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  1. The same ones. I guess it's mainly a matter of taste- the heavy use of onomatopoeia and caps lock tends to bug me.
  2. I've made my way through a good amount of the series (to about where Acqua is defeated), but I can't take too much of the light novels because (whether due to translation or not) the writing in them can be pretty mediocre. On the other hand, there's nun punching and that makes up for a lot of it.
  3. TTanT


    Wow I'm only paying about $4000 a semester and that's including the $3000 in government loans. And I can barely even afford that.
  4. Test tubes Also the anime version sucked so bad Don't even bring up the [bleep]ing test tubes. And then Norio.... And I tried to watch the anime several months ago and had to drop it at the fifth episode. Also I've finally stopped streaming anime and am now downloading it like some kind of professional.
  5. ^It seems like it's almost an unspoken rule that an anime must change OP's when a new season starts. And when you manage an almost perfect first OP your chances of matching it are really low. So I just finished reading Narutaru. It's well written, but I'm not going to suggest it without a huge warning: This manga gets really, really dark after a while. I'm just going to leave it at that because the content of some of the last volumes is probably against TiF rules to even mention. If you like grim-dark stuff and are overexposed enough to handle it you'll probably love Narutaru, but if you're not then please stay away from it. I mean I enjoy dark themes a lot and I was really put off by some of the stuff in this. On a lighter note I decided to pick up Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C3 because I've been following too many dark shows lately and needed to recharge. It's actually not half bad, and for being a show about the airsoft gun fighting club in an all-girls school it has a surprisingly small amount of fanservice so that's nice.
  6. TTanT


    RIP giroux, you died a noble death. I honestly can't wait until the next college semester starts. Not so much due to anticipation for any particular courses (I mean I'll be taking some I like but the jury is still out on the professors) as just being able to be busy again. As much as I enjoy complaining about being overloaded with work and activities during the semester I vastly prefer it to all of the idle time I have during summer.
  7. ^Was it a really a joke or just a brain fart? We may never know.
  8. I've been burning through anime at an absurd pace lately.... I've recently finished: -Another: It's a decent horror anime but nothing amazing. The buildup was really well done but once -Bakemonogatari: Home to the best ahoge in all of anime. -Valvrave: Vampiric highschoolers pilot mechas in space to save their school which is now a country. It's insane, but fun. -Durarara: This show was too much fun. -Cowboy Bebop (well, I picked it back up after procrastinating the last 5 episodes for a while) I'm also starting Serial Experiments Lain and it seems really promising. The first few episodes were hard to get through but now I'm really curious as to what's going on. So, what anime do you guys think you'll be following next season? I'm guessing Free! is a guaranteed yes, right?
  9. TTanT


    I stabbed myself in the hand with a scraper a few days ago while scraping paint off my porch. I was bleeding a lot, so I went inside to wrap it up. I then decided to clean up the blood before I dealt with it because I'd bled all over the floor, however this backfired when my mom walked in on me covered in blood and surrounded with blood stains and bloody paper towels. A combination of blood loss, shock, and her screaming in my ear caused me to briefly pass out. It was a pretty embarassing sequence of events, honestly. Oh and the day before that a bird crapped on me, but it hit one lens of my glasses without hitting my hair, face, or clothes at all. So I'm not sure whether to call that lucky or unlucky.
  10. Suisei is rapidly transitioning from SoL to existential horror, so it's good if you like that and are patient. I've recently (well, in the past several months) completed: -The Higurashi series -The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya -Code Geass And holy double Atche Eee double hockeysticks the Haruhi Suzumiya movie was beautiful.
  11. TTanT


    I finally stopped procrastinating posting here.I honestly don't know why I was putting off visiting OT, though. In other news my laptop somehow uninstalled League of Legends on its own accord. Apparently it running out of batteries and shutting off in the middle of a match I was playing with friends triggered some incredibly destructive glitch, although it certainly led to an interesting Skype conversation when I said I'd rejoin the game in 6 hours.
  12. ^And remember that counselors generally choose their job because they want to try to help people and be there for people. They're not going to look at what you wrote and judge you based on how much you wrote or what you said, they're just going to be grateful you told them and want to help.
  13. This season of Railgun is turning out amazing. I mean I already know exactly how it ends and I'm still finishing each episode completely hyped for the next.
  14. TTanT


    Managed to finally finish attaching the spaulder I bought ages ago to my chainmail. With that and my gauntlets and arm armor I can officially clad my entire torso and arms in steel.
  15. Well, the trick to that is to try not to have terrible points. Why would you want people to listen to you if you had nothing to say?
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