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  1. Jeez...it's been a while since I've been on these forums...thought I'd throw this video of me singing "Stu's Song" From the Hangover. Show me some love :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edVGVgymRMk
  2. I'll pre-order it if the pre-order comes with something extra. Otherwise, I know I'll be able to find plenty of copies at Best buy or Costco.
  3. Lineup this year is awful. Definitely won't be going. Less and less good bands are signing on each year :(
  4. Ohhhh nostalgia. I'll totally see this at midnight.
  5. [email protected] Co-op. The producers of these amazing games need to get a freaking clue. WE. WANT. MORE. COOP.
  6. Basically, its a Soap Opera. All you need to know really. :-X
  7. Giant puppy griffin? [bleep] YES.
  8. I kinda have been thinking that Jacob and the other guy are almost "Demi-Gods" of some sort....and they both have some sort of power. And by some unknowable law....they can't kill each other, but someone else COULD kill one or the other. Think about it...no one(To our knowledge) else has tried to kill Jacob. Ben was the first one to do it. I don't even think that made sense...but those are my half-crazed thoughts :D
  9. Wait....so you're saying the guy who tells Jacob that he wants to kill him in the beginning somehow became the smoke monster....who then somehow became the new John Locke? I completely agree......very cool/weird That was one hell of a season finale......I'm very excited for Season 6. The one thing that bugged me was how quickly Ben Killed Jacob, but I'm relatively sure that Jacob will be coming back. Another thing that completely left my mind for the last season was Claire....we never found out what really happened to her did we? She just vanished.
  10. I still want to know where the giant foot statue came from :(
  11. The finale was very, very cool. I totally called the fact that [hide=Spoiler]Peter was actually the son from the alternate universe, while the true son was dead.[/hide] Won 20 bucks off that. :thumbsup:
  12. Vehicles needs to be a no. And unless I get to ride on a shark I don't think underwater combat will be too much fun. I agree x50 to both of those comments.
  13. I'm not say, in a band, but me and some friends will just play random crap together every once in a while. I play Piano, Guitar, a little bass, and I can keep a beat on drums....and if I'm REALLY lucky, I can do some basic fills :P
  14. Oh wow..the damage some of the people on this forum could inflict if they were allowed to try their hand at this :P
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