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  1. I would first take it to Apple. They've been known to replace iPhones, iPods, and iPads for free with a 'one-time grace.' Alternatively, the part you need costs $90 from iFixit (assuming you have the 4G iPod Touch). They also supply a guide to replacing the digitizer & screen. Hope that helps. Cheers.
  2. +1 for Doctor Cat

  3. Besides the entire, being blatantly obvious someone is bypassing the activity monitoring. It doesn't take a computer scientist to notice the discrepency between the Activity log saying you were never on the computer, and the fact that you were obviously on the computer doing stuff. Then install virtualization software and run Ubuntu within Windows. Unless it logs what you install, I suppose. Perhaps I'm just not too familiar with the program the OP is talking about.
  4. He bought the RAM after using the Crucial memory scanner, so I figured it would work. No idea what make our motherboard is though. But again, the old RAM sticks aren't working now either (and they used to). So I don't think it's about the motherboard not supporting the RAM.
  5. My boyfriend attempted to upgrade our desktop's RAM from 1GB (2 x 512) to 2GB (2x 1GB). Well, when he put both of the sticks of RAM in, the computer would not boot. I told him it was because the RAM was not seated properly or it was not functioning. So we tried different combinations of justing having one of the 1GB sticks in there and it still wouldn't boot. We put in the original 2 x 512 sticks in and it still won't boot. The tower is receiving power because the fans come on and the light turns on. It does make a long single beeping noise as well. Did we inadvertently break something?
  6. I personally wouldn't even waster money buying a graphics card for that computer. You'd just be pouring money into something that's already too dated.
  7. The ComboDrive in your iBook is unable to read the dual layer disk that Leopard is written on. If this is the only reason why you think the drive is dead, you may be in luck. I am fairly confident that PowerPC Macs are not able to boot from USB. It is intrinsic to their firmware and does not matter what OS you're on. It is possible to modify the firmware to alter this. If you want to boot from external drive, you'll probably want to boot from FireWire.
  8. Just a quick point about this, Apple puts DRM on their downloads, which is something you should definitely consider when buying from them more - if you ever decide to leave Apple then that may become a pain. It's not nice practice to stick DRM on music at all, either. False. iTunes hasn't had DRM on music for a years.
  9. I don't think that's true, for example my phone I bought last week came with Android 2.2 and was upgraded to 2.3 in front of my eyes. I don't think there's a difference with tablets, which means I don't think it's true when you say that it will never see an upgrade. It's inherently true. Manufacturers have absolutely no incentive to let you upgrade your device's software. And when they do, it's usually so delayed that it's hardly worth it. Most Android devices will never see the latest OS upgrade. I'm all for unlocked, untethered devices, but IMO it's hardly worth it given the tradeoff. I'd either get the iPad or find an HP Touchpad for cheap somewhere.
  10. The fact that manufacturers have no incentive to allow you to upgrade your device to the latest OS throws me off Android. Apple at least allows you to upgrade to the latest OS up to the point where the hardware becomes incompatible. Granted there have been cases such as MMS for the iPhone 2G, but those are relatively small examples. You see Android tablets being sold with 2.2 and won't ever see any update. IMO, that alone is enough to put me off. If you don't need the latest iPad, you can pick up the older model (32GB and with 3G capabilities) for $399. For those more visually inclined:
  11. Best DIY replacement guides out there: iFixit Yeah, some people offer services on Craigslist, but they usually aren't establishments. Which means there is no reimbursement if they accidentally damage something in the process of servicing the device.
  12. People defend their decisions to the death, even when they know they're bad. People cling to ideas they've bought into; they're emotionally fueled. It becomes very difficult to abandon these ideas if they're heavily invested in them. What you saw was no less.
  13. Old features aren't going to magically stop working. The only thing that would happen is a lack of software updates. For instance, the iPhone 3G is not capable of running iOS 5. Suggesting he buy a newer model to fix the issue because it 'may become outdated soon' is ridiculous.
  14. At some point? That relates to the issue at hand how?
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