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  1. Chat channel "lip locked" and world 44 is the place to be for PC it seems. Unfortunately it is the reduced Exp version of pest control so the leveling isn't quite as fast, but its still good.
  2. Simple enough question, Are there any designated worlds / groups already going for pest control yet?
  3. I've just been meandering about doing a bit of this and that, got about 100 quest points and ~700 total level, but I've finally set myself a goal being able to run barrows within the next week or so. So now I'm going to be powering towards 43 prayer 50 magic 55 slayer 38 herblore 40 fishing - done 40 cooking - done 50 (or as high as I can be bothered with) for all other combat stats, including ranged. So I'm tackling slayer now. I can't be bothered to make my own runes, so I'm just levelling atk str and def while I get enough cash to bankroll my way up to 50 magic.
  4. I'm at a similar point in the quest as well, so I'll be up for this at some point over the weekend. I'm JazzyHeck ingame, so messsage me whenever you're on and we can get something set up.
  5. probably. If you've got the manual for the motherboard you can look up what the sound it is making means. Do that, and you'll be able to tell what the problem is.
  6. Props for being a random player who doesn't just know 3 cheeses and thats it.
  7. Full metal Panic is definitely not lolicon.
  8. Madoka Magica is basically the best thing on this season. [cabbage] is [bleep]ing intense. ◕‿‿◕ Also, fractale seems pretty good, and I'm keeping an eye on Gosick to see where it goes.
  9. This soundtrack is rocking my world.
  10. Overkill blows me away, every time.
  11. Gainax never fails to make me smile. I thought I'd hate P&S. I was a fool.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EM864Gb8Do4 Cannot get over how good this song is. Liked the series as a whole, traditional GAINAX what the [bleep] ending though.
  13. I hadn't really heard much of this band before, but I saw them live in the summer and they were awesome. I'll probably pick this album up after christmas.
  14. They weren't. Except for back before they nerfed AV exp, and you could do 70-80 in about 2 days, at 150k exp per bg.
  15. Who changed the topic name? oh, ok shiny. nice one. I have kinda stopped playing the game, although I'll come back for a few hours to see what this update is all about.
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