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  1. Kinda quit Runescape but was checking my Email, saw something saying I was banned for MAJOR RWT'ing. Kinda went "what the [bleep]" at first because my firsta ccount was banned for RWT when I never did..
  2. Yea i'm not very good with computers so it may be an easy fix, I don't know. Anyways everytime i login to my computer this pops up. I've tried redownloading, updating java and such but when I attempt it a popup comes up in middle of download saying that the download was interupted. Any Ideas would be helpful seeing as without Java running right I can't do much...
  3. [hide] [/hide] Are those even worth doing, got 3 banked. Did a couple but they only gave like 200 slayer xp or something lol.
  4. I'm looking strictly for a PK TEAM, not a clan. Stats are in Signature, When not lazy going to hopefuly get 96 or 99 summon (charms for 95 atm). NOT PLANNING ON TURMOIL ATM (I pk great without it and i don't want combat levels) KD atm is 3:1. Can hybrid/tb/tank decently for my defence level. NOTE: No TS atm due to jacked up Mic and Computer. Hopefully buying a whole new computer soon.
  5. Will a system restore delete everything?..
  6. I usually only run Swiftkit or MIRC at once, not both, don't even use youtube or anything since got music on SK. It's been fine until yesterday :\
  7. I don't get why but for some reason everytime I get on Runescape now my whole entire computer freezes, the things that happen are: 1:Runescape loses connection and everything on computer goes (Unresponding) 2:My computer goes to 100% usage and freezes up entirely 3:When am able to get on (like now) it freezes every 3 seconds and all screens go gray. 4:Computer makes an extremely loud VMMMM Noise like over heating. I've scanned for viruses and cleaned out fan, even took off side covers to try and allow more air flow. So I don't think its them. -Anyone got any ideas or should I grab my sledgehammer and just buy a new computer. ALSO: When I restart my computer a lot of the time it freezes at EVERYTHING I open. I've left it shutdown for a few hours, unplugged entirely and even disconnected modem for a couple hours, no change. Some cool losses, about 100m total by now. I don't care about losing cash seeing as got a good ammount it's just the fact I can't play to have fun.
  8. 50M on Counter :\ I know not a lot but seeing as I mainly pk...I'd say probaly 20m is all from pking/staking.
  9. Is Dragon slayer required to wear a Black D'hide body or can i wear it and just not green without finishing the quest. Made a tank acc and am not wanting to raise much attack/str atm is why asking. Only 35 defence so I can test atm.
  10. Yea seeing as my hairlines jacked up it always looks weird though. When really short harder to notice. I agree. Although maybe your poor quality first picture has something to do with that. Yea was at a party and so kind of didnt care for holding steady while could hardly see lol.
  11. Yea seeing as my hairlines jacked up it always looks weird though. When really short harder to notice.
  12. bots wear the ugliest ass outfits, learn to wear drag boots and glorys not accuracy ammys fools Granite body/drag skirt gives you all away
  13. It's just ridiculous that Moderators can't go around and do sweeps. Ban all granite body/DRagon Med wearing fools or something. Seems that only Bots use them, if they banned every user who uses both in combination than i'd bet less than .1% of them wouldn't be bots.
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