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  1. Alright, as far as sara brews go, 3 doses is equal to 1 dose of super restore. That means, that for every 3 sips you take of saradomin brew, you need to drink 1 super restore to be able to attack again efficiently. If you have to drink more than 3 doses, drink super restores in the same ratio. As far as the actual fight goes, there really isn't anything you aren't doing if I recall the fight correctly. Try to play it safe as far as you can until you get the kyatt, I remember I kept dying before getting out the kyatt, then once I got it out, I was able to beat it first try.
  2. From the first point you can make extreme attacks to 94 herblore I made: 2.1k of each extreme, and maybe 1k ish of renewals. This got me to 94 and at the same time gave me enough supplies for ovls.
  3. Has this ever been tested or are we just going off of anecdotal evidence and cynicism? Because people have been saying this since the second or third day of the update. I'm almost certain it hasn't been tested, but I honestly wouldn't put it past Jagex. It makes sense.
  4. Good to see the TET is trying to stay active. I'd be interested in leading and/or participating in the new style of MH-ing events, though I don't know the newer bosses like Corp or Nex yet.
  5. Nah, a Clockwork Syringe has a dungeoneering requirement. And it's not like they are the only ones forcing dungeoneering on us, to be efficient in combat at all, you better have chaotics or you are gonna get flak from anyone who runs past. Dungeoneering is just an overhyped minigame that was made into a skill so it didn't go the way of Trouble Brewing. (Do people still play that? I'm assuming they don't.)
  6. It isn't worth cooking something you can burn, since 1 burned fish is usually equal to 9-10 exp gains from cooking the high fish. ie: cooking lobsters is 100 exp and sharks are 110 exp, you burn 1 shark, and you effectively are gaining the same exp as cooking lobster for the next 10 sharks. numbers are made up to make a point.
  7. Is there a reason zerker pures do not do The Freminik Isles to get the neitiznot helm? As far as I can see it would not ruin the pure. Is the only reason to keep the image of the "zerker?"
  8. I don't know if the hunter pool works, but I personally have never tried it. In regards to training, red chinchompas work, its what I did.
  9. Iirc, 97 hunter is needed for effigies, not 87.
  10. Thats because they have no defense, and the only piece of dhide that requires defense is the body.
  11. I seriously hope you meant gp/hr. green drags and aviansies are definitely NOT the best exp.
  12. I click twice on fires to tele to trollheim, and get 1. all the time. SERIOUSLY, every time.
  13. he probably hacked it, would explain why hes on that forum and knows so much about it...
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