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  1. "There is no such thing as a 'safe' place to cheat. If you cheat, you're going to get caught. If it's not instant, it will catch up with you." This could mean this is PART of their new advanced bot detection system. I mean, you are all complaining (most) like usually. But is it not more advanced to have big groups of people busting bots? Nothing is perfect, no system, no code, no bot, no human eye/brain and that's why I think, if I see the word advanced, a combination of new anti bot scripts/tool and this. I like!
  2. what a convincing argument. Want to be convinced? Definition of game :A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. Games are distinct from work, which is usually carried out for remuneration, and from art, which is more concerned with the expression of ideas Alot of time playing = fun as well. But not everyone thinks that way. So they are making the GAME more enjoyable, maybe the ACHIEVEMENTS in the game less, but the actual game more. In my eyes that is.
  3. Stop crying, all this does is balance the game out. Bots can collect all they want, but regular players can now also achieve something without having to play for 16 hours a day. Before someone starts the "more time-more privileges" argument, its invalid. Now all that's left is give the people that play more than 16 hours a day something as well? (Ever thought about a "preferred player" thing??) Like if you have 300+ days spend on rs that you will get some nifty perks. (*Auto item pick-up, drop all... etc?) I mean ppl that have played 300 days are not bots and most likely their accounts aren't RWT. (I mean the time the adventure log shows)
  4. Alot of new drops have been added, but what are they?? My assumption is a lot of monsters now have a shared droplist with some exclusive rewards (I heard about torstols too) Just like this thread: (rs official forum) Quick find code: 19-20-168-62547198 So far: Dark Beasts: 50 Rune Bars (noted) ?? Onyx Bolts(?) Vecna Skull Dragon Dagger Abyssal Demons: Several K of Coal Ore (noted) Dragon Dagger Vecna Skull 1000 Air orbs (Noted) 500 Raw sharks (Noted) Ice Strykewyrms: 50 Rune Bars (Noted) mith drags 500 raw sharks
  5. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT the update that I've been waiting for since the first ROW I ever had, in 2004. I don't care what people say/said but I always wore it. (Except @ bosses duh)
  6. this is partially true... I saw two teenage girls walk out of the public restroom together where I work. there's only one toilet in our restrooms....... OMFG. HORRIBLE THOUGHT. Two girls, one toilet. Two girls, one me. And a toilet.
  7. Man I am sure that if n0valyfe was still with us, he'd be the first to max all skills to 200m. 100% He was able to fletch faster than fletch X and have a conversation with 3 noobs at the same time. lol (Me being one of them, even tho we did a lot of castle wars together later)
  8. Ok, think about it. Nex! Her weakness is and must be, CATS. Fluffy cats! I'm sure (and serious)
  9. wow check this out : http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Virtus_armour A bug o.0
  10. So i was doing slayer, and all of a sudden this scroll dropped. Yay! Result:
  11. Well, my friend once had an 48-athon.. But my longest is like 32 hours...(well it fas at my PSX playing FFVIII) The best game there is :thumbsup:
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