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  1. I have no input here, but I have nearly identical stats (our att and str are switched) and also just came back after a year haitus. I'll go hunting with you if you want.
  2. Average is actually about 7, especially if you use My Arm's patch. Using super compost and the magic secateurs. I just got through 120 ranarr seeds and averaged 6.02, supercompost and magic secs. Am I just bad at luck?
  3. I have 10m cash that I'd like to invest in something, maybe a skill or some merching. I haven't played in a year so if there's some great new thing you're suggesting please include a little explanation.
  4. Thanks for the awesome response Ice Goddess, I'll be sure to check all that stuff out. Is that monster hunting group still around? I was just getting into the Dagg Kings when I quit, wondering if groups still go out to them.
  5. Would someone summarize any major changes/things to look out for that happened over the past year? I tried sifting through the archives on the main site but couldn't determine quickly what was worth checking out. Halp plz?
  6. Oh, Rag and Bone Man is a little b***h. Good job on the air guitar emote though, I haven't actually seen anyone with it.
  7. How do we get this unlimited supply? Elaborate, please.
  8. I'm really looking forwards to a Relleka Lands Diary. Relleka, Neitizot, Waterbirth, Lunar Island...those kinds of places in one diary.
  9. The Letter to Jagex was very good, I liked how he spent the majority of his post explaining how much fun he had giving away things to new players (something I experienced myself at a little level 10) and then came in with the Dec. 10 updates in two short paragraphs. Pretty much sums up the updates, long times of generosity, put to death in one short day.
  10. Look, I just summoned a squid in a fishbowl! LET'S GO WORSHIP THE DEVIL AND KILL INNOCENT CHILDREN MWAHAHAHA!!! ... ... No, Jagex endorsing satanism is just stupid, and anyone who thinks they do should pull their heads out of their [wagon].
  11. I support the speed log in, the skill shields, and the trimmed bronze/mith/addy. However, I think all the other blessed weapons and armors would take up too much room, unless Jagex gave us like, 80 new bank spaces.
  12. Personally, I can make over 2k FULL dragonhide sets per day. So me alone probably outweighs the loss for d'hide sets by pk'ers.
  13. Harding, that video your friend made was SIMPLY AMAZING. As for the one in the thread....not so much.
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