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  1. A shipwreck in the sand- Silverstein is great. i wann aget with roots above and brahnches below by TDWP
  2. bibliy


    that the [bleep] happend to mobilising armies>? i dont play anymore, but cmon, did they forgoet or some [cabbage]?
  3. PLace it in tuberware with a spoon and pour salt all over it. works every time
  4. Jacob has been cast lulz. Mark Pellegrino [bleep]ez!
  5. Becuase there filming the last 5 or so episodes now. Also you have a lostpedia acc?
  6. All right guys, this is gunna be my last post for a while, on this thread and tip it. GL to all of you. :mrgreen:
  7. Now that everyone is back on the island those stories will likely be told through flashbacks as per usual. Personally I'm thinking Ben went to Sayid, Sayid went ape-[cabbage] on him and then got arrested. He's probably being deported (is he a US citizen? Not sure about that) and has a connecting flight through Guam. Great episode. I think that when the last flash happened and took Locke away, the island became stuck in the DHARMA time period. Although there appeared to be another one when the plane crashed, that's a bit weird. I like your avatar. :thumbsup: I thought it was pretty cool how the plane ride was sorta the oppisite that got them their in the first place, right? Hurley having a guitar, Sayid being arrested, John Locke instead of Jacks Dad (Adrian right?) Frank Lapidus looks diferent without a beard. :mrgreen: I was thinking that Ben got hurt while trying to kill Penny, but then Whidmores people got to him first.
  8. IDK maybe you have to duel someone and get inside... :roll:
  9. I agree. Last nights epsiode is a good discussion starter. We now know who Daniel Faradys mother is. the question, tho, is how their going to get back.
  10. Awesome, you should see if there is some sort of set tour. You should see if there are any Dharma stations or giant smoke monsters. :twisted:
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