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  1. I'll be honest, I only read the end of your post, that was way too much for me to bother reading sorry. Either way though, I feel like this whole thing is a plea for you to make yourself feel better about playing tons of rs. Your pros and cons list is extremely biased to benefit your reasoning too. You leave out a ton of cons and your pros are all fabricated from extreme reasoning. Try making a pros and cons list instead for not playing rs. I'm not going to bother making it for you because I have better things to do but there are so many things you can do that benefit your life and overall happiness more than rs. Sorry to burst your bubble but this is just ridiculous.
  2. 2 gp and an overgrown cat says that you won't. Nate! What up dog. PM me! Peace, Vann Hey man, I only get on for ports nowadays but if I see you on I'll try to send you a message! I know, I'm surprised too haha.
  3. Am I the only one that's been wondering what Suomi is going to do when they release the new skills this year?
  4. Just in case you guys were wondering about going price, I just sold this like an hour ago.
  5. Just a quick question, what is the add-on that allows you to view two firefox screens at once? split 50/50
  6. tds tds tds tds tds

  7. No idea if anyone had the idea to do this already....
  8. RS is really addicting to play, I have to agree :) All you need to do is set your priorities straight. Even though it can be hard to do, you have to put real life first. Friends and family over runescape always, no exceptions.
  9. Thanks haha :) I never make a gorg 2h, just make some runes and surge those that aren't mages and it works even better :thumbup:
  10. Okay so shoot me I binded a hex. Honestly on all floors I do, overall I help the most in combat with the hex. Don't believe me? flame on.
  11. From a completely random guy in w148. Hex at 87 dung ftw :)
  12. [hide] +1 +1 +1 +1s for the +1 god! +1 +1 +1 +2 [/hide]
  13. Fantastic! Very well done on your goals complete! (And good music)! Laughed at how you said, "Stupid skill," for Fletching and not Firemanking. :P Thanks :) I didn't bother saying it for firemaking because I got 99 in that with pretty much all brawlers and took me like 5-8 hours? So A fast 99 like that is nothing to complain about haha
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