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  1. Been at Banshees and Aberrant Spectres for about an hour and a half at both; nada...
  2. In all honesty, I'd be very much ok with seasonal updates rather than monthly or weekly ones... It would go a long way in reducing rushed disasters such as Rise of the Red Axe, would see more fully developped skills instead of shells to be later filled in, and you're guaranteed to have at least one jewel of an update like a complete City of the Elves... It would reduce the regular updates to mere maintainance and the odd Ninja fix. The only thing they need to permanently have is a playable Beta for everyone (including F2P-ers, since Beta's are meant to be experimented with beyond breaking point) that, like the EoC-Beta, can allow you to import an account without having it affect your main on the actual servers... Membership revenue, however, would drop by two-thirds since a lot of people will just buy a months of membership when the update comes out, and cancel it for the following two... On the plus side, the crybabies who can't handle a lot of changes (I'm looking at you 07&Legacy-lovers) get to swallow one pill every three months, rather than 4 a month...
  3. Btw isn't this bone burning a bit unoriginal? We can burn Jogre Bones for ages, and have been cremating Shades for even longer... I wonder if you can pile, say, Dragon Bones and cremate them on a Jogre Bone fire...
  4. Easy to obtain hybrid armour for the Ironmen and maidens all the way up to level 70... What a way to wreck an incredible update :)
  5. Since I never got the Ectoplasmator in 2012; any suggestions what monsters to hunt to grab one now? Also slightly off topic: Where to go to trade Ethereal parts?
  6. Offering Law Ethereal Legs; msg me ingame
  7. We wanted the Elf City... We've wanted the Elf City for just about a decade... We wanted the Elf City BEFORE a skill that just barely saw its gathering counterpart fully rolled out... Contrary to popular belief; preferring one over the other does not mean we dislike the other... Given the option, we probably would've said "Why not both?"
  8. Pre-EoC; you didn't have anything to put in your off-hand other than some defenders and that water-book thing for 1 handed spellcasting things. Shields were the default for a long LONG time, even over most 2h weapons since their damage didn't offset their lack of speed. These days, 2h and dualwield has been balanced (roughly) but the DPS that you lack isn't made up by the defensive abilities and bonuses that a shield (or something stupid like it, such as the shieldbow) provides. Fortunately, I have it on good authority that they're seriously considering implementing a standard damage reduction for all shields above a certain level that increases the higher the levels go, and that this damage reduction is supposedly stacking with the one they're thinking of implementing with your defense level. All this should come with an update designed to make your ranged, magic and strength levels have a much more significant impact on the damage you do, meaning it's not just who has the highest level weaponry anymore!
  9. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
  10. The amount of replies to this thread seems to suggest I may have overestimated the want/need for more attractive mid and lower level content to ensnare new players... Hmm..
  11. Could it be that he was forced to resign after the amount of damage EoC has done to the community has, with the introduction of Legacy, finally been crystallized out?
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