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  1. I literally try my password 3-4 times before I remember it when logging in... Every time -- because of the time distance between checking tip.it :D
  2. I don't see Sotired on that list. Thaaaaanks Plev. weird how we never talked or "knew" eachother back then. but i totally remember your username, as well as hundreds of other usernames I never ever communicated with ingame back then. anyway. just wrote it to show that SOMEONE out there remembers you from the hiscores, forums and what-have-you :D
  3. Lol I started as a ranger. 7 archery, big woop! Still one of my lowest skills to this day. Could never find enough damned arrows until fletching overflowed the f2p market with bronze arrows :D
  4. Lol I used to get follow ppl on the quest and then pick up their loot when they died to the vampire in Draynor mansion, due to it almost always being OP and me spam closing the door on them when they tried to run after the 3-round. Wasn't really a friendly player back in the day, come to think of it :P Few were. And of the few that were - half of them were out to scam you :D But yeah this place was super informative way ahead of its time! Kudos to Lightning and Silverion. The only reason I ever came here was because Bluerose refused to do trades on the official forums or in-game, if you hadn't PM'ed her or one of her affiliates beforehand. Honestly this is how a ton of ppl arrived here. To get dem addy kites !! 200 coal on 7 mules. Can't say I miss that. And here I go rambling again haha. Nice to see you around, Gang.
  5. FooK-A-Ji


    Personally I don't know what's worse. Some dude impersonating a new player, begging for stuff. Or a real new player who just up and thought "hmm, screw all these useless skills - I think I'll stalk shiny armor people and ask for free st00f". :D Beggars gonna beg. It's always been like this in Runescape, in the likes of which I have never before seen in any other MMO.
  6. Several years ago this community took a decent blow to its activity due to a rotation in staff/forum moderators. Over-modding - and by this I mean super over-modding was a daily thing and you couldn't post in - nor create a thread without some kind of moderator intervening, be it moving it to the "correct" forum or locking it for being "irrelevant" etc etc. Because of this, the threads and posts got seperated and to this day you still see a nonsensical over abundance of sub-forums on this website - giving the appearance of little activity. Most people used to click on the General Forums where you could talk about everything in GENERAL. Now you have to go to this place to talk about this or that place to talk about that. Having been around tip.it for a long time I can honestly say that this is my personal opinion as to why tip.it started losing members to other places. (Could definitely factor in other reasons but I see this one as a catalyst). TL;DR. Too many subforums created + over modding at a certain time period some years ago broke the activity curve. The natural decline in activity anno 2016 is of course - well - a natural decline. :) PS I just made a RS chronicles account .Seeing as my RS name is blocked (because its naughty naughty) U can add "SIR CAPS LOCK" and hit me up. See ya!
  7. haha nice thread. hey galaxy did u ever max out skills? remember some dude gave u a rune full helm because rumour had it you could only slay lesser demons, lol .
  8. wouldnt 15th anniversary be next yr? :p
  9. Dear diary. Today I lifted heavy things and jumped on boxes. I live lifting heavy things and jumping on boxes...

  10. Given the super low amount of active players on the server I'd say the most viable option is this method. 1) Go kill ice giants in wildy > get drops (lots of nature runes is what you're looking for) 2) Smith steel plate chest. 3) High alch. Alternatively farm the lesser demons for the rune meds for high alch if you want to skip the smithing process. :)
  11. "This shouldn't be the end of your adventures"!! lololololol
  12. wouldnt a clever way to RWT be to hold rigged in-game competitions, where the "winner" wins X-amount of gold (paid for beforehand) ? The transaction would be prolonged of course. But what does that mean, if it keeps your account safe :)
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