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  1. That's the 'NULL' item dwarf head. It should be substituting for sometihng but i can't figure out what (seeing as there aren't any items in the chatbox :? )
  2. Why not do like you only can dual wield some weapons, like non-poisoned daggers and shortswords and they only boost the attack stat, but don't give second attack.
  3. I think the game is very meh, it's like Company of heroes - Where DOW2 should be - Where dow2 is now - Where dow1 is Company of heroes has a great engine and gameplay, why not use it?
  4. Nope. Whoever made that probably needs to lower their settings a little. It's like a mix between shoulder and first person cam
  5. Just like day of defeat, everyone sucks at it on start. Just think like this, it can only go uphill \
  6. Difficulty: Easy. Dead Air: Finale. Go through till you get to the first tank. Once the tank appears, call a vote to change difficulty to expert. Kill the bots or kick them via console. Rechange difficulty back to easy. Kill the tank. Done. Why change difficulty to expert? And btw, an exploit for you guys, when playing single player you can kick special infected (so when a tank is rushing at you just do 'kick tank' and it's gone), doesn't require you to enable cheats so you can use it to get Nothing Special
  7. Honestly, airstrikes are quite easy to avoid. When you hear "enemy called in airstrike" run towards cover and check UV for what direction they're coming from, then adjust your positioning under cover. Dying to an airstrike is like dying to martyrdom, stupid. When you spawn and theres an airstrike on it, can you avoid it? :wall:
  8. Yes, he was chosen for a big part because he's black (and because McCain was gonna be too much like Bush).
  9. Save it somewhere, then go into left 4 dead, options, multiplayer, import spray, click it and tadah you have a working spray =D> .
  10. Mumm, it's not your turn! :shame:
  11. They should really have oiled the aiming system a bit, so it would be more of an FPS for people who'd like to. Currently even shooting first hand deals with hit percentage #-o .
  12. Boeing kicks [wagon], that's why! Go airplanes! I have to get hyped up because I'm going to be flying (alone) a lot next summer. I'm scared :c FYI it was airbus :D
  13. It's worse for me, my mouse has low dpi and I play on like max sensitivity, so my mouse moves around in squares...
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