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  1. You have to prepay for charges, and then when you do stuff at the patch, it'll refill the patch from your stockpile and remove a charge.
  2. more trump in that he uses his power for the sole purpose of inflating his ego and his appearance of having a lot of influence, but is actually just a very elaborate series of schemes and lies designed to uphold that appearance which would fall apart in ten seconds if everybody weren't stupid enough to fall for it the solar eclipse is his election season his blatantly public appearance is another smokescreen after all, when everybody's got their eyes on you, they can't see anything else
  3. as you level, charge efficiency goes up
  4. heh, yeah, they could put the second dungeon in it, and it'd be self contained because the museum doesn't want adventurers to steal anything
  5. Yeah, I like the continuing plotline of the Varrock museum meddling in dangerous affairs/coverups.
  6. I specifically didn't want to tell that lady what to do with her life because it didn't feel right...
  7. durability stacking is somewhat useless if you don't do anything with it, but...luckily, there's a four gold cost card you get when leveling up Linza that makes your weapon attack match durability... might not be worth it though because in order to get durability you usually have to pay for it besides holding out in your deck for either that card or throwing your weapon (which is just four cards, really) you're better off playing cheap weapon waste conga to build up resources/multiple cheap shots (if somebody's going after your weapons, maybe boost your attack instead?) until you can get enough sapphires to start crafting some of the more useful commons that actually do things with durability in particular, trashing any garbage weapon for 10 armor is a huge boost
  8. why would the price go down??? the prize is untradeble and if anything, more boots would mean the demand would go up really, really fast hm maybe i should be buying feathers instead of saying this kind of thing out loud
  9. soooooo jagex just gave everybody free silverhawks
  10. this corresponds with the increase in bond prices, so no inconsistencies here
  11. you have a lot of options with linza as to how to use weapons: - get more resources (like better weapons) - hit the opponent directly in the face - hit the opponent indirectly, sacrificing weapon power - hit the opponent indirectly, sacrificing weapon - sacrifice weapon to create armor plating (the same amount of armor no matter what the weapon's stats are!) as you can see it's mostly based on getting weapons, so you should build the deck on getting weapons your main goal is to make the weapon's usage and eventual sacrifice as excruciating as possible for your opponent, so you can use it to get resources, then hit them directly with it, then hit them indirectly to sacrifice weapon power, then throw it at them to deal even more damage or crush it into armor you can also stack weapon buffs to increase the amount of pain the cycle creates, or continuously obtain and burn weapons consecutively. linza's equipment cycle is extremely unpredictable, so you can take advantage of other player's dumbfire strategies and aim for the gaps in their turns where they don't have any buffs or weapons equipped and engage them in extremely unsporting pvp rounds however, they can also disrupt your cycles by stealing gold or breaking equipment, so you want to keep acting at random to screw with them while conserving backups, unless you see a straight shot to killing them early on that they can't realistically escape from linza needs to keep a closer eye on the opponent's deck and strategy than other characters, but boy howdy it's fun
  12. Definitely needs a bit of balancing, but right now the chaos is actually kind of exciting! I figured out a few ways to scrape together wins for Linza even with absolute draw failure (the key seems to be wanting to win at ANY cost and then finding the most efficient way to burn your scant resources), but it probably won't hold up to somebody with way better cards. On the plus side, some of Linza's later cards seem to be specifically designed to flatten speed bumps by providing more points of entry into winning or surviving, so we'll see how that develops.
  13. 5RX0-6CU7-C7WH OD77-AW9M-MO61 M3SE-KUAK-VNX3 "share these keys with your friends!" ... /foreveralone
  14. I find it interesting that you raise this as if it is a major issue where f2p is some how losing out because it has no high-end elemental staves. In terms of elemental staves in game as a whole theres the 4 basic T1 guys 7 (4 basic + mud steam and lava) t30 battle staves 7 at t40 mystic battlestaves And Arma Bstaff offering air runes at T77 So it's not like the game as a whole is flush with elemental stavesso I don't think it can be sold as f2p is missing out issue when p2p has the same lack of elemental staves relative to the span of levels. Also you might question the balancing factor of it vs ranged - would it be balanced for f2p combat to have 'ammo free' magic at the top end when they can't have 'ammo free' ranging? Especially when ranged ammo is harder to come by in f2p on the whole. Also not accurate to claim f2p doesn't have higher end staves at all - they do have the t55 gravite staff, t53 nature staff and t45 law staff Don't get me wrong not saying it's would necessarily be a bad idea, but certainly not a clear cut 'F2P is missing out cause we don't get high tier (relative to the available levels) endless rune weapons' (camel staff t85, fire runes)
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