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  1. 99 Slayer @ 25 Defence, goal #1 complete. Rough estimation of Major Drops: 20 Abyssal Whip 15 Dark Bow 9 Staff of Light 7 Dragon Legs 10 Dragon Skirt 1 Draconic Visage
  2. Slayer all out with Ult Str + Inc Reflexes (1k ppots banked) and then 88-96 summoning. Also getting 96 slayer and maybe even 99 attack, wouldn't count on that one though.
  3. With piety assuming you left it on non-stop you would use 1,374 prayer points each hour, which is ~144k gp/hr. This will be a significant difference. With superhuman strength assuming you left it on non-stop you would use 826 prayer potions each hour, which is ~86k gp/hr. Id go with piety for all it costs. [EDIT] Just as a clarification for anyone else looking at this and thinking about the numbers, this is using a prayer bonus of +13 and a prayer level of 70 (24 points per dose of prayer potion).
  4. Curious on your setup for ice wyrms as a 25 def pure. Pics? :thumbup: I just mage so its no problem for taking damage. I use full infinity, staff of light, slayer helm, zammy book and just bring an inven of ppots with room for drops.
  5. Yesterday was a good day for slaying, SOL on my first Ice Wyrms task and then 2 whips in 2 abyssals tasks. Ended the day with over 15M loot.
  6. 93 Slayer @ 25 defence. Also 4 effigies in the last 24h, first elite clue and dragon platelegs.
  7. 3rd task ive tried of this, and finally got it once I figured out how they changed the healers.
  8. 85 Slayer (for the third time) this time on my pure, level 91+11
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