex has breathed new life into this once abandoned city. The city may not be as crowded as it was at the start of the quest, but I feel that after this update, there will be noticeably increased activity in this city. What are your thoughts? -Recksash
  4. Hmmm, but you could have spent that time picking flax/fishing/woodcutting or any number of more profitable activities. Granted, scavenging may be slightly more interesting, but it's pretty much a waste of time. Sorry to burst your bubble. Maybe you could try doing something usually safe and profitable on a PvP world, adding excitement? E.G High alching in a hotspot? -Recksash
  5. Everything. From noob to today, I could look back on my RS career. Would be amazing. -Recksash ps. title doesn't need an apostrophe /anal streak
  6. Ok, thanks! I'll give them a try -Recksash
  7. I would just like some simple pros/cons please Searched through the forums, but havn't really found anything clear-cut. So is graahk-craftin simply superior in every way? Or do you make less money but more experience? Or what? Just a simple explanation would be greatly appreciated -Recksash
  8. Oh I see. Thanks guys! -Recksash
  9. The money doesn't bother me, its the blue charms. I get one for like every 50-100 crims... -recksash
  10. For Combat purposes, is there a noticeable difference between the two? I've already spent 5 valuable blue charms on the kyatt, and wasn't planning on making more on the road to 61 summoning. But if the Karamthulu is considerably better, I might make a few of them to speed my kills. So help me out so I don't need to waste charms! Thanks! -Recksash
  11. [hide=] [/hide] I'm sorry waheera, but these were solid articles, and you should not criticize them. I do sympathize with you somewhat on article one. However, even if it didn't say much, it was very well put. Article Two was brilliant and amusing. You can't just simply put "why" at the end of it, and expect people to think you're witty! Article Three was an excellent short story, one that I enjoyed reading. Your "critique" basically just said "It didn't make sense" over and over again. Yet the story was contiguous and self-explanatory. It was very clear, and even managed to have a satisfactory ending. Article Four did lack direction. The writer couldn't seem to make up his mind if he was critiquing himself, or the hunting skill. But some good imagery in there, like when the imaginary skill cape was described. Article Five was more coherent than you give it credit for. Tripsis was simply trying to show that the Construction cape isn't as simple as making a lot of oak larders. Again, using large words, and throwing "why?" into the mix make a critique doth not. -Recksash ps. was the Genie inspired by the one from Terry Pratchet's books?
  12. This is really well thought out. It would give me somewhat of an incentive to level thieving and would add a distraction and diversion. Support. -Recksash
  13. How would bots not be able to train efficiently? Wouldn't all you have to do is have multiple bots, near a spawn point, constantly dds specing each other to death, respawning, and then dying again? -Recksash
  14. This game is mad fun! If you like turn by turn strategy games you should give it a try. A cool strat I've been wanting to try is mass necromancers+barbs. The barbarians die, make bones, an are turned into skeletons. Their initial speed is higher than skeles, they're cheaper, and the can capture! I'm not sure how viable this is though tbh. One thing that bothers me however is that higher level units absolutely destroy anything below them. I guess a white knight is 2.5X more powerful than a werewolf, but I don't think 2.5 (one has half hp), or even 3 werewolves can kill a knight. Whatever... -Recksash
  15. *Coughedityourfirstpostcough* Other than that, interesting topic, but most people are just going to say "bank my items". Maybe if when you died you lost 1/2 your bank?In that case, I would hide in my house.But for a more interesting answer, I would hide on Trollweiss mountain =p With tele runes... -Recksash
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