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  1. If you think the slight camera rotations do anything at all to most bots, you have no idea. They've come a long way since the mouce recorder or whatever. Random events are almost useless against bots now too. I've never botted anything on any of my accounts, but I have watched someone use one before, and they power through randoms and look virtually like a real person is played. Hell there are even bots that are based on AI that actually can undertake conversations. Bots never left, but yeah, there are a few more now with free trade haha.
  2. i bet they've had this planned since march last year.
  3. You pked TWO sets in one inventory? Nah just the one, one pair was mine. The whole world dc'ed while we were fighting, i saw him die but couldnt do anything, logged back in and claws are sitting on the ground \:D/
  4. thinking i might start a pk log sometime, but people wanted to see this hahah
  5. n00bfiterpk6


    lower that a few inches and it'd look pretty sweet :D
  6. n00bfiterpk6


    Today, im chilling inside, bored out of my mind, as mother nature the [bleep] decided flooding my little city would be fun :)
  7. n00bfiterpk6


    Cheers guys, yeah Y_Guy theyre still the stock wheels, planning on some much wider wheels with some nice dish probably 16 inch, maybe 17 (theyre 15 atm) with a much more agressive offset and some stretched tyres. As they say "you aint dubbin if you aint rubbin" But yeah mcneilp its a hell of a lot of fun to drive, having a 6 cylinder in such a small car, havent even really done much to the engine yet but it will embarrass most of the other cars around here with there "hektik" v8s and such. the tail lights are the originals, which on the sporty model VR6 came smoked from the factory, although they look a bit darker in that photo then they really are. I have smoked the brake light in the spolier though [hide=only photo of back i seem to have][/hide]
  8. n00bfiterpk6


    Well I got a car a few months back, and it kept me off rs for like 7 months, although i suppose it is a much more expensive addiction. Bought it completely bone stock, have done countless little things since then, major ones being added noise and lows. I like to [bleep] it out at any chance I get, so heres a few pics haha. [hide=more photos] Oh and a photo before before it was made much less practical/logical: [/hide]
  9. Jerky Beef u do not added me.

  10. n00bfiterpk6


    emptied the wallet on some car parts >=]
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