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  1. Yes, the only thing I can ever remember they giving us was some art for MechScape (not SD), and then a few pieces of art for SD through the official homepage. And one audio track that was supposedly going to be in MechScape (again, not SD). The fact remains that we haven't from them AT ALL for the the last 1,5 years+. For a short amount of time some years ago there was a leaked MechScape trailer on the web, but it soon got pulled down by Jagex, saying this was a video to be used only internally, and didn't nearly represent what SD/MS looked like. It basically looked like RS in space, pictures of the trailer can be found here: These are all minuscule or unintentional pieces of information. The rest was all very vague details of what the universe would be like, with 4 playable races. They even claimed they had found a way to get rid of grinding, then later admitted that was only a goal they were working towards but didn't reach, not an actual feature of the game. And with that BS, we were left in the dark for a long time. I haven't checked StellarDawnCentral.com for a long time, but looking through the news it seems that they are rather scarce. The last was in December, where the SD Vice President was quoted in a press release from a completely different site as saying sci-fi fans have a much brighter future. Jagex haven't bothered to keep in touch with the actual fansites at all (or almost, they sent a statement when SD was put on hold). So I have no trouble maintaining that Jagex have handled this in an extraordinarily bad way, losing all interest before driving the game to a standstill. It has failed on all accounts, and I do of course wish Jagex good luck and urge them to keep thinking fresh ideas, but DO NOT make the same mistakes twice.
  2. Ok, this WOULD be perfectly fine if it wasn't for the fact that Jagex hasn't said anything about this. The last we heard from Jagex was that the game was supposed to release Q1 of 2011. That statement must've been somewhere around mid 2010, when the Stellar Dawn website was launched. I'm literally APPALED by this, after their initial plan to release "MechScape" in 2008 (I think). The development of this game was what led to RSHD back in 2008. The communication here on Jagex' part is absolutely ridiculously bad. After endless years in production and minimal information the least thing they could do was warn us that the initial Q1 2011 release schedule would not be met. Instead we hear, a year later, that the production has been put on hold. Are you frikking kidding me Jagex? What kind of marketing plan is this? No information and no excuses when you leave us in the dark for years and can't make up your mind about when to release. Stick to RuneScape or get your act together! Good god!
  3. As an Admin of a growing 70-man clan with a citadel soon to get into Tier 5, I can say with confidence that this isn't true. Citadels are really quite fun for socially-minded clan. I don't think that this idea is very good. To paraphrase Yahtzee, the difference between a good long lived game and a game that gets boring quickly is that the former is a responsible parent and makes you work for your creations, and that's what makes it all the more enjoyable. I think that the biggest improvement for the least amount of work would be to make the Woodcutting patches more interesting and a bit faster. Perhaps using agility to move from root to root quicker would be more interesting. Thats impressive! I'm administrating the Citadel of our 215 members clan, and we still havent got enough Wood to get T4. 70 people and T5 is very good... We are a Slayer clan, so that might have something to do with it, not the biggest skillers...
  4. Wow thats a horrible idea, why is this poll even getting a positive response? :o Thats pretty much the same as microtransactions to me, giving the wealthy the upper hand and devaluing everyone elses work. No, just no.
  5. After you get/if you get a sigil invest in overloads so you can actually corp correctly Wow thats a disgusting comment. "Corp correctly"? What the hell has this game's community come to?
  6. Jagex isnt gonna cater each boss to insanely maxed players...
  7. Finally an interesting Dev Blog! Im pretty much convinced the storyline that has only been "tounched on in earnest" is the Dragonkin storyline. The quest seems less finished than I would like it to be considering how long it is since they said it would come out =/ Back in early 2010 we got a postbag saying that "more than one mahjarrat will die this year" or something similar.
  8. Indeed, DEAR GOD WHY!? Why would you torture yourself to death not only once but twice through boredom? Because bordem is subjective. Hurrr. Surely that is not the case with RCing? :P
  9. Indeed, DEAR GOD WHY!? Why would you torture yourself to death not only once but twice through boredom?
  10. Howdy =) Believe I joined around August 2001, but good god I was 9 years old :o
  11. Just get rid of the ROW already, its causing alot more headaches than it is helping people. All this fuss about one ring when theres hundreds of rings in RS, its just silly... Its a simple solution.
  12. Wow, how many MMO's are they up to now? I completely lost count... and isn't the "early 2011" timeframe for Stellar Dawn release about to run out? Knowing Jagex, this will never happen really. Or it will fail. Okay, I love RuneScape, even though I dont play anymore, but Jagex just seems unable to get anything else out that is decent. When was Mechscape supposed to be released? 2007? Here we are 4 years later and looking at what seems to be another delay. That is infinitely ridiculous. I would MUCH rather they focused all their resources on developing RuneScape, instead of doing all these other side-projects.
  13. After eating obscene amounts of that stuff, bought for a tiny sum from the natives, I proceeded to cut down dozens of trees, mined out the natural ore deposits in the area, paid vast amounts of cash to the sawmill to get some planks, killed half a dozen cows for their sinew, smelted a dozen metal bars using unrefined coal, slaughtered 26 yaks for their hair which I spun into rope, then defaced several spots of natural beauty with hidey-holes and rope racks for the convenience of abusing a rare bird species or taking shortcuts through prior undisturbed routes. After all that, I still get that warm fuzzy feeling that I did my part to save the rainforest. Hahaha! classic ^^
  14. No, because I don't find it valueless, I just find old conventional methods of moneymaking now fruitless. The "conventional" methods of moneymaking arent fruitless, its obviously the new ones that are. The real winners are the people who, just like in the real world, are producing things, whether its services or products. Staking and flipping is only redistributing wealth that already existed. And just like in the real world, some people win big, either on dishonesty or on playing the market. The RS economy is once again a simulation of the real world economy, and this is a shock to many people, and may make them feel that the petty things they are doing are pointless. BOTTOM LINE: Relax people, the economy is no bigger or smaller than it was before, the already existing money is just being redistributed. Make money the hard way, its much easier.
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