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  1. So i got a new computer for christmas and my dad gave me his old Flatron l1919sq. I goth the VGA cable and set everything up, but when i turned it on the monitos has some heavy ghosting. It's kind of washed to the rght side. My dad laso said it worked fine untl now. I tried messing with the Refresh rate but nothing got better. Any solutions?
  2. This little story starts on September. When school started i met a new girl, pretty blond, nice body, good personality. Anyway, i got interested. For the next months we go out (with other people) so i can get to know her and stuff. I talk with her alot on msn and on facebook. It was all good except for one thing. Apparently one of my best friend and another guy i know are also interested in her. I had no idea. They hadn't made a move since i started talking to her. It's mid november and i feel (you are not in love blah blah blah desire blah blah blah) like i'm in love. I feel, maybe i'm not. Anyway we keep getting to know each. I confess some pretty deep stuff that no one knows, she does the same. Things are starting to look good when my best friend amkes a move. Now the problem is that i don't have alot of money, he does. What does he do? Obviously, he shares CDs with her (but i do that too) We go out and he buys the stuff for everyone etc, he lends her his iPod Touch with the wrong password (to get her to call him).. You know those little details. I start to feel a bit bad, and on the fourth of December, when we are checking grades for the semester, she talks with me. She said that she loves me so much and stuff, she really cares about me, but as a friend. Obviously, i feel like crap. She said it in a hurry (she had to go) and at the end she asked me "Is everything going to be the same? You know between you and me. I really like how you talk to me" I said "I am, don't worry" Then she got on the car and left. After that, it hit me. [bleep]- i love someone who doesn't love me back. And then i start to worry about "what if she said yes" "What would have happened" etc.. that just makes me get depressed. She continues to talk to me on msn and stuff as i stopped going out for a week. And every time she talked to me it hurt me, and alot. I literally ignored her for a week. I made a extraordinary test for math on Monday. As i was walking sown the stairs to leave i found she is there waiting for me. I was not going to ignore her on person so i say hi. She starts a chit chat about the test and finally asks "Why are you ignoring me?" She said that when she told me the friend thing she couldn't finish. She said she felt confused about me, that i was no ordinary friend, i was special for her. She felt confused on what she felt for me, because she loved me, but was not sure on what way. (I have never been a really good talker on this, so i mostly nod and let her continue) At the end, she didn't know what to so. But she said that it was really rude on ignoring her, that i said i would be the same with her. She said that when i talked to her she felt ok, that that week with me ignoring her she felt devastated and realized how much she liked me, i calmed her and the night before today she couldn't sleep. She felt excited to talk with me, but also anxious, she woke up at 5 in the morning for me and waited 5 hours on cold weather just to be sure to catch me. After that, i didn't know what to do, she said she was confused on what to feel about me, but she liked when i was with her. I started talking with her for about a day like everything is okay. I talked with a really good female friend that i trust alot. She said that she heard rumors that she liked the "other guy i know". I had heard this, and after she told me about the "i like you as a friend" i asked her if it was true that she liked him, she denied it. And to be honest, i trust her even when my friend says she could be lying. My friend told me that she has seen me, she was quite angry at me, that my happiness couldn't depend on another person. That someone who doesn't love me doesn't deserves that i love her back. She knew that it hurt me alot, that she knew how it felt, but i should forget about her. Ignoring her and simply cutting communication with her would be the best thing and December vacations would help me alot. (She is not form my city so she is spending the holidays on another one, and I'm going to Pinetop, Arizona on December 26) She felt that it was a really undfair situation, i was giving her everything i could, i treat her like a princess and she doesn't give me anything. She said she was there for me and she could talk about it when she wanted. Then we had a 5 minute hug that i really liked (my friend talk was yesterday) As of today i'm basically ignoring her, even though other people tell me i'm just hurting her. So i don't know what to do. At all, i can keep ignoring her, but it hurts me so much the fact that i may be making her feel bad. But if i talk with her i will feel bad about the fact that i can talk with her all i want and give her all she wants but most probably (remember she said she was confused on what she felt about me) nothing will come out of it. Sorry for my bad english D:
  3. thanks for the advice :D I will probably start the starting strenght as soon as possible. Any other suggestions to start? I will start it as soon as possible =)
  4. But i don't know how. I'm 17 and live a pretty good life. But muscle and general body fitness has NEVER been my strong. Hel, this year i started getting a small belly D: I will start gym on a week or two at most (alot of projects and work on school) but tbh, i have no idea what am i supposed to do when i get there. My diet is pretty normal: i occasionally eat fast food or unhealthy and drink 1-2 cans of soda a day I could start by going to run each morning at 4:30am and run for an hour, then get a bath and go to school. But i don't know how many miles (nor how to measure them) Then after school hitting the gym an hour and a half. But again, i don't know what i'm supposed to do there. Do i just get on a machine and start working out? Can someone help me? I would love to start losing fat especially my belly. I was also looking for supplements but YET AGAIN i don't know what to buy. tl;dr i want to start exercising but i don't know how.
  5. BtBaM - Swim To The Moon God, those screams! And Paul's (i think) voice is awesome, i love when he sings on the fast paced parts. And the drum solo is epic :D All in all, The Great Misdirect is AWESOME. (but short)
  6. I think Wongtong has one. I am pretty sure you can put any picture on it and your last played songs will display on it.
  7. D: I can't believe i forgot about triggers. It's probably that, thank you.
  8. How do you get your bass drum(s) to sound crisp and not that "deep" like this?: [yt]F9FYIkuNnKc[/yt] Does the standard pillow works? Or is it the pedal? Or what =P
  9. True. Also, Luna Lovegood is strangely awesome (and hot/cute)
  10. I find mos American food tasteless. Have you tried the Hostess brand? It's horrible, they got nothing on Marinela. Also you can't win against some fresh just out pan dulce. Same thing with coca-cola. It's alot better in Mexico =P
  11. Oh dear. Robogeisha trailer is hilarious. [yt]Wo-gGes6qig[/yt]
  12. [yt]Wo-gGes6qig[/yt] As unfortunate as this is, this is HILARIOUS. GEISHA TRANSFORM GEISHA CHAINSAW TENGU MILK FRIED SHRIMP never underestimate Japan :lol:
  13. http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/emd/1230455724.html o.O Is there a way to somehow hack craiglists time and date?
  14. What happened to it? :x I recently discovered some awesome music and i remembered the artist of the month thread, so i came here and it's not there :I I could send the info on it if someone could tell me who posted it.
  15. Sword, you are lame as hell. Let the kid have fun, really. Yes, everyone knows it's the same movie and it's the same to go at midnight. But going at midnight is ALOT more fun, TDK was awesome on midnight and i saw people i knew. Great fun. (And i had class the next day) I went home at 4:00am and woke up at 5:50 to go to school. I didn't really sleep that much, so what? You may be sleepy on some classes, but just get some coffee or something before going to school. Now for the dangerous part. Oh noez teh danger!!11! WOULD SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!11111??'' It's a movie theater, there's little to no chance someone is going to pull a gun and kill you in front of dozens of people. (of course, it also depends on the city/place the theater is) and he is going with his friends, what kind of friends would you not trust? The ones that carry guns and knives to school and sell drugs on class? You would notice your kid being friends with those guys fast, and if he is you have a bigger problem that letting them go to the movie theater. You don't like going up town late at night? What if your kid does enjoy it? You won't let him go because YOU don't like it? Really? You remind me of my dad, i couldn't stay later that 9 when i was 15. I got so angry at one point that i started escaping on my window, and when he confronted me i simply said [bleep] you and ran to my friends house. He hasn't said a word about that since and i have excellent grades, and i'm perfectly fine.
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