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  1. Hey, I am going away to uni soon and so need a laptop. My maximum price is £400, I have never had a laptop before and so aren't very knowledgeable. If possible I don't want to spend to much, but get a decently powerful laptop which maybe could play a few low end games such as counter strike, Football manager, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. So what skills are worth training during this beach event thing? Why did they change the armour cosmetics, they look awful?
  3. I tried playing it through browser but it just told me to download it, I just downloaded Java too. Is cooking lobster with cooking urns still the best method for cooking?
  4. So an old RS F2P player posting here, quit in early 12 and briefly checked upon the game for awhile. However I haven't done in ages now, how is RS atm? Assume you guys must still like otherwise you wouldn't be here :) . Saw the reboot of old RS too, seems pretty cool but love for RS seems driven by nostalgia. So will the OSRS last? Also not being able to transfer character is kind of annoying. Saw they added GE, which I have conflicting feelings about on the one hand it was amazing but on the other hand so of my best memories came from selling stuff at banks and haggling, so overall I guess I disagree with it. Sad to see Green H'ween mask is at 80m when I worked my ass off with a friend to get it for like 140m before we quit lol. EDIT: Just going on to check my account, you now have to download it?!?! EDIT 2: WTF? I have to change my name?
  5. Hey, recently my PC has been acting up and then it broke and kept freezing at the weekend. Eventually I got it back to a state where I can use it however it is still extremely slow. Windows constantly gives me reminders to replace my HD and when I ran a diagnostics test (properties on the hard drive thing) it says status 'BAD' and Backup and Replace. Is there anyway to fix it or do I need to buy a new one?
  6. Hey, I am going to wipe my Dad's laptop as it has become really slow. He bought it from a PC shop and it came with windows 7 installed. When I wipe it, won't it wipe Windows too? If so then how can I reinstall it as I don't think it came with a Windows 7 disk? Also whats the best way to wipe it. Thanks.
  7. How do you mean lack of obliteration? Servers? I wish Dice would stop throwing stupid gimmicks into DLCs which do nothing for the game in the long term. Stuff like scavenger and air superiority, yes they are fun when the DLCs first come out but after two weeks I won't touch them again. I would prefer improvements to existing game modes or more efforts into the maps. Obliteration is an example of a well thought out game mode with longevity, more of than would be great. The bomber is another stupid gimmick, it sucks and you can't even control it. They never should have made it, its pointless.
  8. BT, its a broadband and telephone company in England. Ye it wasn't very clever on my part, should have done that first but I didnt think anything was wrong with it as the speed was fine. China Rising is ok, the maps are pretty good but nothing special. I would say they are better than most of the vanilla maps. I cant decide whether to get premium, its alot of money for just some new maps especially as 4 of them will be from BF3 plus the game is still pretty broken.
  9. I dont know if this is just a coincidence but I restarted my BT Homehub and now its fixed. I dont rubber band any more and the game runs fine, just as it did a couple of weeks ago.
  10. The latency slider is set at 0% which is suppose to be the option which stops bad latency.
  11. Here are the parts of my PC http://imageshack.us...pandabuild.jpg/ I have 8GB of RAM now not 4. I have tried changing my settings to low, turning off my firewall. Nothing works, the game is completely broken for me and I don't understand it was fine 3 weeks ago. I wonder if one of the patches broke the game for me or something. I have tried posting on the forum which EA suggests to do, but I got no answer from any EA people. It's a disgrace.
  12. In the 20-50s usually. Radeon 6950, medium settings.
  13. I play on PC, I dont see how it can be my internet as I never got it on BF3 and I play tons of other online games and dont experience it.
  14. I posted this in the EA Help forums but no response, anyone else getting this? Its ruining the game.
  15. Go into the start menu, right click chrome then properties. Go to compatibility uncheck 'run this program as administrator' then click change setting for all users buttons and uncheck the run program as admin again. Then go into shortcuts, advanced and do the same. People of the google groups were telling me to check all of them when you need to uncheck them.
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