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  1. Congrats on being able to pull it off. Wish I was able to help, but glad you were able to get it anyway. Have fun with it!
  2. I've not found anything to say it was illegal. And it's very possible. There's plenty of java enabled browsers around. I couldn't find the old topic, but there's some videos on youtube.
  3. Capes are nice. To be honest, investing in skills makes up for a hacked bank. Smith, craft and herb are on my list once I can afford them. Are those 99 attack and hp as well?
  4. Grats on the progress. Best of luck on 99 slayer and 96 summoning. It never dawned on me that SoDB had a clan chat. Who's the owner? I should drop in sometime...
  5. Just browsed the last couple pages so I won't even pretend to have an opinion on everything. For Calder, I'd say Skinner. Had Hall not put himself on the IR for the rest of the season in his first career NHL fight, he would have been in the running as well. For the Leafs, ... can't believe they're stretching it out as long as they are. But the odds of them getting their final 6 points while Carolina and NY drop the rest of their games aren't looking very nice. For the Canucks, hopefully the loss to Edmonton is them working out the Presidents Cup jitters before they get down to it. I'm looking forward to a lengthy playoff run. As far as exercising old demons (in the name of Chicago) I'm not too concerned. Obviously the core of the team is still there from last year, but it was the style of play brought by Ladd and Byfuglien that caused the Canucks such woe. With them gone, it's simply a game of containing Chicago's offense. As a Vancouver fan, I'm more intimidated by Anaheim. Regardless of the first round draws, I'm crossing my fingers and wishing for a Canucks vs. Wings series if it comes to it. The season series between them has been sensational. Couldn't imagine them in a full playoff series. It'd be a real treat for any hockey fan to see.
  6. http://www.tip.it/runescape/?herb I had used that to provide a rough estimate of what to make. Super attacks, super defense, and prayer potions seem to be good ones. Also worth noting, with a war tortoise it's possible to collect 750+ mort myre fungus per hour. (Telly to cw to bank, house telly for altar & canafis portal) Which makes super energies & restore specials pretty eye catching as well. And don't sell all your items beforehand. Always keep your essentials (slayer gear etc.) so you can actually use what you're trying to achieve.
  7. You can't note extremes <_< Thanks. I'd definitely encourage investing in herby. There's some pretty useful potions out there.
  8. Grabbed Soul Split early in March. Leveled from 81-92 in a day and a half. Had sold a blue h'ween mask to pay for the bones. Then I got 66-78 herblore during the bonus experience weekend making super defense potions I had collected the materials for by myself. Then the cost of herblore fell a substantial amount following bxpw so I sold my red h'ween mask and I bought materials for 78-93 herblore. Stopped a few experience short of 93 because I wanted to get it at the same time I completed Temple at Senntisten. So, there you have it. I'm loaded up on extremes and enough free health to make just about every combat thing I do easy for the rest of my days. Here's a picture of my herblore tab also: That tab alone is worth about 50% of my bank now. Haven't made any overloads yet. Also dreading turning those extremes into 4 dose... For my next goals I'm going to finish off 92-95 prayer by doing it myself. Killing dragons, using effigies etc. Also think I'll slowly work my way to 99 herblore as well by doing assists and slower, less gp/xp methods. Will also work on getting a couple more useful effigy stats (primarily, 97 smithing & thieving). Also, 85 farming. Thanks for taking a look!
  9. You could probably do MTA. Would cost you roughly 15m in cosmic runes. It gets pretty boring, but it's effective nonetheless.
  10. I'm content with it. Why should a 50-70k ring provide such a huge drop advantage? Never understood why people have such inflated expectations with every little update.
  11. Thought I'd weigh in in this last page... New Jersey paid too much for Kovalchuk. There's no way around it. When they were forced to start without a full line-up due to cap restrictions (as they did at the very beginning of the season), someone in management [cabbage] the bed. Glad to see they're turning it around and I'm pulling for them to grab 8th. Toronto... Is anyone surprised? They're by far the most over-scrutinized team in the NHL. Every season the big debate arises over whether or not they'll make the playoffs. I've given up caring whether or not they do. I'd rather have NJ make it so I won't have to be lambasted with coverage about how the Leafs finally made the playoffs. If NJ makes it (which would be much more impressive than Toronto) they'll maybe mention it for the first round and that's it. If the Leafs make it, we're all going to be hearing about it for the next season... Now for a little west coast... Vancouver clinched the Northwest with 10 games to go. Fourth division title in five years. They got dealt another difficult injury to deal with; Malhotra getting a puck to the face. Thankfully they'll be able to "take it easy" into the post-season. Reports saying Edler should be back during the playoffs, along with some other of the missing d-men. Good thing Vancouver has the most depth in the NHL. Now that Luongo has sorted his game out and Schnieder's playing like a beast, I'm really looking forward to the post-season. Interesting fact: Every time a Canadian city has hosted an Olympics, that city won the cup the following year. Montreal '78, Calgary '89... Vancouver '11?
  12. Meh. Some 15 year old kid got bored and started looking for reasons to quit. Understandable. End of an "era"? Hardly. This will be something people mention, but nobody really truly cares about. (And nobody should tbh...)
  13. Well, to be honest, I'm never really in a melee situation other than slaying when I can't range a task. So is piety still more useful if I'm only using the defensive characteristics? +25% is pretty sweet...
  14. Thanks Green, I'll make a little note of it.
  15. Hopefully this provides you helpers with something that isn't bxpw related... I'm a few hours away from 92 prayer, meaning Soul Split. I'm wondering if anyone has some tips for properly utilizing it. I'm aware of the method of flashing etc. I'm just wondering what people use it for? Sounds a little dumb, but I want to be able to use it to it's full ability. After all, it was a hefty investment. Some specific situations... Barrows? I'm content with my current method, but wondering if it's useful here. Aviansies? Been one of my favourite range training locations. Viable replacement for b2p? And the big one, GWD? I have limited experience with Bandos and no experience with Armadyl, but I've been told my current stats (and goals) would fair well here. Wondering if SS has a place ranging Arma and if anyone has a set-up that would work nicely using it. Keeping in mind I'll have 90+ Herblore soon after bxpw for Extreme Range and Super Prayers, but not yet have access to any chaotics or anything above 75 summoning for a little while... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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