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  1. Slayer is a great skill and high total level is epic!!! Congrats on the 90 Slayer!!! Keep up the good work 90/100
  2. HA! never! If i start doing slayer again you will never catch me, atm though im not doing slayer so you might catch me haha.
  3. Thank you. College is over so I still play here and there. I have been skilling atm. going to get 99 fm then start slayer again and hopefully get 99 over summer? :)
  4. GRATZ!!! im 81 dung with no hood :(... i wish they werent so rare, id dung more to get one... i get owned without one
  5. wow mc!! about time :P, Congrats on the epic level!!!! 10/10
  6. nice job!!! no more getting tired for you!!! Where is a good place to train with 80 agility? im looking to get mine up a little as well. 10/10. keep the 99's coming
  7. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: wow nate, never knew you were going for this goal!!! That is sick nasty man!!! Atm im going for a few 99's at once myself, im 1 exp from 99 fletch lol. Pry going to do firemaking soon but im fishing rocktails atm. but again, thats one hell of an achievment, if tip.it had a vote for best achievments you pry would win the award for best achievment in 2011 <3: <3: GREAT JOB NATE!!!!!! :) :D :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 11/10 ;)
  8. Jeeze Moe!!!! Tearing it up out there!!! save some slayer exp for me!! Good job though on the 80m slayer exp!!!! <3: <3: I'm getting closer!!! good job though!!
  9. Nice!!!! <3: thats an awesome level to achieve. next goal? 99/100 :P I'm on my way to 90+ slowly but surely!!! good job once again :)
  10. Thanks for the posts guys. It's been fun :). Jimmy I forgot who the true actual leader is lol but yes come see us in Clan chat name sodbforum. We have a lot of fun in there and together!! BA Clan <3:
  11. Hello Tip.it! It's been a busy past few months mainly starting in January until now. Pretty much all I have been doing is Slayer and Summoning with a few randoms here and there. I did manage to get 81 Dung and rapier a couple months ago. I have tons of pictures of levels to show you all of what I have been doing. I hope you enjoy my stats and my levels. Please Rate on how I am doing :). My current goal is 99 Slayer and 96 Summoning ASAP! I want yak to get money for 96 Herblore and 95 Prayer but I have to get that yak first ;)!!!! ENJOY :) Here's what you all want to see ;) Bank Picture!!! These slayer drops are from January and March. All of February I was dunging. Not too bad for 2 months I dont think. So it started off January 2nd with 74 Prayer and 134 Combat! I got 92 Slayer and 88 Summon right before the new year. I started school and what not in January so not as much playing. Took me until February 2nd to get 93 Slayer!!!! I love Ice Strykewyrms! 2 Staffs of light so far and 1 Elite clue which failed for reward! I dunged for chaotic rapier so thats why it took my so long to get 94 Slayer. 94 Slayer March 20th. Got 93 mage with Hati Paws and an Ice SW Task <3 Took some time to get 91 Summon. Then I got 95 Slayer just recenly! So after allllll of these levels from the new year I got a pretty cool level checked off the list. 2100 total level <3. I think Having a high total is good and I am also into skilling, not only Slayer/Combat. I got 76 herblore for it too hehe, a dumb level but meh I got it. Just a couple days ago I got 94 magic :). I can now use Barrage. I will probably get 99 Magic maging Ice SW's and Metal Dragons :). I know its a lot of words and a lot of pictures but I hope you liked all my levels and pictures!! It's been a fun past 3 months. School ends May 11th so I will start working all summer and play a little after I get off work. Hope to see you all around. Add me, chat is always on and I love meeting new people <3!!!!! RATE PLEASE
  12. never knew they had that =\ sooo looking at summoning potions and ingerdients you might be able to make a profit off of them if you can get ingredients for the right price? i might give it a try....
  13. haha good job Druminator!!!! I'm on my way to 90ish Herblore <3. what is your next goal? 9/10 <3:
  14. ok im jealous of your prayer... ok im jealous of your herblore... ffs I want one of those but dont have either.... grr. haha 10/10 for sure!!! good work ill be getting herby soon tbh :) hey jimmy im 75 herb with 60m cash and about 15m in items i can sell. what should i make for 90ish herb? super att str?
  15. wow, awesome slayer exp and bank moe!!! im going for 99 slayer myself at the moment and collecting my drops :P. I thought I had a lot then I saw your collection haha! 9/10!!! :)
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