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  1. And this is not to single out the person who wrote this article. It was not only her there were a few posters who rabidly defended every single decision Jagex made on these fan forums. It just floors me to see the person who wrote this article bash Jagex though. It's like someone who has a massive crush on a guy, and actually ends up dating them for the last two years of high school and they fall in love. But when the relationship ends in the natural course of things and they break up to go to college in different states she decides to hate the guy and bad-mouth him and to claim "oh I never even really liked him, what a jerk." For me her rabid support of Jagex and her rabid criticisms of Jagex come from the same place, it's not someone who thinks things through and sees both sides of the story. You don't have to absolutely love something or absolutely hate something life just is not like that. Her opinions are just too immature.
  2. Finally someone who remembers how overbearing and obnoxious the "person in question" used to be in championing jagex. I have no problems with new players joining the community what I do have problems with are new players who blather on and on about how great every single update is even when they can't even access most of the content in the game. In my eyes this was the "person in question". It does bother me now that they are hyper-critical of Jagex and seem to act like they are "the very first person ever to notice that Runescape has flaws." I also think it's extremely ungrateful to leave on a negative tone. The fact is for some moments in time we did play Runescape and we did enjoy it. I do think that new players especially those who are younger still can experience some of that.
  3. How times change. What happened to this fan site? I think it's ironic that someone who blindly championed Jagex in the past in now whinging about how Jagex is going downhill and how they are quitting. This sets an ugly tone for the people currently playing. We've all been through this, Runescape now is not the game I started playing years ago, in fact it has not been since the trade restrictions. In fact this third wave or fourth wave of people quitting in disgust over the game seems so spoiled. They were the ones who loudly championed ALL of Jagex's decisions especially when they were new to the game and now they are the ones loudly complaining about every Jagex decision. Spoiled hypocrites. Runescape is fun to play with a group of real life friends. Who cares about the bots? The magic and the core of the game is still there if you can look past the many flaws.
  4. It's because there are few legit players left. There is little point in levelling up no one really cares anymore. Also when your stat's are good people just accuse you of botting.
  5. And over the 536 tasks I've done, that would be an extra 16m cash that I'd have. ^ and the time spent clicking to collect these coins? not worth it at least the row could have picked up piles of coin drops that would have been a good reason to wear it as it is i'm going back to my ring with the str bonus. i can passively earn more than 16 mill by doing the kingdom that takes less time than doing 536 tasks It's not hard to pick up drops on the way to the next monster you will be fighting, nor is it hard to figure out that you can walk about 2 spaces inbetween each time your whip/rapier hits. So really, the time spent picking up the coins is nothing. You're there to kill the monsters for slayer, if you can't loot efficiently, that's your problem. I also use a zerker ring/fero ring while slaying, like I said, it is really minimal work to click on a ring as the monster red bars, then click on your main ring again after the loot appears. I never claimed that the extra 30k profit per task was faster money than anything else, all I said was that it wasn't an insult. ITT: Inefficient person complaining that a ring doesn't pick up objects for him. Who bothers paying that much attention to the game? I afk slay as much as I can, I can't be bothered to juggle rings and then pick up every measly coin drop. A good update will be to meld the row to the existing stat boosting rings in the game, that this WAS NOT done is a huge oversight. You do realize that if the ring were to pick up coins it would make it more efficient? We do have objects to pick up or automatically use bones, herbs or gems, why not coins. We also need an object to pick up charms, the less clicking the better with make-x why make combatters suffer.
  6. And over the 536 tasks I've done, that would be an extra 16m cash that I'd have. ^ and the time spent clicking to collect these coins? not worth it at least the row could have picked up piles of coin drops that would have been a good reason to wear it as it is i'm going back to my ring with the str bonus. i can passively earn more than 16 mill by doing the kingdom that takes less time than doing 536 tasks
  7. Agreed 1st row drop was uncut dragonstone, after that only like 400gp cash piles, various uncut gems from sapphire-diamond and a nature tally The cash piles are an insult. The ROW should at least just pick up cash drops for you as it generates so many. I would take food over cash drops as well and ROW seems to lower food drops so it's less useful.
  8. Has the ring of wealth worked for you? It seemed to make a difference the first day, I'm not talking about the glitch but just the first day after that. Now it just appears to be the same junk as before coins, a few gems, a few alchables. No outstanding good drops and I have never received some of the amazing resource drops yet. Am i just unlucky yet again?!
  9. how fast will this be nerfed? i can see skillers complaining as resource prices fall even further than with the existing bots enjoy these drops while they last. to bad these new drops weren't linked to slayer tasks only
  10. I think the game won't suck. It's good exposure for Jagex to do something different. It may even be easier to develop a game that already has a back story and tonnes of built in things to do. Hope it won't turn into a Gundam type thing though.
  11. Noticed 200k+ players are on-line. I haven't seen this many players in years.
  12. Are you the Nuke Marine that used to post long detailed posts on RSOF? I think you are describing more of an auction aspect to the GE. I agree with the idea of setting a price range that your item can sell for that makes the most sense. I predict that useless junk will settle down at the 1gp or so mark. Merching clans will be devestated, old style RS merch takes much more thought then manipulating prices through an artificial system. I disagree that there should not be limits on GE bids. I think realistic limits are still needed maybe 100k of something vs the 100 allowed currently. There is so much pure cash held by many accounts in this game, that having unlimited GE trade limits won't be practical. If a gravestone is destroyed before someone returns outside of wildy then it should be lootable. Also the wildy needs to be no rules besides the old one where you can't teleport out after level 20 wild. No honour pker's aren't worth killing anyhow they rarely carry that many valuables. I wonder if old pking clans will be resurrected.
  13. Interesting times. Jagex must be desperate for more players. Will be nice to see the duel arena actually have people duelling. Old wildy & free trade is win. Still not enough to make me return to RS ^ It sucks, all the work and resources that were put into removing trade to the extent that even party rooms were limited to a few worlds. Not to mention how much work went into wildy substitutes. No wonder the actual in-game content updates seemed slim compared to pre-trade restrictions.
  14. They're not hard to figure out if you have common sense. I finished the event.. Still a useless waste of time. You know you could just .. NOT do it ? I do all the events. Well that's your problem. If you don't like events, don't do them. *shrugs* events are just a waste of an update they could spend time working on USEFUL and PERMANENT additions instead of some stupid crap you do for 5 minutes to get a emote If they want the event to be "fun" they should give you the option of skipping the tasks and just give away the emote and the souvenir. This is how rewards started out they were more drops and didn't force you to do mini-quests. People like getting holiday items to show off how long they have played, you can't just skip a year.
  15. I don't want or expect anything. I get my hopes up, they get dashed. :wall: I will take next year off and then when I return in 2012 if the world hasn't ended at least there will be a year's worth of updates I can pick and choose from. I will never play another Jagex game again, good luck Stellar Dawn.
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